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craft night: book page angel wings


    A few girlfriends came over this week for a Christmas craft night. A couple of us had seen book page angel wings and it seemed like a fun project to do together for the holidays.

    There was nothing fancy or exceptional about my craft night … just a few treats (like trader joe’s dark chocolate covered peppermint marshmallows – yum!), hot cider and basic craft supplies.¬† One of my sweetest friends pre-cut all of the old book pages – mostly from a hymnal which we loved – and everyone brought a glue gun.

    I don’t have accurate step-by-step photos because we really just made these up as we went, but I’ll run through the steps just in case you want to make wings for your home.

    Start by cutting out a wing shape from cardboard. Some of us cut two separate wings, others cut one piece for both wings. We all just free-handed and made them different shapes and sizes (examples below).


    We used old hymnal pages cut to 5 x 5″ squares to make the cones, hot gluing them to hold. You have to make about 100 (depending on the size of your wings) so just keep rolling and rolling and rolling.


    Then comes the fun/tricky part of arranging and gluing the paper cones to the cardboard. It was fun to see how everyone did them differently; some wrapped their paper into small cones, others a little larger. My friend Krista put her paper all in one direction (left) while others went around the perimeter, filling in the middle by cutting the tips of the cones to make them fit.


    Aren’t those great?! The only thing we all wished we had done before was to cover the cardboard in flat book pages before gluing on the cones just to make sure none of it showed at the end.

    Here’s my end product: fluffy angel wings that maybe don’t look all that much like angel wings, but I like them all the same.


    I looped a ribbon and hot glued to the back to hang.

    Just for fun, I hung them above our bed. They look very pretty against the dark blue.


    Our girls night was refreshing, as always, and it was nice to start and finish a project in one sitting!

    There are endless ways to recycle book pages into gorgeous pieces – wreaths (see two of mine here and here), ornaments, paper chains, taping the paper directly to your wall (my personal fave).

    Have you made anything great with book pages? I’d love to hear your ideas …

    19 thoughts on “craft night: book page angel wings”

    1. We made them as a girls craft at Christmas! Huge hit and very “little girl” friendly.
      I tried to send a picture but I must be doing something wrong. Blessing for 2015, keep up the great ideas and inspiring words.

    2. I love this idea. Such a fun project! When you did your book page wall, did you just literally tape the pages to the wall? I’ve seen tutorials that say to use wallpaper adhesive etc and I just don’t think I want to commit to it to that extent. Thanks so much for sharing!

    3. yeah! I’ve been looking for a tutorial on how to make these, thank you so much for this post! I’ve made music sheet wreaths, but really want to try some wings!

    4. Love these angel wing book page wreaths a lot!! Thanks for sharing. it’s fun to see the different interpretations. I think I’m going to have to make one of these soon….

    5. Emily! Love this! I still move around my book page wreath from wall to wall in our house I made it a few users ago from your tutorial! Would be super cute to do a big heart shape too for over the bed!
      Lovely blog, as always!

    6. This is an awesome twist {pun intended!} on the rolled book page wreath. ;-P I’m in LOVE with it! If I didn’t have so many DIYs on deck for the holidays already, I’d tackle this one. I’m pinning it for next year though!

    7. I really enjoy the demonstration of your faith in fun projects. Looks great over your bed especially. Merry Christmas to you and your family from South Carolina.

    8. What a great idea! As a renter, I don’t know if I could pull this off (no pun intended…) but I love the look of book pages! I have made some bird ornaments a couple of wreaths in varying shapes and sizes, and am planning on making some more, different ornaments very soon…

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