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the 5 most asked questions {with answers} about our home tour

    Thank you for the kind remarks about our home in yesterday’s fall house tour. I hope you found some do-able ideas both for seasonal decorating and simply making your house better reflect your personality.

    Many of you asked questions in the comments about different sources, colors, details from room to room and so I thought I’d pop in here real quick to give the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

    // NUMBER ONE //  by far was wondering where this fabulous painting is from.


    I wish I could say I painted it … but I’m afraid my skills are just not that good. Although I would say that if I could paint, this is exactly what I would want it to look like. I actually found this painting at World Market not too long ago and just couldn’t pass it up.


    It seems like World Market is always having some sort of promotion, so be sure to check for a discount code before purchasing. I think I paid $59.99 for it.

    // NUMBER TWO // the paint color in our bedroom.


    There is a page with our home’s paint colors, but it looks like I have not updated it in quite some time {on my to-do list!}. The color of this wall in our bedroom is Marine Magic by Behr. It is a really smoky teal and works well with the silver bed and lamps. I wish I had the guts to paint the whole room this color {sort of like Edie’s amazingly sultry master bedroom} but we’re actually thinking about painting over it all with white. You never know with us …

    // NUMBER THREE // this sweet little owl.


    I found it in the christmas section {the wintery white/natural area} at homegoods last week. It is probably supposed to sit on a shelf, but I like it as a pillow.

    // NUMBER FOUR // the hanging window separating our entry and dining rooms.

    The window is from our favorite salvage yard here in Seattle that we hung from a barn door track. Here is a post all about the details. We recently added trim around the openings and posts and so the track had to be cut down to fit. It is no longer functional, but still looks cool.

    // NUMBER FIVE // the linen light fixture in dining room is from Restoration Hardware {but we found ours for hundreds less at the outlet store}.


    Our dining room table, metal bed and silver urn bedside lamps are also from the Restoration Hardware outlet. It’s totally hit or miss, but when you find what you’re looking for, you can’t beat the price for the quality.

    So there you go. Most asked questions. And answers.

    Anything else you want to know? I’m always happy to share …

    30 thoughts on “the 5 most asked questions {with answers} about our home tour”

    1. I checked our local home goods store looking for the cute little owl and I knew it was a long shot but no luck, can you give me the info from the tag? I would love to see if I can order it directly from the manufacturer, I just love it!!!

    2. What ever happened to that fabulous church pew your mother in law gave you? I had my husband hunting the internet looking for one for me because the detail on yours was so beautiful. :)

        1. Woohoo! :) Thanks so much, Emily! Your home is so gorgeous – I love seeing all the pictures. And I agree, the Seahawks schedule was awesome (my husband appreciated that too…he hasn’t missed a home game in 17 years). Thanks for sharing your ‘life’ with us so openly. God has gifted you in beautiful ways!!

    3. Beautiful job! You make it look so easy and inspired me once again. :)
      I actually have a burning question…You mentioned you guys were thinking about painting the room white. I’m wondering if your husband is as passionate about decorating as you are?!
      My husband has a great eye, and great taste, but I have purchased every piece of furniture, picked out every color, put in every hole, hung every picture, etc…in my home. I dread asking him to move furniture and often don’t. He’s not comfortable with change, and I’m prepared for that when I shake things up a bit.
      Maybe I’m stepping over the line here, but I have hand it to your hub. Does he go with the flow because your home is part of your work as a blogger, or does he love change as much as you do?

      1. Great question!

        The funny thing is, Ryan and I rarely argue, but decorating seems to be our big issue! We have very similar styles, but as you can imagine, his is a bit more masculine and modern; mine a bit prettier and country. Together, we generally come up with a great look, but it takes us a while. Because this has become a bit of my job, I think Ryan has relaxed a bit when he comes home and finds the curtains changed or chairs moved around or L’s added to my crazy wall. He has opinions and we really make the big decisions together, but he’s let go a little bit of the small details. He is very handy, so it is nice to be on the same page when it comes to a big DIY project so that he can help. But at times, i just try to figure things out myself so that I don’t have to bother him. This is why I have learned how to install my own light fixtures :)

        As far as change goes, he probably loves it more than me. His mom is the same way, so I suppose he is used to it. Even now, every week we go to my in-laws for dinner and something has inevitably been moved or painted or hung differently than the previous week. I kinda love it!

    4. I loved your home tour. Its all so perfectly balanced. I need to take notes. There were indeed a lot of goodies, but my favorite part of the tour was the Seahawks schedule up on the chalkboard! I’m just sayin’

    5. Beautiful home! Thanks for sharing and for being so willing to share details and ideas….so, my question is about the side chairs in your dining room? Where did you find them? Thanks!

    6. If you feel that you need more light with the dark wall in your bedroom, would you consider hanging two identical mirrors behind each bedside lamp in your room? I think that would look amazing with that wall color!!!

    7. Thank you for caring for all of us readers! You KNOW we love to have the details! I have a couple of questions: did you repaint the dining and entry(and if so, details on the colors) or is it just the lighting playing with the perception?? Paint used on entry walls-new? And did you paint the “Black Thing” in your dining, and if so, details, please? Thank you for your time, Emily-we enjoy all that you do!

    8. That’s so nice that you have the Restoration Hardware Outlet near you! I’ve only been there once, on our drive home from Canada, but it’s definitely a good 3 hour trek from Portland.

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