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Currently | thoughts about life happening now

    Every once in a while I like to play a game called CURRENTLY.

    I have done it in blog post form a handful of times throughout the years (here, here and here, for example). Basically, it’s just a list of categories and the first thing that pops into mind is how you answer. It is fun to play in person, and also an entertaining exercise in self-reflection.

    So let’s get to it.

    LOVING | Our couch. Do inanimate things count?

    My two sisters and brothers-in-law, my parents and all the cousins stayed with us this past weekend for a family staycation and that big, cushy couch was the perfect setting for lots of lounging, movie-watching, game-playing and laughing.

    READING | At the recommendation of a friend, I started Emotionally Healthy Spirituality and have been surprised at how much it is resonating with me. Not my typical genre, but I’m pushing myself to get through it.

    What is a more typical choice for me is the novel The Light Between Oceans, which I am also reading.

    SHOPPING FOR | A new bed. We sold our pretty metal bed frame we had for the past 10 years and now I’m on the hunt for a simple upholstered one. So far, this is my favorite (but I’d like it to be about a third of the cost).

    Here’s kinda the look we’re going for:

    (photo taken in Seaside, FL at our pretty condo last summer)

    EXCITED ABOUT | the Enneagram personality test. I finally jumped on the bandwagon and am already so intrigued. Ryan and I took the online test this weekend; he is a 1, I am a 9. If the enneagram is new to you, you can learn a ton about it here and take the test here. My friend Emily recommended this book which I promptly ordered and should have it this week.

    TRYING TO | work out a few times per week. I do a variety of videos – Tracy Anderson, Barre3 and Ballet Beautiful.

    WORKING ON | A new online class called Simplified Flowers. My mother-in-law is the expert and was here filming lessons about how to create easy arrangements with readily available flowers. We’re excited to finish up the production and share details with you!

    ENJOYING | Getting a manicure every couple of weeks. My friend and I go together so it’s a chance to spend time with her and pamper ourselves at the same time. Plus, having nicely painted nails makes me feel like a grown up.

    USING | This soap. It smells like heaven.

    WEARING | For a very long time I’ve been wanting a cognac leather jacket. I finally found the perfect one and can’t stop wearing it.

    PLANNING | Somehow I have found myself as the parent in charge of planning the 5th grade moving-up celebration. Not quite sure how that happened seeing as how I’m the new mom … but thankfully there are a bunch of other parents volunteering to help and it gives me a chance to meet new people.

    SINGING | The other day the most random song from my childhood popped into my head. This weekend I told my sisters about it and we all sang the whole thing, not missing a beat. It is just the craziest thing that we can pull a song from deep in our memories without hearing it for at least 30 years. In case you’re curious, it was this song from a Cabbage Patch Kids cassette tape circa 1984. (I can’t believe I found it! The internet is so amazing.)

    NEEDING | More sleep. Always and forever more sleep. Also, I need a haircut.

    LEARNING | How to be sick. That sounds weird … but I’m really terrible about acknowledging when my body isn’t right and giving myself permission to just be sick. All last week, I was not feeling well and it was so hard to let things go, miss events, rest and admit that I felt terrible. Why is this so hard?! Please tell me I’m not alone.

    LISTENING TO | Every teaching from Bridgetown Church. John Mark Comer is the lead pastor and an incredibly smart, interesting, Jesus-loving teacher. The series on Practicing the Way (starting with episode 36) is so foundational and worth listening to.

    WISHING | For sun to be in the forecast. Alas, looks like rain.

    DOING | Now that the carpet is in and walls are painted, I can start decorating the upstairs. This adorable swan was the first thing to go up on the walls in Audrey’s room.

    DREAMING OF | a trip to Italy for our 40th birthdays in two years. We’re going to make that happen.

    So this is me.

    Want to play along? What are you currently up to?

    54 thoughts on “Currently | thoughts about life happening now”

    1. So I’ve had your post on the enneagram pinned for over a year and late in 2018 I took the online test. I’m a nine as well and I, maybe you felt similarly, found myself in the descriptions and then I had a moment anxiety upon graspinng the growth potential that lay ahead. What do you find has helped you most to grow as a nine?

    2. LOVING the weather in NC right now! Springtime here is wonderful, it’s warm enough to wear shorts but we haven’t yet gotten the unbearable humidity and temperature of summer.
      READING American gods, for the 2nd time. It’s been sitting on my nightstand for a few months now, it takes me a while to finish a book now!
      SHOPPING FOR a new swimsuit. Preferably one that hides my stretched out tummy skin, keeps my boobs from falling out when I pick up my daughter, and doesn’t show too much “cheek”.
      EXCITED ABOUT our near future. My husband will be becoming a recruiter for the USMC at the end of the year. I LOVE moving to a new location, experiencing new things, meeting new people, and decorating a new house.
      TRYING TO keep my cool when my kids drive me crazy.
      WORKING ON our yard a lot, spring has sprung!
      ENJOYING more time than usual with my husband because he hasn’t been on a trip in a while.
      USING more and more organic/natural products in the house.
      WEARING my newly minimized spring/summer capsule wardrobe. It’s fantastic to be able to look in my closet and love everything I have in there and have it all go together.
      PLANNING a homeschool preschool curriculum to do with my son this summer and fall!
      SINGING Hakuna Matata, we watched the Lion King with the kids the other day. I love showing them all the movies I grew up with. My son is loving Snow White right now!
      NEEDING a vacation without kids.
      LEARNING to put down my phone more often.
      LISTENING TO my kids play together in their bedrooms.
      WISHING I had more time for myself.
      DOING catchup on all the housework I didn’t do while we were all sick with a stomach bug.
      DREAMING OF our own home.

    3. Unsolicited travel advice for your special celebration adventure. Castello delle Serre in the hills of Tuscany. We came across it by accident a few years ago on a family trip to Italy and it was the hi light of our stay. Antonio and Salvatore were still in the process of restoring the castle. They were wonderful hosts. It is worth consideration especially for a momentous occasion such as turning 40.

    4. Emily,
      as for as the bed, check we got our king bed for 899.00 upholstered. it was similar to one in the potterybarn catalogue.

    5. Emily, I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what you are doing with your house and your family. After reading today’s post, I have some real concerns that I feel I must share with you, and then let you decide what you want to do with it. It is in regard to the enneagrams. My spirit went on caution as soon as I started reading about it, so I researched it some more. I come from a Catholic tradition, so that is where I researched. I am assuming that the search results could apply equally to all Christian denominations that are scripture based, believe in the Trinity, the deity of Jesus, etc. Following are the websites that confirm, for me, the legitimacy of my concerns. I am only posting this because, as a fellow Christian, I would want all Christians to live in God’s truth and not be deterred by an impostor posing as “an angel of light”. The websites are:

      1. Thank you for posting this. In our world we must be on guard and practice discernment because there are many voices but only one Voice of Truth-the Holy Spirit as revealed through God’s written Word-the Bible. Your heart of speaking the Truth in Love was clearly heard!

    6. Love the list! So fun! Thanks for sharing! Quick question: I’m hoping to paint our walls white and was wondering if it’s best /looks best to paint the trim the same color? What color did you paint the trim in the house?

    7. My three daughters and I circulate an email or a text message (depending on length) with a similar theme. We call it On My. We try to send it out every month or so. We share 3 thoughts with each other just to keep everyone on the same page with what’s going on in our lives. Example: On My Mind – what’s occupying our thoughts, time and calendar. On My Heart – our struggles, joys, prayer requests. On My Plate – new recipes or restaurants, even the usual fare of what we may have just had for dinner. It is a fun way to connect with a bit more intention. We also have a group text stream named “Little Women” : ) That, or course, is a daily space for happenings and pictures! I really like your “Currently” idea and have used it on occasion for just myself! Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with us!


    8. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I’m currently in France and you and your blog are one of the few things that remind me of home. Getting your newsletter is always, always good for my soul.

    9. Another book I heard was good about Enneagrams is titled Self to Lose – Self to Find by Marilyn Vancil. I am taking the test and going to a retreat about it in a couple of weeks and looking forward to it! Love your blog…..

    10. Emily! I literally just returned yesterday from a trip to Italy, and I can’t recommend it enough! You will be so thrilled if you can make it happen. My daughter is studying abroad there, so we visited her but also celebrated my husband’s 50th birthday while we were there. You will love it!

    11. The Enneagram personality test sounds interesting. I want to purchase the book you recommended, The Road Back to You and take the test. I read about the book but couldn’t tell if the test is included in the book or not. Do you know? I saw that you can order the test for $12, but if it is in the book, that would be better.

    12. Fun Game!

      Loving: my new rescue dog named,

      Reading: the paper and your blog!

      Shopping: more colorful spring items for. Y home…throw pillows, rug and fresh flowers!

      Excited: for more yoga in my life

      Trying: to find more peace in my life since the passing of my father last year.

      Working: on being consistent at the gym and getting better all the time!

      Enjoying: slow mornings on my spring break; The perks of working at a school.

      Using: my couch for naps!

      Wearing: the most comfortable pair of sandals

      Planning: a summer scrap book with images from last summer!

      Singing: along to old records on my vintage 1975 record player console…Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross

      Needing: a long hot bath

      Learning: Spanish!

      Listening: to voicemails from my Dad

      Wishing: for more time off work!

      Doing: spring cleaning

      Dreaming: of sunny San Diego!

    13. Hahaha I LOVE the Cabbage Patch song! I definitely grew up with that tape and the book to follow along. I even downloaded the tape and my kids enjoy the songs too! But I’m the only one who still knows every word:)

    14. I’ll play! :)

      LOVING family time… just got back from spring break. Love having all my birds in my nest wherever it is.
      READING Momma Always Put Vodka in Her Sangria … beach book with awesome recipes thrown in! (I need easy reads because I’m easily distracted … LOL)
      SHOPPING FOR a comfy, cheap couch for our upstairs bonus room (will be used by teenagers sooooo) ……
      EXCITED ABOUT my oldest graduating from high school this year. Although horribly sad to think about him becoming an adult, I am also so excited to see him do big things. What a crazy hard milestone.
      TRYING TO reman positive about him graduating!! (Look how good I did!) LOL
      WORKING ON being happy with what I have instead of always wanting better. Keeping up with my blog. Trying new things and taking risks.
      ENJOYING the beautiful spring weather in Georgia.
      USING Beauty Counter products and loving them (and, no, I don’t sell them.)
      WEARING something other than yoga pants………
      PLANNING a road trip from Atlanta to southern California and copying a lot of your stops. :) (Which leads me to this — where did you stop between Waco and New Mexico?)
      SINGING along with the Ed Sheeran Pandora station.
      NEEDING a little me time, but thankful for the family time I have been lucky enough to get the past week!
      LEARNING patience.
      LISTENING to nothing. The sounds from outside are wonderfully relaxing!
      WISHING FOR more time with the oldest ……
      DOING spring cleaning … the pollen is a mess in GA!
      DREAMING OF going on a cruise for spring break next year!

    15. Hi,

      Could you tell me where you got the pink blanket from that is on your daughter’s bed? Many thanks and such a cute room!

    16. I am going to be “Debbie-Downer” I’m afraid…but I feel compelled to open a dialogue on this whole “Enneagram” thing….(before I dive in to that….I LOVE everything else you shared! The “Currently” idea is super!!!)

      …now, on to being a dark cloud:
      how is this (Enneagram Test) meshing with your faith in Christ? It is so New Age in its origins that it seems it would be in stark contrast….not judging! Just wanting to know how you are approaching it! Thanks in advance! :)

      *also- NAIL COLOR PLEASE! <3

      1. I’m with Mina on this one. So many seemingly harmless “new age” things are infiltrating our daily lives. I, for one, am trying to be more diligent and careful about what I let into my life and thoughts.
        Also, agreeing with Mina that everything else is awesome!! I love every post. :)

      2. I honestly haven’t spent enough time learning about the enneagram to know if it is getting in the way of my faith … but I would say that anything that helps me understand my personality more and helps me learn to overcome the untruths I am compelled to believe and puts words to them, that feels helpful to me.

        Here’s an example: I hate conflict. Like roll-up-in-a-ball if there is any disagreement kind of hating conflict. Through counseling, lots of self-reflection, prayer, looking back through memories and family of origin, conversations with Ryan and friends I am learning that dealing with conflict in a healthy way (not just hiding from it, or taking it all on myself) will bring me to a more mature place. The enneagram just confirmed what I have already been learning.

        If I look at it as a tool to help me understand my own tendencies and those of the people around me, it helps me relate and give grace. Should it be worshiped as truth? Nope. Is it a helpful tool (like any other personality assessment – strengths finder, Myers Briggs, chronotype, etc) that might aid in more self-awareness and therefore deeper spiritual transformation through the Holy Spirit? That’s my hope.

        I think your point is great though – we do have to be careful that we are not replacing THE source of truth with counterfeits – I just don’t know that this is what the enneagram is trying to do … I was just listening to a great conversation on the Annie F. Downs podcast with Lisa-Jo Baker about how God uses many things – whether ‘christian’ or not, to teach us lessons, reveal truth, help us grow in our relationship with him. I loved it and feel like it is an important conversation to have:

        I’d love to hear your thoughts …

        1. I did the same thing. My spirit was alarmed the first time I heard about it, and in researching it, it mentioned it being similar to witchcraft and the occult. I immediately decided it was not for me. The Lord is the transformer of us – transforming us into His image. (2 Cor. 3:18) Please be very careful! On another note – I LOVE your decorating skills Emily! LOVE! And love that you share so many tips, tricks, clothing ideas… and that you ALWAYS mention or link to everything you show us! You are so amazing and unselfish with your time! Thank you for your blog!!!

    17. I’ll play! Fun post Emily. :)

      Loving my family. I have new twin nieces that are dreamy.

      Reading nothing although I have a stack of books to tackle.

      Shopping for plants.

      Excited about tax season ending on the 18th. I miss my normal life.

      Trying to be consistent at blogging.

      Working on growing my blog following!

      Enjoying time holding my baby nieces.

      Using chocolate and iced coffee to survive tax season;)

      Wearing my cute new Old Navy shirt..

      Planning our summer garden.

      Needing more hours in my day.

      Learning how to get better at and grow my blog.

      Listening to a country mix on Spotfy

      Wishing tax season was over and I could enjoy spring break with my kiddos.

      Doing so many things in my head but time isn’t allowing for the actual things to happen ;)

      Dreaming of summer!

    18. I have the song, New York New York constantly running in the background of all my thoughts. My daughter’s dance recital routine for the spring recital is to this song so she sings it all the time and practices her moves all day long :) It’s cute cuz she’s five.

    19. PS – I just finished light between oceans last week – SO good. Ended up crying while reading on the T on my way home. Somehow I think it hit home b/c I’m a mother…

    20. I would highly recommend checking out @handcraftedbysamantha on Instagram (she also had an Etsy shop). I had her create a custom upholstered headboard for me and it turned out beautiful. High quality at a great price and she’s local to the Seattle area!

    21. What is the wall color in Audrey’s room, if you don’t mind me asking. I’m trying to pick a white paint for our room and the options are overwhelming!

    22. If you are looking for a simple customizable affordable headboard, you should check out ROWE. I just got mine from there and love it.

    23. Loving that the sun is finally out!! I needed this change of weather.

      Reading A Criminal Defence by William Meyers. It’s a good easy read.

      Shopping for spring sports. My oldest just moved up into adult sizes, wah, where did my baby go!!!

      Excited about April vacation home with the kids next week.

      Trying to get a grip! I have 2/3 of the kids home sick today and I’m not getting as much done as I should.

      Working on getting my blog going!

      Enjoying seeing the buds on the trees and the crocuses blooming. Can you tell I’m excited that it finally feels like spring?!

      Using a new under eye cream. Man, 3 kids and never enough sleep doesn’t look good on me, hopefully this cream helps.

      Wearing flip flops.

      Planning our menu for the week. That’s about as far as I get these days but I wish I was planning some big adventurous trip!

      Needing motivation to get out and move! I’ll be living in a bathing suit soon enough.

      Learning lots of behind the scene computer stuff. I am SO not savy, I can’t wait until my kids are a little older and can do this stuff for me.

      Listening to The Nix on Audiobooks. Makes toilet scrubbing so much more enjoyable.

      Wishing I didn’t eat the entire bag of cadbury mini eggs, oops.

      Doing garden scheming. I love the fresh feeling of this time of year.

      Dreaming of beach trips and lazy days of summer. Not that they ever really feel lazy with 3 kids!

    24. There’s some very similar beds to what you’re looking for at wayfair (search skyline or bramble wingback upholstered headboard)! We have a similar one and are very happy with it!

    25. I have all of that bedding in king size and I love it. However, it gets dirty quick. My husband and I don’t have kids so it’s just the 2 of us. And as much as I love it I’m shocked as to how quick it gets dirty. It just shows everything! I have to take it to the laundromat twice a year to use their extra extra large capacity washers and dryers. I’m thinking of getting another color quilt as main quilt and using this at end of bed as a spare.

    26. Fun! Here’s mine:

      Loving my own bad self. I’m on week 2 of a Whole30, and I am killing it. I thought it would be so much harder than it has been.

      Reading Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache mysteries. I have been on a binge since the holildays.

      Shopping for hair straighteners and curling irons with my girls. Marshall’s has the best deals!

      Excited about open windows and spring in the air.

      Trying to pre-prep meals to save some time on weekdays. I did get a breakfast for the week done last night, but nothing else yet.

      Working on getting quotes from landscapers and painters. Why do tradesmen not show up to give an estimate half the time?

      Enjoying La Croix. It has replaced my diet coke habit.

      Using a lot of coconut oil all of a sudden.

      Wearing a lot of yoga pants.

      Planning our finances for the next year. My son will be in college in the fall and got great academic scholarships but the room & board and fees are still budget busters.

      Needing new shoes. I have boots and sandals but nothing for this in between weather. ordered some Tieks to try.

      Learning how to cook/eat with no grains, dairy, legumes or added sugar.

      Listening to Happier and What Should I Read Next podcasts.

      Wishing I had more time before my kids grow up. Just realized that my youngest will be off in 5 years. It goes way too fast.

      Doing a lot of car juggling. We had planned to buy a 3rd car but have decided to save the money and put towards college expenses instead. We have 3 drivers now with a 4th looming, so it takes a bit of planning to get everyone where they need to be.

      Dreaming of a summer vacation with the whole family before my son goes off to college.

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