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flower mobile {again}

    Before my little sweetness was born {nearly two years ago, I can hardly believe it}, I made this flower mobile to hang over her crib. It was one of the first tutorials seen on JDC and a pretty project that I was proud of. But somewhere along the line, the photos went missing from the post. And missing from my computer. And so the tutorial is now gone. Boo.

    {photos by Jennifer Tai as featured on On To Baby}

    Since posting the embroidered wallhanging, many of you asked for details about the mobile. I am here to deliver.

    I do not have a full tutorial, but I will explain how it is made.

    Here’s what you need:

    :: a styrofoam wreath form – mine is 12 inches, but you could do smaller or larger

    :: ribbon

    :: lots of silk flowers {I spent about $35 at the craft store on full white blooms}

    :: straight pins

    STEP ONE: wrap the wreath form with ribbon, securing with straight pins

    STEP TWO: cut blooms off their stems and pin into wreath form, filling in all the way around the wreath. You could use hot glue instead, but I found that pinning was easier.

    STEP THREE: once the flowers are in place, cut two long pieces of ribbon for hanging. You will fold each piece in half and attach the ends to the wreath opposite from eachother {think north, south, east and west}. Make sure your ribbon is long enough that when folded your mobile will hang at the height you want. I sure hope that makes sense.

    I screwed in an eye hook to the ceiling and looped each ribbon over it.

    From below, this is what the baby sees:

    So pretty!

    I know this is not the best tutorial, but I hope it helps explain the project a bit better. Please let me know if you make one of your own … I’d love to see how it turns out!

    22 thoughts on “flower mobile {again}”

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    3. I just hung mine up above our daughters crib! I know she’ll love it when she arrives in August. How do I share a pic? Thanks for the idea!

    4. I loved the mobile…made one of my own last night and I love it! Thank you for sharing!
      I wanted to share my version but theres not an option to add a photo.
      Thank you so much it makes me happy to pass by my angels nursery and see it hanging in there :)

    5. This is adorable! (Everything on your website is!)
      Do you have any ideas for fun lighting/garlands/personalized or DIY decor for boys? Or have recommendations of other great blogs?

    6. I love this! I was inspired by it and made one out of tissue paper flowers from a Martha kit. But I have since disassembled it. Still have the flowers though so maybe it will come back if we have another baby girl!

    7. I have 2 girls, ages 6 and 12 and I think I am going to modify this a bit for over their beds. They have a very eclectic assortment of fun, bright colors in their room. I would like to do some bright blooms in assorted colors with bright ribbons, too! Thank you for the idea! If I do it, I’ll make sure to show it off. I just love this fun idea. :)

    8. Oh what luck! I’m in the middle of making this mobile right now and hopped on hoping this tutorial was back up! Sorry you lost your original post, but this was very concise and looks so easy even I can do it! I’m using creams and light pink flowers and am thinking of adding a few little jewels here and there to add some sparkle. I’m also using burlap ribbon. When I’m finished, I’ll send you a picture. Thing is going to cost an arm and a leg, but its so worth it!

    9. I made a flower mobile for a friend of mine when she was pregnant with her little girl. (I was inspired after seeing your first post of the mobile!) It’s been hanging over baby Beckett’s crib for almost 10 months and I finally remembered to take a picture of it. I’ll have to email you a picture!

    10. Your mobile is beautiful! We did something similar for a friends wedding reception. It was held on a patio with large, very tall oak trees with few flowers, so we made these upside wreaths with dark red and yellow flowers to hang from the trees. It turned out stunning!

      Thanks for so willingly sharing your creativity with us.

    11. Thank you SO much for posting this – it’s like you read my mind – after reading yesterday’s post, I went searching for a tutorial to make this – –
      By the way – I have enjoyed your blog for so long now – you are TRULY talented and I enjoy spending time reading it each day!
      Thanks again and Happy New Year to you and your family!

    12. I’m in love with this! Actually…my friend sent me a link to your first tutorial when I was preggo with my baby girl, and that was my first introduction to your blog! And I’ve visited ever since. :) Love your style!

    13. I LOVE your recent posts, I just had a baby girl last month, and I’m going to try out the embroidered poem and I like the hanging mobile, I also like the doll you made for Audrey, I might make that too!! Thanks so much!

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