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sending him into the world

This is my baby. He’s almost 12 years old, is kind and witty, loves reading and digging, playing with friends and will probably invent some crazy contraption when he grows up because he’s always coming up with ingenious ideas.  He wants to be a teacher or a chef or a professional lego builder. He likes […]

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a seahawks birthday party

Our second son turned 9 last month and we celebrated with a Seahawk party. We started with his invitations (seen here – which turned out super cute and not too seahawky/footbally/cartoony) and carried the theme into the actual day. We watched the game, ate football party food, played a few games and celebrated the birthday […]

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a book recommendation from my ten year old

Our oldest son just turned 10 and loves to read. He’s not all that interested during the day, but at night, give him a good book and he will read hours past his bedtime. I’m always on the lookout for good books for boys and bought the first book in this series at the school […]

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all of the sources for the boys room makeover

Now that the boys’ room is finished and you’ve seen how it turned out {thanks for all of the nice comments, by the way!} today is a good day to share sources and answer a few questions. One thing you should know about my approach to decorating: nothing is precious or crazy expensive. That’s just […]

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the boys’ room reveal

As with all DIY projects, the boys’ room redo took much longer than expected, but hip, hip, hooray it’s done!  It all started with this design board. Next we repainted the walls, stained some shelves and installed a new light. And then end-of-summer-fun and back-to-school craziness and a few project hiccups later, I finally spent […]

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diy hand stamped tree slice

It’s accessorizing time in the boys’ room and so I’ve been scouring our house, finding a few things online and crafting my own items to give their room that campy/outdoorsy/vintage/boyish charm I’m going after. This is one of the pieces I sort-of made. It started with the wood slice I happened across at the craft […]

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the boys’ room {design board}

Three years ago, the boys’ room looked like this: But typical us, we decided to shake things up and move rooms around. First they moved into our large bonus room, and then into the back bedroom {still upstairs}. Don’t ask me why we feel so compelled to move entire rooms so frequently. It makes life […]

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book week: favorite books for boys

This happens in our house: The boys spending their evening reading. Let’s be honest, part of the reason they enjoy it is that it prolongs bedtime. But I hope that they will continue to love reading and we do our best as their parents to find books that hold their interest. Here are a few […]

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the star

This is a repost from last year, but probably one of my favorite posts on the blog. I just love this story and the scripture that goes along with it. Enjoy! * * * * * We have a small nativity set that my aunt gave to our family several years ago. I put it […]

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legos are everywhere {and our way of containing them}

If you have school-aged boys, perhaps you’ll identify with this one … Legos are overtaking my house. We’ve got ninjas on the coffee table a knight protecting the entry table randoms on the tv room chair this awesome dude parked on my desk They even hang out in the bathtub {deadliest catch, anyone?}. For my […]

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our new favorite easy reader books

A few days ago we went to the library in search of early-reader appropriate books for my No. 2. #2 is in kindergarten and doing great with reading {beyond the BOB series, but not quite ready for regular children’s books}.  I wanted to find a handful of books that he would be able to read […]

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the nativity set

 We have a small nativity set that my aunt gave to our family several years ago. I put it out with our christmas decorations each year, but it is usually placed up high out of the reach of our children as it is breakable and they are, well, kids. But I decided this year to […]

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he calls me mom

My oldest son is 7 1/2. He is in second grade, is into lego building, video game playing and bike riding. He loves to snack. He is terrified of germs. He {still} adores his tattered blankie.  He is really smart, creative, witty and has the cutest freckles on his nose. And he calls me mom. […]

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art with my no.2 {tutorial}

My #2 stayed home from kindergarten yesterday with a barky cough so it was the perfect chance to spend some time with him doing an art project. It was a fun one and easy for even the littlest artists. HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED: :: paper, finger paint & glitter :: leaf shapes {I used these, […]

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legoland adventure

We’re back from our Legoland adventure. And it was a good one. We flew from rainy, windy 40 degree Seattle to sunny and mild 70 degree San Diego. Ahhhh. Just what I needed. My poor No. 3 had not seen the sun in a while : My three boys and I traveled with my mom, […]

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legos {a love-hate relationship}

I grew up in a house full of girls : girly girls, at that. My sisters and I played barbies and ‘house’ until we were far too old to be playing dolls. We were all three cheerleaders.  We fought over clothes.  We watched Miss America and 90210. So for me to now have a house […]

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a white christmas was not made for our family

I love the idea of decorating for Christmas with a neutral palette of whites and grays, maybe some natural elements and definitely shiny metallics. {country living} My six year old, however, does not. “Christmas is not about white and brown,” he declares. “It is about red and green and silver :” So as much as […]

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on my mind

I bought a sandwich today for $9. It was really good, but seriously nine dollars?!! In case you are wondering it was the Roberto Benigni from Pasta & Co. and if I were the calorie counting kind of girl I’m pretty sure I would be appalled by the amount contained in that perfectly grilled sandwich. […]

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