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My daily bible reading routine

I haven’t been great at opening my bible these past few years. I’ll just put that out there from the start. The reasons are legit – my kids wake earlier than I do, I’m just so exhausted by the end of the day, I’m not part of a formal bible study so I don’t know […]

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things I've learned this summer / jones design company

things I’ve learned this summer (so far)

My friends Myquillyn and Emily (and their dad) host a monthly podcast covering all sorts of themed topics. Their most recent, and the one I listened to yesterday, was titled What Only Summer Can Teach Me. They talk about the things they have learned this summer and I was so inspired, I decided to join the […]

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if you’re curious about what I’m really like …

I met Jamie Ivey (next to me, second from left) over chips + queso in Austin at if:gathering this winter and connected instantly. We both have four kids – three boys and a youngest girl. We are the same age. We love Noonday and Sole Hope and talking and Jesus. We have friends in common. I don’t know why, but […]

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when you don’t know what your thing is

It’s a message I keep getting over and over and over: Be who you were created to be. Stop comparing yourself to others. Walk confidently in the gifts God has given you. Shine your light. Twirl. At If:gathering a few weeks ago (it was so, so amazing. Truly one of the best weekends of friendship, […]

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the care and keeping of you (and me)

I got my haircut last night. My previous haircut was seven months ago. They suggest getting your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks. You could say I was a bit behind. Last week I had a colonoscopy. It was so pleasant. That is a total lie. None of it was pleasant. Except maybe the glorious sleeping […]

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me, in bullet points.

When I write a post, I feel like I’m writing to friends. I’ve been doing this for five years now and while things have changed and grown in ways I never could have imagined, it still feels small and personal and like we’re sitting across from each other sipping coffee.  I hope you feel like […]

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when the holidays magnify heartache

This is a re-post from last year – it just felt like the right post to share again today. I adore this time of year as much as the next person, but it never fails that the joy and twinkling lights and peppermint candies are always accompanied by some type of undeniable pain and sadness […]

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coffee chat thanksgiving edition

Hello my friends! Just wanted to pop in real quick to say hi and Happy Thanksgiving and whew … are you ready for the holiday wonderfulness to begin?!! We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house so it’s a mad dash to get the furniture put back, pictures hung on the walls, accessories thoroughly dusted and […]

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chosen (thoughts + free art prints)

My parents divorced when I was 20. I know they say that adult children deal with divorce better than younger ones – and that probably is true to a point – but it sure doesn’t feel good or easy or right even when you’re grown and out of the house. Let me back up for […]

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coffee chat no. 18

Every once in a while I just have all these random things to say and nowhere to fit them in, so they get all smushed together in a post series I like to call coffee chats. Pretend we’re sitting across from each other (or standing on a soccer field) sipping our drinks (decaf, tall, extra […]

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q & a day

For the next day or so, let’s have a Q & A. Feel free to ask me any question in the comments and I’ll respond back as a reply to your comment. Let’s imagine we’re sitting together over a cup of something delicious watching our rambunctious children and having a real life conversation (except without […]

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currently (home from rwanda edition)

  I am home now from Rwanda. The flight was loooong and jet lag is winning, but I’m trying to get back into regular life and this blog post is attempt no. 1. How do you share all that was experienced? There are no words. We had three talented photographers with us to capture the […]

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twirling in Africa

My best friend prayed for me before I left for Rwanda. She prayed that as I rode on the rollercoaster that the trip would be, I would always hold fast to God’s promise that he loves all of His children and wants to do His work through us. The first four days were high highs. […]

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on being a working mom

I am a working mom. This is something I never would have expected to say about myself 15 years ago. And yet, here I am, happy and fulfilled (and often a little overwhelmed) by being a mom and a working woman. I’ve been coming into this title, beginning to both admit and embrace it. It’s […]

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the day my best friend moved away

We met our freshman year of college in Southern California; K.C. from Arizona, me from Washington state, both away from home for the first time and eager for what was to come. We became fast friends, rooming together for the next three years, nearly losing our friendship over a boy, but creating the deepest friendship […]

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all the random things

Every once in a while, I compile a list of things that don’t necessarily need their own post, but they are fun/entertaining/informative and worth sharing. So here I am, getting it all out. I actually kinda like these random posts – they feel like a conversation we might have if we were sitting together over […]

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audrey and mama.jpg

It gets easier

There’s a super cute mom at preschool pickup who reminds me so much of me just a few years ago. She has an almost four-year old who holds her almost two-year old’s hand to cross the parking lot, while she awkwardly carries her newborn in a cumbersome baby carseat carrier to pick up her just […]

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he takes great delight in you

It’s a long-winded, journal-ly post today. Be warned.  Our oldest son is just the nicest kid – he is smart and friendly, witty and creative. He’s responsible and caring (and as sloppy as they come, but I try to overlook that part). He’s a leader in his class and has lots of friends. And he […]

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tell your story

This weekend was beautiful. I mean, the weather in Dallas was gorgeous so that was great, and the decorations at the Hopespoken conference were over-the-top amazing which certainly made us all feel loved. The women attending were some of the prettiest people I’ve ever seen and I could have listened all day to the sweet […]

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in dallas for the weekend

My best friend, K.C., and I flew away from the spring rain of Seattle to the hot sunshine on Dallas for the weekend. We’re here for the first Hope Spoken conference and couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store. I sent her a text before we left that went something like this: beware. between […]

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