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legoland adventure

    We’re back from our Legoland adventure. And it was a good one.

    my boys

    We flew from rainy, windy 40 degree Seattle to sunny and mild 70 degree San Diego. Ahhhh. Just what I needed.


    My poor No. 3 had not seen the sun in a while :

    My three boys and I traveled with my mom, my older sister and her two kids and we realized when making reservations for a rental car that we couldn’t fit all of us in one car. So we decided to hire a limo to take us to our hotel. BEST IDEA EVER. We didn’t need a car once we were at Legoland and just hopping into a car and avoiding the hassle of a rental car was great. Plus, the kids thought it was pretty fancy.


    Legoland {in case you were wondering} is an amusement park perfect for young kids. There are themed areas {pirate, castle, adventure, duplo} with many life-size lego statues.  The rides are mild, the park is super clean, the people are friendly and its great for lego-lovers.





    The scariest ride {my fave!} was just the right amount of thrill for our oldest boys {7 & 6} who were brave little guys and went on it together.


    My littlest boy {age 3} was too young and short for a few of the rides, but had so much fun on the many he could ride.  Like these cars that they have full control over. I’ve never seen a crazier driver – so glad we have 13 years before he can drive for real.


    There are also a few little ‘shows’ like this fire fighter one with a catchy song and lots of great stunts. We watched it both days. The big boys thought it was great to sit in the ‘wet zone’ where they were drenched with a fire hose.

    wet hot stuff

    One more fun part of Legoland : miniland. My mom and I were excited to see all of the miniature models of cities, landmarks, scenes. But my oldest surprised me and he loved it even more. At one point he said, “I just want to stay here and stare!”. He even had me photograph different scenes so that he could try to recreate them at home. Love that kid.


    It really is impressive to see what the lego-artists have created.



    Our final day was spent with hours of swimming before getting back on the plane to come home.


    Such a great time with my boys {and family}

    If you are thinking about taking a trip to Legoland, here are my tips:

    1. If your kids are much older than early elementary age, it may not be the most thrilling for them.  It was perfect for our group, but I could imagine a 10 year old not being quite as entertained.

    2. We spent two days and it was just right.

    3. If your child is under 38″ there are not a lot of rides they can ride. Still lots of fun activities and playgrounds though.

    4. Don’t eat the hotdogs. Do try the apple fries.

    5. We stayed at the Sheraton right up the hill and we loved it. Nice staff, great restaurant, beautiful grounds. Plus we got a great deal on Priceline.

    6. Go to the park during the week. Our first day {Thursday} we hardly waited in a line for any ride. Friday was a bit busier, but we still only waited for 10 minutes at the most.

    7. Put sunscreen on your kids. Oops:lesson learned.

    . . . . . . . .

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    13 thoughts on “legoland adventure”

    1. Thank you so much for posting all that great insight to Legoland!!! We are thinking of taking our boys and my brother’s family (all boys) there this summer!!! All those tidbits answered a lot of our questions… Thanks a bunch!!!!!

    2. Hey Emily…Legoland looks like lots of fun. Love to look at your blog and certainly love your style! Have a couple of questions regarding a recent post. First, your chair print, can you do it in a different color? Second, your silver cake pedastal….where did you find it/what brand is it? Thanks so much & God Bless!

    3. I have 3 boys and a girl as well and they would love Legoland! I just discovered your blog, and have enjoyed going through your various posts. I like you decorating before and afters! In your boys room, did you buy that string banner with the stars or did you make that? So adorable!

    4. legos & a limo?
      you are such a fun mama!!

      ps. thank you. i must tell you a funny story. so my mail carrier obviously rolls a little on the wild side. after cramming my obviously not meant to be bent first mailer. she then decides to leave your generous, didn’t need to do that, mailer #2 flat on my front door step . we never come in the front door. it had been sprinkling all day & was due to storm at any minute. she laid my new mailer and all my mail, without any covering at the entrance of my front door. thank heavens my hubby took out the trash just prior to the monsoon & happened to pass the front door & see the treasures. good gracious. & thank you. honestly,i was going to purchase the chair because i have this obsession with all that you create. xo

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