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    My cousin is having her first baby in just a few weeks and so I wanted to make something special for baby Olivia Rose. She received a special dolly, embellished onesie, set of burp cloths and a headband. I loved these burp cloths for my… Continue Reading…pink

    my sweet girl

        To my sweet Audrey-girl, From the moment we knew you were joining our family, we adored you. When we met you for the first time we were overwhelmed with your gentle beauty, your petite features, your long fingers. Your demeanor is sweet and delicate,… Continue Reading…my sweet girl

      on my mind

        I bought a sandwich today for $9. It was really good, but seriously nine dollars?!! In case you are wondering it was the Roberto Benigni from Pasta & Co. and if I were the calorie counting kind of girl I’m pretty sure I would be… Continue Reading…on my mind

        burp cloths

          I’m not sure what it is, but all four of my darlings have been ridiculous spitter-uppers {yuck}.
          Which means I’ve gone through a lot of burp cloths.
          With No.4 I finally realized that if I was going to be wearing a burp cloth on my shoulder for the better part of the day, I might as well make it cute as well as functional.
          So here is my simple way to make:
          Here is what you’ll need:
          :: fabric {I used linen}
          :: terry cloth
          :: tape measure
          :: scissors
          :: pins
          :: thread & sewing machine
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