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Jingle Bell Garland DIY + Christmas Studio

    While I haven’t done a full house Christmas decoration yet, I did play around in the studio to make it all cheerful and Christmas-y.

    The studio space sits atop our garage and is where I work most days. It is bright and open and has turned out to be such a good use of this previously unfinished space.

    To catch you up on the progress of this room, this is the before and after reveal, here is my initial design plan, this post explains how we built the desks, see the studio decorated for spring here, summer here and fall right here.

    This room sure makes me happy. I was just sitting up here yesterday thinking to myself how grateful I am to have such a pretty space to work and play in.

    My favorite way to decorate is to start with a super neutral foundation and add in accessories, art and textiles that work for the season. It allows me to switch things up every few months and play around with styling, which is one of my most enjoyable pastimes.

    One little project I did to add a Christmas touch was make this jingle bell garland.

    While walking through Target I came across these oversize jingle bells labeled ‘vase filler’. Instead of the intended purpose, I decided to string them up for a simple garland to hang across the studio window.

    Here’s how I made it, should you want to give this one a try:

    To make this garland, you’ll need jingle bells (they also come in silver), heavy string and scissors.

    Start by cutting a piece of string about 1.5 times as long as your desired finished length. You’ll be knotting at each bell, so you’ll just want enough excess length to account for the knots.

    Thread your string through the top bell opening and add a knot to hold it in place.

    If your string starts to unravel, give this tried-and-true scotch tape around the end trick a try.

    Keep adding on the bells, spacing evenly, until you get to the end of your string.

    Then hang it up – I just pressed thumbtacks into the wall at the corner of the window and looped the strong over to hold in place – step back and enjoy.

    Isn’t it cute?! And so simple.

    floating shelves | white trees (similar) | green trees | joy art print | brass frame (similar) | linen file box | brass bell

    On my computer side of the desk, I kept it neutral with black and white and mixed metals and little sprigs of greenery.

    The globe up at the tippy top is one I found at a thrift store, added a coat of chalkboard paint and lettered the word ‘peace’ on it with a chalk marker (like this).

    chair (similar) | lamp | tree (similar)| linen files | floral notebooks | stapler | blanket

     bench | rug | blanket

    I am a collector of wrapping paper and ribbon and gift tags (I know, call me crazy). This year, I’ll do most of our wrapping up here so it’s nice to have all the supplies out and at the ready. It seems like every year I wrap so last minute and then don’t get to enjoy the pretty packages under the tree. I’m hoping that by having everything out up in the studio, I’ll wrap much earlier.

    Also? I haven’t started our Christmas cards yet.

    We took this photo last weekend that could be a contender, or I’ll try to get one at The Nutcracker next week with the kids to use.

    Our cards from last year were just a simple drawing I did of our new house and I kept a handful because they are just so sweet.

    Okay, that’s all for the studio. I’m hoping to take some time this week to put up decorations in the house and I’ll be sure to share a tour when it’s finished.

    How are you doing with decorating? Is your tree up? Or do you wait until it is actually December to start? Let’s chat in the comments …

    28 thoughts on “Jingle Bell Garland DIY + Christmas Studio”

    1. I love that big wooden bowl/dish… (well… honestly I pretty much love everything you have/do) ;) Where did you find that? Just exactly what I’ve been looking for!!

      1. No! I don’t want you to feel like that! The studio space is really pretty, but there are so many other parts of our house (like basically the whole thing) that I wish were more finished or that we could remodel right now. So I’m right there with you!

    2. Just wondering about the white storage boxes on the shelves in the wrapping paper picture. Are they something that can be purchased somewhere or do they come with something in them? Looking for a neat storage solution.

    3. Emily, I love the rug in this space. Can you share with me please the cleaning directions for it? I have never had a cotton rug and wonder about keeping it clean. Thank you!

      1. The care instructions say to wipe up spills immediately, vacuum without the beater brush and clean professionally. Because it is not being used in a regular household way, I haven’t had to clean it yet. But I can imagine that if it is in a main traffic area, it will get pretty dirty being white.

    4. Thanks for the inspiration! Would you share the source on the little round black and white side table by the chair? Exactly what I need beside my chair. Thanks!

    5. Love all of the greens, gold, and texture in your office!
      If you’re getting ready to do holiday cards, the post office has Snowy Day forever stamps this year (yippee!). Know you’re a children’s book lover, so wanted to pass along in case you hadn’t seen them. Mine came in the mail yesterday and they are darling!

    6. I love the jingle bell garland idea. I did something similar with burlap and little bells. Also another project was Christmas calico fabric on a string of white lights. Simple but pretty!

    7. I already started decorating, but just a little bit. We always get our tree the first weekend in December, which is usually the catalyst for all the decorating. And we don’t set out any presents until Christmas Eve night after bedtime so that our three kids are really surprised on Christmas morning! (Although I make sure they’re all wrapped and hidden ahead of time, so we can take our time arranging them!)

    8. Hi! Your office space is our inspiration for our finished room above our garage for our girls this coming Spring.. however, I think it will end up being more a spot the tweens can go hang out with friends or do a school project together. I love, love, love the tags on the tray with the brown tags- could you please share where those are from. Are the brown tags from somewhere like Michael’s? Thank you and happy holidays to your family! Peeked in to see if you did a gift guide, love your help when you have any types of guide. =)

        1. Hello, I love the Christmas cards of your home, is that something you designed yourself or used a site? The bell garland is very cute too :)

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