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Updates to the Studio just in time for summer

    The last time I showed you the studio, the desks had just been finished and it was styled with hints of pink for spring.

    Since then, I have added a few new pieces of furniture and switched out the pink for summery blues so it felt like a good time to do an updated studio tour.

    Classic Summer Studio TourIn case you missed any of the previous posts about this space, here is the before and after and this was the initial design plan. When we bought the house last fall, this room was just an unfinished storage area above the garage. We decided it would be the perfect spot for a home office and creative studio.

    It is such a treat to have this big, bright room as an extension of the house. I am up here everyday either working or doing a barre workout (more on that soon), and now that there is a big work table in here, it will be used even more.

    Summer Studio TourThe big work table is actually our dining table (seen here in our old dining room). We bought it over 10 years ago at the Restoration Hardware outlet store and I still love its classic style. Instead of using the table in the formal dining room in the house, we decided we really didn’t need it there and we have plans to remove the wall separating the dining and kitchen, so the table won’t be needed once that happens. It was not an easy task to move this massive, heavy table up the skinny staircase, but we did it and it’s such a nice addition to the studio.

    Summer Studio desk spaceThe table sat up in the studio for a couple of months without any seating while I figured out what I wanted. Individual chairs would have been the obvious choice. It just seemed like having 10 extra chairs would feel really busy in room that already has a lot going on in it.

    Instead, I scoured the internet for inexpensive, simple benches that could hold two people comfortably and fit the width of the table.

    summer studio tour work table and benchesAfter lots of searching, I ended up ordering four upholstered benches from Target during a sale (you can also find them here for a great deal). I wasn’t totally sold on the nailhead trim (maybe too busy with everything else?) but I planned on making simple slipcovers to make for easy washing anyway, so I went ahead and bought them. They arrived over Memorial Day weekend, I talked my 9 year old into helping me put them together and now that they’re in, I’m so happy with how they look, feel and function.

    work table and benchesPerhaps my favorite thing about the benches is that they can be pushed in under the table to keep the floor open and visually disappear.

    built in desksThe rug is another recent addition. Originally, I had my eye on this plaid flatweave rug from Rejuvenation. I just didn’t have room in our budget to spend $799 on a rug (FYI, the rug is now on major clearance and had I known, maybe I would have waited a little longer before choosing a different rug!).

    studio work space and desksdesk | desktop | pulls | chair | benches | blanket | rug

    Instead, I found this cotton rug from Home Depot and waited for it to go on sale. The size of this one is a little bigger than the average 8×10 and fits under the table perfectly. It is a flatweave with stamped design. I didn’t use a rug pad under because the table holds it down just fine, but it is recommended, so keep that in mind if you order for your home.

    summer studio tour computer deskshelves  | blue vaseribbon | linen files | stapler + tape | chair | throw | lamp

    To add in a summery feel, the spring pink accessories were put away and switched out for pretty blues.

    built out studio space for summerThis is one reason I like decorating with neutrals so much; it makes decorating for the seasons so easy.

    Starting with a simple palette of white, natural wood, brass and those handsome leather chairs means I can switch out a throw blanket, add a vase or candle, a few notecards and artwork and change the feel of space.

    summer styled shelvesshelves | linen file box | basket | Q&A book | She Reads Truth

    summer styled work deskI’m so fickle about color and can’t commit to living with any one color for longer than a few months, so keeping things mainly neutral with just a few touches of color keeps me feeling creative.

    desk and shelf summer styled detailscomputer on desksummer flowers art and peoniesNot much has changed on the other side of the room. The reading area is a favorite spot with that sweet light, cozy chair and bright natural light. There are window boxes right outside each dormer window that add extra cottage charm.

    studio reading arealightchair | table | rug | pillow | floor lamp

    I still have a few more projects to complete over on this side – a diy white board and extra storage. We’re hoping to finish up those in the next week or so and you know I’ll share details along the way :)

    studio plant string of pearlsMy #plantlady obsession is going strong in the studio. Our house does not get great natural light, but the studio does, so the plants seem to thrive up here.

    Perhaps my favorite summery touch is this little wooden bowl I bought in Rwanda holding a bit of stolen sand from my favorite beach in Seaside, Florida.

    sand in bowlAfter taking all of the photos, I had a few minutes to spare before the kids came home from school and filmed a quick studio video tour. Now, fair warning, I talk with my hands and was only holding the camera with one hand while the other was flying about. Therefore, the video is a bit shaky. But it shows how the room works together AND you get to see all the unfinished, messy parts that don’t make it into photos :)

    I hope you enjoyed the tour!

    50 thoughts on “Updates to the Studio just in time for summer”

    1. Love your office! I have a home office and have a very similar desk, with the same height issue you have. I’m looking for a new office chair and am in love with yours! Overall do you find it to be a good quality chair/ok for sitting in for long periods of time? I mean minus the height issue and all!

    2. It looks so great ! I thought I was the only person who smuggled sand home from Seaside Florida ha ! *also in my office

    3. Hi! I’m sorry if I missed this, but where is the black table in that studio from? Or do you know of a decent quality one elsewhere (around a Target price point)

    4. What a beautiful job you’ve done with this space. Everything you put your hand to is beautiful! You are such an inspiration!

    5. I can’t believe the room is so neat my office is a mess because I can not keep up. Your colours are very elegant.

    6. I love the big table and benches! I think the nailhead trim is just fine too. What a great room to be in – I love the chair on the corner. Lots of work and creating to be done in this awesome studio. You are lucky to have it!

      1. The white pom garland that we use at christmas is gathered in the tray on the table. Why? I’m not sure :) They never were put away with christmas and they are just so pretty that I have kept them out.

    7. My favourite part is your charming bowl of sand. The small details are what make a space your space. Those small touches are what can send you right back in time and leave a smile on your face each time they catch your eye.

    8. Love the post! We’re finishing a huge move and furniture-wise decided to let the old hodgepodge of tired stuff go and start anew

      We have a large open kitchen/dining room combo and a large table that fits lots of people is a requirement! What are the dimensions of your big RH table?


    9. Looks amazing! I’m so inspired by your plant lady obsession :) A friend of my has a nice woven rug under her table, and they also skipped the rug pad because the table keeps in in place. But over time the rug has stretched out and become a bit misshapen on the side they walk over the most. Not sure if that is a normal problem, but I hadn’t considered it before she mentioned it!

    10. I can only dream of having a space as big and pulled together as yours is, so thank you for the inspiration. I love how light and airy and USEFUL it is! I would love to have a space I could fit both my art/craft studios and also my sewing area. I want matching cabinets so much, but since that isn’t a reality for me, being able to see spaces like yours will fuel my day dreams. Thank you for the tour.

    11. What a great space. That table must have been heavy to move. I prefer the rug that you bought to the one you coveted.

      1. I was thinking the same thing! They’re both lovely, but the one you chose Emily echos the pattern on the fireplace downstairs (which is amazing, by the way!). Your room is coming together beautifully. Wow!

      2. I was thinking the same thing! They’re both lovely, but the one you chose Emily echos the pattern on the fireplace downstairs (which is amazing, by the way!). Your room is coming together beautifully. Wow!

        1. I didn’t realize I had such a thing for a diamond pattern until I saw both the rug and fireplace in photos next to each other on my instagram :)

    12. Plant love!!! Please share the name of the cascading plant that is on the side table next to your reading chair. It’s so beautiful!

      1. It’s called ‘string of pearls’ a really easy to grow succulent. Careful where you put it, though, it’s somewhat toxic.

    13. Your office is so serene! I love the rug choice as far as aesthetics go; I know wool is the more durable choice, but at that price, it makes a lot of sense. You definitely have a green thumb – half my house plants die on me and are continually being replaced:). Have you seen the pom pom throw anywhere else other than Target? I don’t shop there right now. It’s beautiful!

    14. I decorate in neutrals too so I can easily switch out to my fav color of the day/week/month/season but I have a hard time keeping all of “extra accessories” organized. Do you have any good tricks/suggestions? I tend to forget what I have stashed away and end up buying new at Target or Homegoods…

      1. I totally get that! I have a few spots around the house – in storage boxes in the studio, a drawer of candles in a dresser, blankets in a basket, extra throw pillow covers in the linen closet, extra art in a file folder.

      2. I was wondering the same thing! We’re in our 2,100 sq. Ft. starter home. With three little people and although I don’t dream of a gigantic home It would love to do a better job of having a completed space. I feel like our style is “just enough to get by”. I just don’t know where to even start.

    15. The more I read your posts the more I just love your style and heart. Thank you for letting us in on a little bit of your life!

    16. Beautiful! Wondering if you could help me… what would you suggest between the shelves if a window is not there? Thanks for any suggestions!

    17. Hi, Emily! Love the room. I went online to look at the rug at Home Depot and it looks like it only comes in off white online? Do I need to go to the store to find the blue color like the one in your office? Thank you! Super cute!

    18. Love your studio! How are the floors holding up? We are thinking of putting them in our basement bedroom but not sure if we should go with something that is more sturdy. Thanks!!

    19. Oh I love it!! We are about to do a mini studio reno and it’s so fun to get inspired by yours!!! Love it so much!

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