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vintage baby shower invitations

    Even though my business has moved away from doing custom invitations, I love being able to do a few projects here and there for family and friends.

    My dear friend Julia is pregnant with her third baby {the first girl} and I was the invitation-creator for her upcoming shower.

    She is one of those friends who makes yummy homemade meals and gives the most thoughtful gifts and so I wanted to reciprocate and make the baby shower invitations special, thoughtful and unique.

    She has a love of vintage things, likes sweet but not too girlie, and is definitely not into pink.  And she comes from an Italian family {hence the baby amore}.

    I think the combination of the cursive font, scalloped edge, linen, vintage lace, trim and stitched top give it the feminine, vintage feel I was hoping for.

    The cards are petite and when put in the envelope there was a enough room to be able to stitch them closed.

    Did you know you can sew paper?

    Simple handmade invitations.   And a pretty keepsake for the mommy-to-be.

    38 thoughts on “vintage baby shower invitations”

    1. 1.) Where did you get the font for the yellow flower?
      2.) Can you please tell me the measurements of the card and what size envelope?

    2. Thanks for sharing the font!! Don’t know nuthin’ bout no Illustrator but thanks just the same. You are very talented and sharing makes you also a lovely lady!

    3. Lovely! What a lucky mama-to-be.

      “I wanted to reciprocate and make the baby shower invitations special”, it’s so nice reciprocate someone’s generosity in your own way.

      BTW, before my baby was born, you shared a post about Seeds Family Worship music & I fell in love with the samples I heard online. I bought them for my catechism students & kept a copy for our home. My daughter now listens to [and dances to] a mix of those songs & Raffi songs every evening & we thoroughly enjoy it… so thank you.

    4. Thank you so much for the font – you even gave me the link!! That was fast. I’m still checking out things on your site you’ve done. You really are amazing. Thank you for sharing your talents. I love the free printables too and the things in your shop! I look forward to more creativity!

    5. I said it before, but I’ll say it again. They’re incredible, and just perfect. Felt like a little gift in the mail. The mustardy yellow is so my favorite right now. And the thoughtfullness that went into it is so sweet. XO
      Thanks em.
      I want that font too :)

    6. Creative as always! I too would love to know the name of that beautiful font. It really goes well with the whole package. Yours is one of the few blogs I read regularly–I so enjoy your style and your down-to-earth way of writing. Beautiful creations such as yours point to the Lord Jesus and how He gives good gifts, such as creativity and resourcefulness, to us. May you continue to glorify Him with the gifts He’s given you! Take care. :)

    7. I have just recently discovered your blog and I LOVE it! I signed up for e-mails from you, and it’s very fun to see what creativity you’re up to. You inspire me! I love these invitations. The colors and textures are perfect. She is lucky to have such a sweet, creative friend! What is the cursive font called that you used? Is a free one I can get somewhere?

      1. The font is called CAC Champagne … downloaded from Font Squirrel {}. I did draw in some extra swoops in Illustrator.

    8. Just love the combination of vintage fabric pieces & the sewn paper. I love to sew paper! Fun things can be made. I like Kimber above love that font. You must have many you have purchased but that one is spectularly lovely. Would like to know the name also. Just swoon over fonts…..

    9. Love. Swoon. And all other such fawning expressions. I’m designing wedding invites and adore that script font. What is it?!? You are so creative and talented. Thanks for the inspiration!

    10. Emily- Your invitation is beautiful – and so thoughtful!! I know Julia loves them – she already told me how spectacular they were. Thanks for being such a good friend, Joan (Julia’s mom)

    11. I had my sewing machine for over a year before I first used it…and the first thing I did was sew paper. I made baby shower I invites! Although mine weren’t as beautiful as yours. I used the stitch as a clothesline with a bunch of little shirt cut outs. I got quite a few compliments, though!

    12. I swear this post was created for me…..I am baptizing my girl this summer and I am also going to sew the invitations (i was admiring the ruffle ribbon you had in your giveaway, but we don’t have that here in Greece) and then I saw “Renton” on the invite and my heart skipped a beat, that’s my hometown and i miss it soo much! :)

    13. These are unbelieveable! So beautiful. I love your blog, share it with people all the time, and am constantly green over your creative ideas. :)

    14. Beautiful invitations, though I must admit that I was looking at the West Elm stripe towel that you had underneath the invitations. Love yellow and white stripes. Very cute idea to have them behind the invitation :)

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