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    My cousin is having her first baby in just a few weeks and so I wanted to make something special for baby Olivia Rose.


    She received a special dolly, embellished onesie, set of burp cloths and a headband.


    I loved these burp cloths for my spitty baby and think they make a nice gift for a mommy-to-be. You can see the tutorial {here}. 


    A teensy embellished onesie always looks sweet on a new babe. These flowers are fun {a new tutorial is coming soon}.


    And the doll. Love these dolls. I use {this} pattern and have made several dolls as gifts {you can see more that I made for other girlies in my life here}. For the Olivia doll, I cut apart a pair of ruffled undies to make her skirt. I know, weird. But I saw them at Walmart and figured they would be perfect!  Her body is made of a canvasy-linen. 

    I enjoy putting together a fun gift, but I probably love wrapping more than anything.


    Paper Source has a great selection of solid gift wrap {I used chocolate}. A little seam binding, a flower headband, bent wire tag and paper tag all make for a cute presentation.  Another favorite way to wrap is to roll tissue and cellophane around a gift and tie both ends with ribbon. 


    Audrey joined me at the baby shower so I figured I should add her name to the gift tag.

    Can’t wait to meet the new sweet baby!

    . . . . . . . . . .


    The ladies who sponsor jones design company are delightful – each with unique businesses, ideas, ministries and talents.  I am thankful for their support! You can read more about them {here}.

    42 thoughts on “pink”

    1. I’m about half-way thru your blog class (I started back in the fall, then was 1st-trimester-pregnant and lost all blogging desires, jumped back in late 2nd trimester when I decided I was not going to give up on all creativity forever, in fact, once I could sleep and eat and not feel terrible :)…just seeing this post for the first time–love the gift! I, too, send hand-sewn burp cloths (but I’m loving your design much better than my pre-fold diaper ones), hand-stamped or rosette-decorated onesies, and I’m just venturing into my first rag-doll design! Saw that you visited my hometown of Greenville, SC, a few months back–hope she was good and welcoming to you! Thanks for sharing your gifts with all of us “out here”–can’t wait to look into the “paper works”–fresh design every month sounds delightful! Oh, how I love a list…

    2. I’m with the others… having a baby girl in a few weeks and would love to make the onesie with rosettes! Tutorial soon? Thank you so much!

    3. How difficult was the Doll? I love it but am not the best with the sewing machine…I have a niece coming soon and am thinking about tackling it.

    4. WOW – I don’t know how you continue to bring such fresh, creative ideas to your blog. I’m blown away by how cute and practical the doll is. I’ve been sewing your burp cloths for every shower I have this year (and I’m 25 so there are a LOT!)… but this takes a homemade gift to a whole new fabulous level. You ROCK! :)

    5. Love your inspirations! My cousin is having a baby hope it’s a little girl after 3boys. Hopefully I will be able to make some of these adorable projects for her. Blessings!

    6. Simply adorable! They’re gonna just love these gifts..they’re so special! Can’t wait to see more tutorials :) Thank you for always taking the time to share them with us…they’re always so appreciated!

    7. Fun stuff! I’m glad you’ll be sharing a wire-word tutorial soon; I wondered if it was as time-consuiming as it looks…very cute though!
      The little ‘burp’ tag- is that a really authentic typewriter font you print, or hand-stamped?

    8. This is just too precious and so thoughtful. One of my very best friends is having a little girl in July and I’d love to make one of these dolls. I’m a beginner when it comes to sewing…do you think I could handle this pattern? Thanks for all of the wondeful inspiration. I know I’ve told you before but your blog is hands down my favorite!!

    9. I love all your darling girly stuff, mostly cause I am surrounded by little girls. I was wondering if you have any great ideas for baby boys. I don’t have any of those in my family, but some friends are having one. I figured you’d be the one to go to, seeing as how you had 3 before your pretty little girl. Thanks so much!

    10. Darling! Can I ask, how do you make the bent wire tag; is there a tutorial for that….or do you purchase them somewhere? Thanks.

    11. So adorable! I love everything! It makes me want a girl!! (Ha! I have 1 wild very boyish boy). Wrapping is my favorite too! I’ve told my husband that my dream home would have a little room that I could designate just for a “wrapping room” with walls and walls of paper on rollers and racks of ribbon, string and gift tags. He thinks I am totally insane! ;)

    12. I love wrapping too. Have you ever done a tutorial on the wire tags? I’m sure they’re not that difficult, but I’d like to see how you do them.

    13. I love everything about this post!
      I can’t wait for your new tutorials and thank you for sharing the link for the doll pattern.
      One day I will learn to sew and have a nice workroom to play in!
      Thanks for sharing!

    14. Emily! A perfect pink post for me! We’re having a shower at the end of the month! Birp cloths and little headbands are on the list…Chrislyn has made her “baby girl to be” one of your precious dolls! She has made several for her friends daughters. Thank you for sharing and inspiring! Lynne {with love}

    15. I LOVE the “Baby” Wire? Did you do that yourself? If so I would love to see a tutorial on that. If not, where did you find it? Thanks so much!

    16. It’s beautiful, emily! It would seem difficult to add much to your gift that is already so lovely…yet you do. The Presentation really makes a it extra wonderful.

    17. I agree with Lizziefitz! You can be my cousin too.

      I love your presentation, its like a beautiful frame for a work of art! Thanks for sharing your lovely gift.

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