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diy linen pinboard

    Perhaps one of the easiest and most used projects I’ve ever done is covering a store-bought cork board with linen. It currently lives in my office, but it moves from room to room {sometimes holding jewelry, other times a countdown to christmas tag display}.

    This is not a new idea or even one that you can’t figure out on your own, but it is one of those basics that maybe I should just remind you to do because you will find one million uses for it around your house.


    cork board {from your local office store – any size}
    linen or other medium-weight fabric of your choice {I actually used a painters drop cloth for this one}
    staple gun
    upholstery tacks



    STEP ONE // remove frame from cork board

    STEP TWO // cut fabric to size leaving 1-2″ overlap on each side

    STEP THREE // staple one side, and then pull opposite side taught and staple to secure

    STEP FOUR // repeat for other two sides

    STEP FIVE // fold in corners creating a neat edge. Staple to secure


    STEP SIX // continue stapling all the way around your board until fabric is tight and secure.


    confession: my cork board was super cheap and very thin so the staple gun staples went right through and stuck out the front. I ended up using a regular office stapler and it held fine.

    STEP SEVEN // push in upholster tacks, first spacing them out evenly around the perimeter of your pin board.


    Now you can pin up inspiration, favorite photos, fabric and paint swatches or, of course, use it to organize.


    I used this blank wall in our kitchen to tack up the pin board {with 3m command strips – the best invention ever} and added our calendar for september, a place to jot down random to-do’s before they escape my mind, and a stack of little cards that I can write notes to the kids and pop into their lunches. linen-pinboard-finished-and-styled

    It’s far from the perfect command center that we could probably use, but it works in a pinch. linen-pinboard-organized-for-september




    As for the pin board, I hope it acts as a neutral base for all sorts of creative uses around your home.

    22 thoughts on “diy linen pinboard”

    1. I made one based on your instructions and it turned out great! I even added a fun fleur-de-lis embellishment on the top. It was so perfect because I wanted something to put in our office to display my son’s artwork but not something that was large and loud and ugly like most cork boards seem to be–rather something that blended in with our walls and decor and really made you focus on what’s there. Lovely! Thanks so much!

    2. This is a nice project especially for grade school kids. Something to decorate their room with, and serve as a place for putting reminders in, like making their bed after getting up in the morning.

    3. If your board is super thin, are the tacks too long? I’m envisioning all the sharp ends coming through and scratching everything. I love this tho, and am going to make a big one. thanks for all the wonderful things you teach us.

      1. I made a board just like this…the upholstery tacks on my board DO poke through the back. Would love some good ideas on how to solve this problem:)

        1. I am wondering if you could snip off the pin part to make it the right length and then use a dab of hot glue to help hold it in place. That’s the only thing I can think if.

      2. my tacks stick through a tiny bit. Not enough to cause a problem since the board is either hung on the wall or leaning on a table top or shelf. You could probably add a large piece of felt to the back to cover the tacks or strips of craft foam just along where the tacks stick through.

    4. Making my board today! Thank you for all of the fun DIY’s :).
      Also, the September collection is so fun!! Love the bikes.

    5. I notice you are working on that super cute jute rug! is that the one from Ikea? Been wondering, is it rough to walk on or shed on your carpet!?

    6. Do fabric-covered bulletin boards get “saggy” after a time? As in, does the fabric stretch and start to sag with the pulling in and out of the pins? I’ve always wondered.

      1. I haven’t noticed mine getting saggy. I suppose it just depends on how much use it gets and the weight of the fabric. If you go with a nice tightly woven medium-weight fabric and pull it tight around the back, I think sagging should be minimal.

    7. Just love all the things you do! Where are the white numbered bins from? Also, if you become a monthly member do you have access to previous months? Just curious.
      Thanks for sharing all of your wonderful ideas!

      1. The numbered bins are just a metal file that we found at a thrift store {it was hot pink and I sprayed it white}. Then I put number stickers from the craft store on each bin.

      1. I use them all the time! They work great especially for items that are not easy to hang {like a bunch of the letters on my L wall}. Hope you love them!

    8. Where do you find your upholster tacks? Is that a craft store thing or a home improvement store find? It adds so much to the look of the board I just love it!

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