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The Family Room Sectional was our best choice yet

In our last house, the living room was open to the kitchen. It was our main hang-out space for hosting parties, hanging out with the kids and watching tv. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ll likely remember the shingled fireplace and tufted chesterfield sofa that lived in that room. The new house […]

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Coffee Chat Episode 15 | in the new kitchen

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s chat! Today we’re in our newly made-over kitchen. I posted the full reveal with lots of before and after photos (read that here) and your comments were so fun to read through! Many questions were asked on repeat, so in today’s video, I thought it would be fun […]

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Kitchen Mini Makeover REVEAL

Our original plan for our kitchen was to live with it the way it was for a year or two before we did a full remodel. But on our first night in the new house, we just couldn’t help ourselves and a mini kitchen remodel began. We decided that since we spend so much time in the […]

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The finished studio!

One of the things that made us fall in love with this house (beside the property, the location, the front porch, our instant vision for updates), was the unfinished space above the garage. Since both Ryan and I work from home, having a dedicated office space that is larger than our previous one (see it here) […]

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A little peek at our house this Christmas

I hope you had a lovely Christmas! We have spent the past two days doing absolutely nothing and it feels amazing. Especially after the weeks of non-stop work on the house to get it ready for hosting. Whew! It was a marathon that turned into a sprint on those final few days. Thankfully, my mom […]

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Painting over orangy-wood trim + doors

Our home, like most that were built in the early 1990’s, has oak doors and trim throughout the house. The kind of doors and trim that are very orangy in real life. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The doors are great quality, so those will all stay. The baseboard and door trim, […]

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Remodeling the third floor

One of the things that made us fall in love with our new house was the third floor. From the listing photos, we just figured the third floor was a tiny, sloped room that was more attic than usable space. We were so pleasantly surprised when we walked through the house for the first time […]

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Our house on the market (and off!)

Our old house, which we’ve lived in and loved for 10 years went on the market. And then last week, we got an offer, accepted it and now it’s off the market. Hooray! We are beyond thankful that the right family found it, fell in love with it and made an offer. The deal isn’t done, […]

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A Design Plan for The Master Bedroom

Master Bedrooms always seem to be the last to get attention. Mismatched furniture (or lack thereof!), artless walls, and lack of lighting seem to be more the norm than not. At least that has always been the case in our home. For this new house, one of my goals is to get the master bedroom […]

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We Have A New House!!

It took every thing in me to hold back on sharing but we finally have the keys and now I can officially share our exciting news: we’ve moved! Here’s the story on how this house came to be ours: While on our road trip this spring/summer, we were actively looking for listings in a couple of different cities […]

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Easing into Fall

Last week, when September 1st hit the calendar, my instagram feed blew up with cozy images of Fall. Pumpkins, plaid, wool blankets, crackling fires, chunky knit sweaters, golden leaves. Now don’t get me wrong, I am a Fall girl through and through. It always has and always will be my favorite of all seasons. I […]

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A pair of matching floor lamps – do or don’t?

We don’t argue all that often. But on this particular day, I was feeling feisty and he was being stubborn and so we fought. Want to know what we were so passionately arguing about? LAMPS. I know. Ridiculous. Ryan thought a pair of floor lamps would look great flanking the couch in the living room. I […]

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Video House Tour / jones design company

If you were to just drop by (a video house tour)

I was thinking the other day … sometimes it’s tricky to understand how rooms flow together when just looking at pictures.  You’ve seen our house from every perspective I can think to show, but still it’s probably different in real life than it appears in images. So today, I’m giving you a quick tour of our house […]

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A Simple Christmas House Tour 2015

Confession: as much as I adore the Christmas season, I have been dragging my feet to put up decorations this year. For a while now, I have been craving less, simple, clean, bright (hence the all-white walls). Putting out more stuff just felt crazy.  Plus, last year we went all out preparing for the Better Homes […]

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Update on Hardwood Floors / jones design company

The Hardwood Floors One Year Later

Last November, we finished our biggest house project – new hardwood floors and freshly painted walls. You can read all about each step: the process for picking our floors, picking the perfect white paint, what the messy progress looked like and the big reveal. One year later and both Ryan and I still agree that putting in new […]

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