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sweet book themed baby shower

My sister-in-law, Jess, is due any day with her first baby – a sweet little girl. We’re beside ourselves in the Lex family because it will be the first new baby since Audrey and we’re just slightly baby-crazy around here. Since Jess is a lover of literature and she has already been showered with more […]

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Baby Essentials: a list of favorite baby gear, nursery items and accessories / jones design company

Baby Essentials / favorites for your little one

We’re going to have a new baby in the family this summer.  Don’t worry – she’s not ours. Ryan’s brother and sister-in-law are having their first and we can hardly wait! My Jones side is already overflowing with kiddos (12 kids ages 11 and under), but this will be the first new baby on the […]

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book week: favorite books for baby

This week is devoted to books. Each day I’ll share my favorites in different categories and I’d love to hear some of yours in the comments. On friday, we’ll do a link party. I’m really excited about this one. It will be a great way to hear about new books our internet-friends are crazy about.  […]

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a handmade doll for harper

College friends of ours are adopting a baby girl from Ethiopia. Her name is Harper. You may remember we did a really fun crafting fundraiser a year and a half ago so it feels special to have walked a teensy bit of the adoption journey with this family. Last month, Audrey and I took down […]

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picnic in the park {baby shower}

My little sister, Hillary, is having her third baby {a boy} any day.  This is the last of the babies and so my older sister, Amy, and I hosted a special shower to celebrate sweet baby boy. I have had this idea in my head for a while and was happy to pull it together […]

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vintage baby shower invitations

Even though my business has moved away from doing custom invitations, I love being able to do a few projects here and there for family and friends. My dear friend Julia is pregnant with her third baby {the first girl} and I was the invitation-creator for her upcoming shower. She is one of those friends […]

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close 2

flower mobile {again}

Before my little sweetness was born {nearly two years ago, I can hardly believe it}, I made this flower mobile to hang over her crib. It was one of the first tutorials seen on JDC and a pretty project that I was proud of. But somewhere along the line, the photos went missing from the […]

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girlie tee inspiration

I hang out at Target a lot. Partially because there are not a lot of other shopping options in my town, and partially because I can always find great stuff at a great price. Yesterday I was chilling at Target {while my No. 1’s prescription was being made – an ear infection in May? Who […]

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My cousin is having her first baby in just a few weeks and so I wanted to make something special for baby Olivia Rose. She received a special dolly, embellished onesie, set of burp cloths and a headband. I loved these burp cloths for my spitty baby and think they make a nice gift for […]

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audrey’s first birthday {the party}

We hosted a birthday brunch for our baby girl this weekend.  I went with blues, gray, white and lots of flowers – just like her nursery and apparently my favorite combination of colors right now.  Her invitations set the tone and it was fun to carry out the peony and striped papers into other parts […]

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my sweet girl

  To my sweet Audrey-girl, From the moment we knew you were joining our family, we adored you. When we met you for the first time we were overwhelmed with your gentle beauty, your petite features, your long fingers. Your demeanor is sweet and delicate, your smile melts us, your movements are graceful and your […]

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audrey’s first birthday {the invitations}

It’s hard to believe, but our baby girl is nearly one. Which means she’ll be having a special one-year-old birthday celebration.  We aren’t planning an over-the-top event : just brunch and birthday cake with family and a few friends at our house. But that doesn’t mean I can’t make her party pretty! I found this […]

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baby bracelet

After our baby girl was born, I had this idea to get a dainty baby bracelet for her as a keepsake.  I did a little bit of searching, but didn’t find quite what I had in mind. Then I met Amber from Starfish. I mentioned to her that I was looking for a baby bracelet, […]

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on my mind

I bought a sandwich today for $9. It was really good, but seriously nine dollars?!! In case you are wondering it was the Roberto Benigni from Pasta & Co. and if I were the calorie counting kind of girl I’m pretty sure I would be appalled by the amount contained in that perfectly grilled sandwich. […]

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burp cloths

I’m not sure what it is, but all four of my darlings have been ridiculous spitter-uppers {yuck}. Which means I’ve gone through a lot of burp cloths. With No.4 I finally realized that if I was going to be wearing a burp cloth on my shoulder for the better part of the day, I might […]

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things i like: autumn baby clothes

I came across this shop the other day. Perhaps I’ve been living under a rock, but I had never heard of Zara before. {To my benefit, they don’t have any actual storefronts in Washington state, so I’m really not that out of touch}. oh MY goodness. I think I’d like one of everything for my […]

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a little bit of this and that

We’ll call this post a hodgepodge of my thoughts and observations, some cute pictures of my kids, answers to a couple of questions and a new button. First up, my kids: Audrey-girl can now sit up. Ryan says she looks like she has a garter belt on her head. Don’t worry, she doesn’t. :::: It […]

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audrey’s nursery – part two

I really loved the way the nursery turned out : : but it didn’t quite feel finished. Granted, I still needed a chandelier and was looking for the perfect rug to fill in that gaping space on the floor.  I loved it, but something about it bothered me. So yesterday, in a spurt of sudden […]

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my first guest post {and a photo}

It’s a fun day for me : I’m the creative guest at If you are visiting here from Ucreate, welcome!  Have a look around : and don’t forget to sign up for my monthly giveaway. There are lots of great goodies: :::: I often get the question, “how do you have time to blog/work when […]

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Thanks for all of the kind comments about my baby’s outfits and my silly pose on the edge of the tub. You guys are funny. I had some questions about where my Audrey-girl gets her clothes. She does have some pretty cute ones! While I’ll be happy to tell you our sources, I will preface […]

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