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5 favorite cursive fonts with glyphs {and how to use them}


    Each of these are fonts I use regularly – they are all lovely on their own, but the added swashes and fancy letters {aka: glyphs} add so much uniqueness to each one. It is fun to play around with the different characters to get your lettering looking just as you like it. Click on the font names below for sources.







    Just in case you have never used these fonts with extra characters, I created a video showing how to use the glyph panel in Adobe Illustrator.

     Pretty simple, right?

    If you do not have illustrator, you can access many symbols in Microsoft Word {I did a quick tutorial using a pc at the end of this post and one on a mac right here}.

    Hopefully this is helpful. I’d love to know if these types of posts are something you are interested in – please leave a comment if so!

    66 thoughts on “5 favorite cursive fonts with glyphs {and how to use them}”

    1. I love all your tutorials but this one made me jump for joy. I love fonts. I probably have over 2000 on various computers but I never knew about glyphs. I have been seriously missing out. I thank you immensely for this tutorial.

    2. Hi Emily,

      Thank you for all of your ideas and inspiration. Your blog is amazing!

      I just purchased Bombshell Pro and can’t figure out how to connect words. Is this a glyph or is there a shortcut I can use? (for Microsoft Word/Mac). I cannot find any other tutorials online. Thank you!!

      1. Emily, me too! I cant add the swashes with microsoft word or paint and those are the programs I use for my business. Thats the whole reason why I bought this font. I also followed this extrmemly helpful tutorial, but all of the glyphs(swashes) were not on the insert symbal tab. I am dowloaded illustrator now and will buy it if I have to.

    3. Thank you for this tutorial! I love your blog and all your diy projects, pics of your home and life with kids post. There are many blogs out there similar, but when you throw in some graphic design tutorials/tips/tricks, it truly makes your blog more unique! Your style is so lovely and refreshing! I love these types of posts as I’m trying to learn graphic design! I can’t decide if I want to learn illustrator or photoshop. Anyway, thank you and keep em’ coming, please!! :)))

    4. Great video! Thanks for sharing this.
      Do you know of any resources for using glyphs in Pages (for MAC)? Also, what is the font you used for the numbers (No.1, etc)?

    5. YES!!! I would be very interested in seeing more of these types of tutorials. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity! I just love your blog : )

    6. Love, love, LOVE the video tutorial – I would definitely be willing to pay to have access to similar tutorials/ other graphic design related tutorials. Thanks!

    7. Love the fonts!!! Thanks for the tutorial too. Question, can you set up to print envelopes with these purchased fonts or are they best used for printing one document. I am thinking of the Peoni Pro but with any of the fonts…

      Thanks for the inspiration!

      1. You can certainly use the fonts to print envelopes. You will have to go through each one to change the glyphs, but straight out of the box, all of these are lovely.

    8. Thanks for the great tutorial. I would *love* to see more posts like this.

      Yours is the only blog I read EVERY day and I always get excited when I see a new post in my email. I save it for the evening after Landon is asleep so I can really enjoy it.

      Your sincerity really comes through in everything you do. God is truly using you and your talents and that is such a great blessing. God bless!

    9. Thank you thank you thank you for this post!! I am teaching myself Illustrator and this was saved me many hours of google and YouTube searching! Love your blog and your monthly subscription…..keeps me (somewhat :) ) organized and the bible verse memory cards are fantastic!

    10. Great post! Inspires me to stop being such a stick in the mud and finally learn Illustrator. Have been designing for 10 years, have had Illustrator for 3. And have all these fonts. How sad that I haven’t been able to use them fully!

    11. Thanks for posting, love stuff like this since I’m not very good at it. I usually do free fonts but these are nicer! I just have to remember you get what you pay for. Thanks for sharing along with the resource :)

    12. Thank you sharing these great font resources ! If I purchase 1 or all of these , am I able to use them on stationery that I would be selling ?

      1. Most of the time – yes. Just make sure you read the license agreement. There are often choices for purchasing a commercial license if it is needed.

    13. Hello, I absolutely love the fonts you use!
      I was just wondering if you had any free fonts you recommend/use as I don’t do much in he graphic sense.
      thanks, Natalie

    14. Your tutorial was fantastic! Thank you for simplifying that and making it so easy to understand. I, for one, would love to see more tutorials like this one! God Bless!

    15. I just love a good lettering post! Keep ’em coming! These are all beautiful! I do machine embroidery, and I’m always looking for fonts that will stitch beautifully. These are great!!

    16. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I haven’t used Illustrator in years (since a couple of classes in college) and don’t even currently have it on my computer but watching your tutorial makes me feel like I could pick it up again one day and not be completely lost. I love your teaching posts :)

    17. I DO love these kind of posts/tutorials! I’ve always wanted to learn graphic design, and this is a great start! Thanks Emily :-)

    18. Love your posts about fonts. I am a graphic designer gone painter , but I still love to design stuff every now and then. I learned Illustrator back in the day and never knew how to use the Glyphs panel…so thanks!!

    19. Thank you sooo much for this tutorial!! I recently bought a font specifically for the glyphs and could not figure out how to get them (I even contacted the designer but didn’t hear back). Thank you, thank you!

    20. I know you are self-taught with Illustrator, right? I really like seeing these tutorials as I keep learning more and more of the functionality that Illustrator has.

      1. I am self-taught – although I did take a continuing-education course this winter at a community college. It was a great resource and affirmed that I had taught myself well!

    21. THANK YOU so much for sharing this information… Illustrator can be intimidating and overwhelming, but your video was short and sweet and very helpful. It is so great that you have used your talents to bless the lives of your loved ones and that your’e willing to help others do the same. Seriously, you are one of my favorite blogs because the sincerity of your character shines through in every little thing you touch. God Bless!

    22. Jacques & Gilles happens to be one of my favorite fonts as of lately, but every time I try to use in on invitations, they want me to change it because it’s not always easy to read. I’m going to keep sneaking it in until someone says yes. I’m thinking you just made someone a lot of money too since three of those are designed by the same person!

      Thanks for posting this! I wouldn’t mind more posts like this.

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