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a seahawks birthday party


    Our second son turned 9 last month and we celebrated with a Seahawk party. We started with his invitations (seen here – which turned out super cute and not too seahawky/footbally/cartoony) and carried the theme into the actual day. We watched the game, ate football party food, played a few games and celebrated the birthday boy. It turned out to be a perfect party for Brady and his friends.


    The food setup was great for the kids and simple for me: crackers/cheese/salami, cut up veggies, chips and ranch dip, grapes and pigs in a blanket (my fave). Mini sodas and gatorade in a big jug for drinks, and a bowl of candy (with skittles, of course) that was picked through within minutes.


    I used a roll of kraft paper as a runner and drew yard lines with a chalk pen.



    When the kids first came, I had out Seahawk colored rubber bands to make bracelets and a Seahawks word search. I wasn’t really sure if they would be interested in either, but all of the kids got into both activities and it gave them something else to do while the game was on.



    I’m not sure if jerseys are a big deal in your football city, but everyone in the Seattle area wears theirs on gameday. It was cute to see all of the kids with their Seahawks gear on.


    During halftime, we went out front to play a couple of yard games.


    Knock the cups down by shooting rubber bands, throw mini footballs through a hula hoop, run around cones, and toss a ping pong ball in a cup (filled with skittles). Good times.

    Once the game was back on, this is what the living room looked like …


    The older boys watching the game, the younger boys playing upstairs and the girls outside loving on Atlas.

    For dessert, my non-cake loving boy chose these chocolate covered nutella + peanut butter s’mores.



    They were a hit.

    This turned out to be a really fun party for everyone, easy to host and most importantly, our Brady-boy had a great time.


    7 thoughts on “a seahawks birthday party”

    1. Love it. I’ll have to incorporate some of these ideas
      next game day! I love the Seahawks bucket! My husband had to change his FB profile pic. to a 5th grade school picture (70’s) where he was wearing a Seahawks jersey. We live on the East coast but are from Washington originally. He had to prove his loyalty, haha.

    2. That is fantastic! I love the table runner and how simple you made everything. A perfect boy party!!

      Did you make the pigs in a blanket? My favorite too!

    3. So creative! Love how you incorporated the yard games during half time. I will definitely have to refer to this one in the future as my little boy gets older and would love a football party. Go Hawks!

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