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behind the scenes-ish

    Fall is in full swing in the Pacific Northwest and I’m enjoying it this year more than ever.

    Here’s a peek at life this past month as seen on my Instagram feed.

    (sweatshirt from here)

    Last year at about this time we were moving into our new house and getting our old one ready to put on the market, I had a couple of big work projects and suffered from pretty severe iron deficiency.

    This year, while we’re totally crazy with kid activities, we’re much more settled in our house and community and I’m finding a slower, more intentional pace in my personal life which is so enjoyable.

    And all of this is, coupled with some pretty fantastic Pacific Northwest weather lately has me completely in love with the fall this time around.

    Over the last month, this tree out front of our house has changed right before our eyes.

    Isn’t it glorious?! Those two side by side windows (with the lamp on inside) look out from our family room right on the tree. I sit on the couch and just love seeing this big, golden tree. And now I sound like an old lady.

    Inside the house, I haven’t done much in the way of fall decorating.

    Just this lone book page pumpkin (here’s the oldie, but goodie, tutorial) and some yard clippings.

    Last week the power went out in a big wind storm and for about 30 minutes we enjoyed a light-less house and a crackling fire. This really put me in the mood for cozy fall days.

    A few weekends ago, we spent the weekend at my little sister’s house. They just got a new goldendoodle puppy and I can’t get over how adorable he is.

    He’s a real life stuffed animal with a sweet personality.

    Our dog, Atlas, isn’t quite as stuffed-animal-ish, but he’s pretty sweet, too.

    Are you all Chris Loves Julia readers? They just lost their beloved pup and watching their family grieve so tenderly has made me appreciate our Atlas all the more. He was a hard puppy, but has turned into a perfect companion now that he’s 5. Giving him a big yard to run around in was the greatest gift we could have given him and his personality chilled out drastically once he had the freedom to run.

    Instagram is always a great way to keep up with the day to day around here. Sometimes I post stories (but not often because I still can’t totally figure out how to do it), but most days I do post content that is not found here on the blog. So come find me over there @jonesdesigncompany.

    Also, don’t forget to download and print your Autumn Essentials artprint!

    It’s free in the Archive (you just have to log in with your email and everything in there is yours).

    I hope you are having a wonderful fall so far. We’re headed into a festive and full weekend – family staying over, school trunk or treat, football games and Seahawks watching with friends. I’ll be sure to post more behind the scene-ish photos over on instagram.

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