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art with my no.2 {tutorial}

    My #2 stayed home from kindergarten yesterday with a barky cough so it was the perfect chance to spend some time with him doing an art project. It was a fun one and easy for even the littlest artists.



    :: paper, finger paint & glitter

    :: leaf shapes {I used these, printed on thick paper and cut to use them as a pattern}

    :: picture frame

    :: paper to use as background

    STEP ONE: finger paint to your heart’s content

    finger paint paper

    We use this washable finger paint. The colors mix well and it lives up to its name as washable. I appreciate that.

    crayola fingerpaint

    Baby girl loves to paint. I love her smib that keeps the paint off her clothes.

    finger painting

    STEP TWO: pour on the glitter.

    glitter over watercolor

    STEP THREE: make leaf patterns.

    leaf patterns

    I googled leaf template and found this image. Then I printed on heavy paper, cut them out and we traced on the back of the painted paper.

    trace leaf pattern

    Then cut out the leaves.

    cut out leaves

    STEP FOUR: glue leaves to background paper

    glue leaves

    STEP FIVE: place picture into frame

    fingerpaint leaf project

    Look at my proud, sick boy and his art.

    brady holding leaf picture

    Such a great project for us to do together.

    I have wanted to do this for a while after seeing these from Sarah Jane Studios:


    I think I will still use the idea for the playroom {someday}. You can download the templates for the sparrow, elephant and seal here.  It is such a great way to use your children’s art in a unique way.

    16 thoughts on “art with my no.2 {tutorial}”

    1. What a cute project. I know my twin 2 1/2 year olds would love this project…I just have to get brave enough to let them try! By the way, I love the cute little BandAid in the pictures too!

    2. Hello! I found you through Pinterest and LOVE your blog!!! The painted wallpaper is going to be my guest bath project, and I’m making a wreath that now know how to make fabric flowers for!! And then this jewel is posted today! Thank you and keep posting!!

    3. my son was home from Kindergarten for the same reason the last two days. i love this project would be really sweet for them to give as a gift to my mom & dad. susan

    4. Hi, Emily
      I just love this idea. I love painting with my little one and I am going to do this with her. I know she will love it. Thank you for sharing. Have a great week.


    5. It looks like you had a pretty good day with your kids. The art reminded me of work by Eric Carle, he has some pretty neat books. It also reminded me of some snow days I had when I was their age. One day we pulled out all of my mom’s scrap fabric and sewed on her old, hand-crank sewing machine all day. Ahh, precious memories! Hope your little one is feeling better.

    6. We’re all home (me and baby girl are sick) on this rainy Tuesday and I think this project will be perfect. I think we will make some for the grandparents who live in Colorado and New York!
      Thank you for the great idea!

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