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a pumpkin painting

    A few weeks ago, that creative itch crept up on me and I decided to do a painting. On a large canvas. Of a white pumpkin.

    I was as shocked as could be at the finished product.

    Truthfully, I had no idea I could do this. I’m not a painter and hadn’t a clue what I was doing.

    I just started brushing on layers of color {latex paint leftover from various walls in our house} using my kids’ artist brushes. For accents I grabbed a couple of those little tubes of craft paint and mixed colors on a paper plate. There was nothing fancy about the process and like I said, I was amazed when I stepped back and took in what these untrained hands created.

    The pumpkin painting now hangs proudly on the dining room wall – which you see from the entry through the large hanging window.

    I took it in to our local frame shop and promptly walked out after I learned it would cost $275 for the frame I wanted. No thank you. But I do think it needs something to anchor it against this light wall, so we’re thinking about making our own.

    So here’s my encouragement for this weekend:

    even if you don’t have formal training

    even if you doubt your skills

    give something new a try.

    Do a craft. Make a new recipe. Pull out your sewing machine. Dig in the dirt. Paint a pumpkin.

    You never know what creativity lies within you unless you give yourself a chance to try.

    119 thoughts on “a pumpkin painting”

    1. Great painting!
      I was really interested to know the colors of paint that you used???
      You didnt answer tbe other girl that ask you on here.
      Great job!

    2. I love the pumpkin painting. Can you tell me more about the painting of the vase of flowers sitting on the dresser under the stairs. Source?

    3. Emily, my girlfriend and I have been enspired by your painting to try one of our own. We started this past weekend and although not finished I am so thrilled with it. My questions are about the what looks like grey lines on the pumpkin. Did you use the same colour you painted your canvas to apply the lines in your pumpkin? We were just wondering if you used a grey, created your own grey, used black, made your own black. What paint colours did you use? Thanks so much. When it get’s done and I hang it on the wall I will be sure to send you a picture. I LOVE pumpkins!

    4. Beautiful painting, Emily! The simple figure and subtle colors of the pumpkin against just the right neutral background are so appealing.

    5. I have to chime in…..simply fabulous, I would pay top dollar for that pumpkin, it’s divine. Please get it in a print and sell it in your shop. I really like the look of it unframed. Beautiful work, you are a talented gal!

    6. my husband made me a super cool frame from a pallet…maybe that would work?? and it was free…way better than $275! beautiful painting!!!

    7. Oh my word! What a wonderful hidden talent you have discovered. The painting, as all the others before me have said, is gorgeous! Let’s see…what have I not tried…um…small engine repair…do you suppose that is a hidden talent within me? ha ha.

    8. Looks great! I’m an amatuer landscape painter, and I’d recommend getting a 40% off coupon to Michael’s craft store and checking their premade canvas frames. They have a lot of options, as do Hobby Lobby.Just ask for canvas frames. But you really don’t need a frame.

    9. I have been itching to paint. I am not a painter (of paintings) but I do paint the odd piece of furniture or wall every now and again. But I never ever thought of painting with spare-part paints from left over projects. I thought I had to have some special magic paint!

      I love that painting. I love where you have it hanging and wouldn’t put a frame on it either.
      It could also go in a dreamy – little girls room with Cinderella theme!

      thanks for the encouragement to do something different.
      …I came here via The Old Post Road… Pat

    10. Absolutely love your pumpkin! You did a fabulous job. You could make and sell a few to afford the frame you want, or work out a trade. Keep on painting hon, you’re a natural!

    11. By the way, if you do sell prints, I hope you offer an extra large option the size of the original. That pumpkin is so stunning, it deserves to be BIG. I agree with others! Looks great unframed. Wouldn’t change a thing.

    12. I know you are not fishing for compliments, but how can we not comment on how stunning this is? I’m so impressed with the level of detail you’ve achieved!!! Good for you, Emily! I rather like the unframed look of the canvas… but if you really want to frame it, you might find a good deal when Michael’s has one of their 60% off framing sales. Do you have Michael’s Craft Stores out your way?

    13. If you really felt like it needed to be framed use some of the brown in the stem to lightly fan or brush it around those edges. Impersonally love the white border and think you should leave it alone. Give yourself a pat on the back. It’s beautiful!

    14. Unbelievably crazy gorgeous. You are amazingly creative, Emily. I agree with Melaine…you’ve got to sell these! Oh, and as an aside, are you going to be teaming up with Lindsey to do any more prints??

    15. I LOVE this painting! I saw it on your Instagram a little while back and was so impressed! I’ve always wanted to try to paint, although like you said, I have no experience whatsoever. But I love what you did and want to give it a try! It’s so beautiful

    16. Hey Emily – what a fantastic job. Now everyone will be painting pumpkins – just in time for Halloween and Thanksgiving! Great idea on the whites and off-whites etc – I have painted pumpkins their actual color and they don’t look as good as in your white version! And I’m an artist! I have to give this a go. Really great idea.

      I have a tutorial on my blog this week on creating a painting using metallic foils. This is for non artists – take a peek.

      Great job!


    17. Lovely! My trick when I paint something and don’t want to buy a frame is to paint the edge of the canvas {the part perpendicular with the painting and the wall} a black or dark brown. It gives it polish and dimension, I think, without the expense!

    18. I have to say that absolutely love your website and ALL of your posts. I have pinned and tried some of your tutorials- just need more time to try the rest- they are easy and fun.

      This pumpkin is beautiful. You did a magnificent job. Thank you for inspiring all to just do something even if you don’t know what you are doing. I love that kind spice- just try. I will go out and have fun at what I am doing today. Thank you.

      1. Also, your computer digital signature is a pretty display with the copyrighted symbol and swirls along with the Jones Design Company name- it would look great as a card along with your symbol/signature.

    19. Great painting! You can actually make your own frame…extremely cheap. Buy any molding you like from lowes, get it cut on 45 degree angle, paint it, use wood glue to hold together & staples. I made one out of crown molding that was 6 ft. X 4 ft. & it costed $40.

    20. I am not, nor have I ever been a decorator. But I used to design needlepoint canvases and I taught smocking, heirloom and basic sewing/design to adult women for many years. Please, please, PLEASE don’t put a frame on that picture. As it hangs, the wall disappears from around the striking soft grey background, and the pumpkin is the absolute focal point. It’s stunning.

    21. Beautiful! I look for white pumpkins every year. :)

      Might try Hobby Lobby for framing if they are in your neck of the woods. They are my go-to place, and best of all can (depending on the frame chosen) do it while you shop and not break the bank. Perfect!

    22. Gorgeous, Emily! I was going to mention that places like michaels and Joanns typically stock frames for canvases, that come without glass. Theyre usually between 20-40$ and often on sale. Then you just need a hanging kit! Have fun!

    23. In our house…we save scrap baseboards from renovation projects and cut them to size to frame paintings. Not sure it would work on raised canvas but might be worth a try!

    24. I can’t believe it! My jaw dropped when I saw your gorgeous painting!
      Your kids will be fighting over who gets it when they move out to their own place!
      (My teens are already picking items that they will want when they leave the nest…
      and they have not even left yet ;)

      I myself am not a painter – walls yes, but not artistic… I have complaint many a times that I wish I was a painter!
      I will give it a try! Especially since I adore white pumpkins! They look so dreamy…

    25. Hi Emily! Whenever I want a large pretty frame and can’t afford “custom framing” I just go to Ross, Marshalls, or TJMaxx (or any discount home goods store) and purchase a peice of framed art (hopefully in the clearance section) that has a pretty frame. Then I remove the art and just use the frame. :) Hope that helps! Your painting is gorgeous!

    26. EMILY (yelling) that is one very nice painting. You did an excellent job! I took one painting class and know how difficult it is to do a painting. You should be very proud, as you are and keep painting, I think you have something!

    27. Although it would look nice with a frame, I think it looks great without one! You really could go either way. Just depends on the overall look you’re going for.

    28. Wow, this is so inspiring… honestly! Not only is the picture gorgeous and an awesome accent for fall, I really love your message behind it. I’m an aspiring designer/decorator and have absolutely no training. I’m terrified to jump into the industry with no guideposts or real background, but this helps remind me that it IS possible and to just jump in and TRY. Thanks, Emily! I absolutely love reading your blog :)

    29. So so so true! I couldn’t agree more. I tend to go with the flow on most of my projects. Some turn out awesome and some not so much. And that’s ok. Life is trial and error! The pumpkin is beautiful!

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