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Every once in a while I like to play a game called CURRENTLY. I have done it in blog post form a handful of times throughout the years (here, here and here, for example). Basically, it’s just a list of categories and the first thing that pops into mind is how you answer. It is […]

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The Best of JDC in 2016

With the start of a new year, it gives us a chance to look back at the previous 365 days. I love going through old posts and remembering what happened throughout the year.  So here are the highlights and favorite posts from 2016: JANUARY The year started with an impromptu video house tour. This was […]

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When we look back at the year 2016, I think we are going to say, “Whew. That was a lot.” We road-tripped. We bought a house. We sold a house. We went to full-time self-employment. We created a new class and launched a new shop (well, as of next week :)). We parented four kids and […]

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37 Things (happy birthday to me)

1. Today is my birthday. 2. I am 37 years old. 3. Truth: I just typed that I was 38 and had to think real hard about how old I actually am only to realize that I aged myself by one year. 4. This is what happens when you start getting older. You can’t remember how […]

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Why Absolute Minimalism Will Never Feel Like Home

We often say that stuff doesn’t matter. And, yes, of course that is true. In the big scheme of things, stuff is meaningless. Absolutely. 100 percent. I always thought this was true, but now I can say that after living with very, very little, I believe it more than ever. It’s the people and the real life experiences that […]

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When putting on a swimsuit makes you crazy insecure

I’m about to do something crazy. Something every woman (except maybe professional athletes and models) would rather pull out their eyelashes one by one than do … Believe me, when I first shared this photo on instagram, I was a little freaked out. But I had a nudging feeling inside my heart and felt like this was […]

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a little bit of this and that (road trip edition)

Friends. We leave on our 3.5 month road trip in 9 days. I’m starting to freak out a little. As the date comes closer, our to-do list gets bigger. Our heads were beginning to bulge, so we taped up a laminated poster to a very visible door and have been adding tasks as we think of them. Things […]

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who am i?

I sat on the beach, tears streaming down my cheeks, asking the hardest question I could think to ask: WHO AM I? Towards the end of our trip to Hawaii last spring, I just needed a moment to myself. Just me. And God. On the beach. I get this way sometimes; it’s the true introvert in me. After […]

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learning how to be kind to myself

Be Kind.  The quality I admire most in others, the one character trait I wish for our children and the word I’d love for our family to be defined by is kindness. My friend just told me this weekend that in a study of what makes marriages last, the biggest factor was kindness. Honesty, communication, love – these […]

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coffee chat (catching up)

This edition of coffee chat is brought to you by my first eggnog latte of the season: For some insane reason, Costco already has eggnog in stock and I just couldn’t pass it up. I’m an afternoon decaf latte drinker and makes these lattes at home (here is my recipe). So while chatting, I’ll be […]

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the beauty of an unmade bed

This week is Make Your Bed week hosted by Crane + Conopy, an online resource for gorgeous bedding at affordable price points. They generously sent me a new white duvet and shams with handsome gray piping detail (see it here) which looks so crisp on a bed – made or unmade. My plan with this post […]

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coffee chat (scatterbrained edition)

Friends. My brain has turned to mush this week. First of all, the sky turned dark and it rained for the first time in what seems like months. And when it gets all gray and gloomy around here, it makes you extremely sleepy and unmotivated and blah. So I’ll give credit to the weather for […]

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Four years ago: blogs are like …

Sometimes I look back at the post archives on the blog and think it’s fun to see what was going on one year, two years, even four years ago to the date. When I came across this post from August 15, 2011, it felt like a good one to bring back for today. We’re all pretty aware […]

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