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diy hand stamped tree slice

    It’s accessorizing time in the boys’ room and so I’ve been scouring our house, finding a few things online and crafting my own items to give their room that campy/outdoorsy/vintage/boyish charm I’m going after.


    This is one of the pieces I sort-of made. It started with the wood slice I happened across at the craft store. I originally thought I would paint the inside with chalkboard paint like this or this, but I couldn’t find my paint. Not one to let a little missing paint get in my way, I came up with a new idea: using my beloved alphabet stamps to ink a phrase.



    Wood slice {i found mine at Michaels, but you can also get them online here}
    alphabet stamps {I use this set all the time. You can order them here}
    black ink pad {like this}

    STEP ONE // decide on a quote and practice on a scrap piece of paper.


    STEP TWO // stamp onto wood slice


    That’s it.

    I mentioned this on instagram yesterday, but I’ll do it again here. If there is anything I want for my boys it is for them to be kind. To think about others, to genuinely care, to understand that oftentimes we don’t know the whole story and so we must be compassionate just for the sake of being compassionate. I want them to stick up for each other, to befriend the lonely kid, to celebrate victories together and encourage when things aren’t going as well.¬† I want them to grow into young men who are kind. Not wussy; but empathetic. Not out-of-control sensitive; just tender enough to see life through another’s eyes.

    And so I chose this quote. Not sure who the originator of it is {some say plato, others disagree}, but it rings true. Plus, my kids are all about battles and fighting, so it seems rather appropriate.


    Easy, peasy project that is perfect for the boys room, but could be adapted for so many other spaces. Enjoy!

    20 thoughts on “diy hand stamped tree slice”

    1. I love the quote! I been doing something similar with the end of our Christmas tree that gets cut each year. Stamping the date and where we were living (military family = hard to keep track of where in the heck we are each year). Then we drill a whole, pop on a string or ribbon, and voila!, rustic and sentimental ornament.

    2. First of all, great project! You’re inspiring me to make one for my husband’s home office, which has a sort of hunting lodge feel.

      Also, this sums up everything perfectly, “Not wussy; but empathetic. Not out-of-control sensitive; just tender enough to see life through another’s eyes.”

    3. Beautiful! And sweet and simple and meaningful – the quote comes from Marjorie Pay Hinckley and is in her book Small and Simple Things — it’s full of beautiful gems like this!
      Thanks for sharing!

    4. I absolutely LOVE this! That is also the very thing that I hope my kids will have as they grow…to have compassion and to not be quick to judge other people. To know that everyone has struggles and just because they aren’t the same thing that they themselves struggle with doesn’t mean they are any less difficult.

      Thank you for sharing this!

      1. I used to sing Ephesians 4:32 to my children… “be ye kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving each other, just a God for Christ sake has forgiven you”… at the time they didn’t always appreciate it; however now they are singing it to their children.

    5. That is so great! You and your family are GOOD people! You make the world a better place by just being in it and you’re raising your darling children to do the same. I love the craft, and how things sometimes take a different turn once you get into them…..or misplace a supply for the original idea {story of my life!} I also love that you love to craft your own things….ideas you’ve seen online or ones that you come up with on your own. Makes a room so wonderfuly comfortable, personal, and truly beautiful!

    6. Emily, if only most people raised their kids, not only boys but boys and girls, this way, the world would be a much better place. I agree immensily. It is great to see that there is still hope out there. That there are good people raising their kids the right way. God bless you.

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