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pleated projects week: pleated wreath

    Here we are … at the end of the pleated projects week.  If you missed any, here’s a recap:

    day 1 // day 2 // day 3 // day 4

    Today’s project is my favorite. I saved the best for last.


    I have a thing for book pages and wreaths {see my first book page wreath tutorial here}.


    But this one is just a little different.


    If you look closely, you’ll see it’s made out of a phone book. Brilliant use of an outdated publication, if you ask me. And also, it’s pleated.

    Here’s how to make one:


    You’ll need:

    :: wreath form or styrofoam disk + cup to make your own
    :: scrap strip of fabric
    :: phone book {or other paper}
    :: glue gun

    STEP ONE: make a wreath form

    you can buy a ready-made form, but I wanted a small wreath and couldn’t find a small form. I found this styrofoam disk and decided to make my own. It is about 6″ in diameter.

    create-a-wreath-formJust center a small glass and press down to cut out a hole. Mine was off a little bit, but it does not have to be perfect.

    STEP TWO: wrap wreath form in a strip of scrap fabric.


    This allows you to glue directly to the wreath form without melting the styrofoam.

    STEP THREE: prepare your pages


    Tear out a stack of pages from the phone book {about 8 at a time} and tear in half. If you are making a larger wreath, you could use a full page, but my wreath is a bit smaller so a half page was perfect.

    STEP FOUR: fold pleats into the paper


    Starting at the bottom, fold back small pleats and crease to hold in place. I did 6-8 sheets at the same time. If you are using heavier paper, this may not work, but with thin phone book pages it worked great and saved a bunch of time.

    You’ll end up with this:


    STEP FIVE: hold one pleated piece in place and fold up a small portion of the bottom



    STEP SIX: glue to outside edge of wreath


    Continue around the wreath, slightly overlapping each new page



    STEP SEVEN: continue adding pleats in layers around the wreath.


    You may want to tear your page even smaller as you move toward the inside to keep the layers from overlapping the one behind completely. Keep adding pleats until you finish to the center.


    I glued a small loop of ribbon to the back and then tied a piece of twine to hang on our chalkboard in the kitchen.


    This is my current favorite spot in the house.


    I hope you have enjoyed the pleated projects I’ve shown … and hopefully been inspired to create a few of your own.

    23 thoughts on “pleated projects week: pleated wreath”

    1. WOW! Can I contact you about this? It is awesome. I was just instructing my daughter on how we used to fold old phone books to make angels. She thought it was soooo awesome since she is pretty close to being the age of a granddaughter and as such she thinks it is sooooo cool!

    2. I LOVE the damask pillow in your eating area on the bench. Do you recall who the fabric designer is? Thanks so much and love your blog!

    3. Gloria // Simply Gloria

      I’m in love with this…and all your projects! I love how you used the phone book with the type patterns already on the paper. Genius!

    4. I just threw out the phone book:( But, I still plan on making this beautiful wreath:) Just wondering, where did you find your terrarium?

    5. Darn, I just put all the phone books in the recycle bin last week! I LOVE this look and will Pin it so when the next book gets delivered, I’ll make one for the stairwell in my home. It will be perfect. Thanks for the tutorial.

    6. Genius! The city delivered phone books yesterday and I told my kids to put them in the recycling. I thought, who uses a phone book these days? Time to dig them out. Thank you!

    7. aprairiegirlincalifornia

      I’m sure you been asked a million times. But did you make the chalk board or buy it or?! The wreath look so cool on there!! I love it!!!

      1. The large ticking striped pillows I made as well as the middle skinny one. It is a retired amy butler fabric that I love. The ikat pillows are from the target outdoor line they have in stores now.

    8. This is adorable, Emily! I’ve really loved all your projects this week. I made a pleated paper wreath last night, inspired by you! Once I get a chance to photograph it, I’ll link up! Thanks for hosting a link party :).

    9. So many adorable projects this week. I always admire your creativity. I like that you used the phone book on this one. I was going to make an art wall (stenciling sayings on each page), and I thought it would be fun to use pages that had the last names of my best friends. I may even lightly circle the last names on each page. I just have not gotten to it yet. I need to get going :)

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