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the emily handwriting font

    I’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time and finally the opportunity presented itself :


    You can now download the font for free {previously $4.99} by joining our exclusive freebies page. Click the link above to get your free font and much more!

    I added in a few doodles and symbols because they make things fun.  If you aren’t quite sure how to add a symbol, here’s a mini lesson using Microsoft Word:





    Not sure how to install a font on your computer? At the bottom of this post I show what to do {don’t worry … it is surprisingly simple}

    54 thoughts on “the emily handwriting font”

    1. Dear Emily,You have an amazing God given talent,hon and part of that talent includes making others happy!
      Emily,I have a Mac and I would really appreciate it if I could down load your Emily font.How might I do it??
      Enjoy your holidays with your family and make special memories! Be well, one of your many admirers! Elaine

    2. hi Emily – I’m a big fan and have just joined the archive and downloaded your fancy font….but I am obviously a newbie when it comes to actually USING it. It doesn’t show up in my Word font list. Any ideas on how I can use it on my Apple?
      thanks so much (and also for the free Grace and Peace notecards you gave all of us last week!)
      Susan in NC

    3. Hi…I bought some printed paper (LOVE IT) and made some backpack tags for school tomorrow. You’ve made it so easy, although I still need someone to cut in a straight line for me!
      Can’t get the Emily font symbols to work in Mac. I see others had the same issue. Not a huge deal, but if there’s something I can do, can you let me know.

    4. hi Emily,

      I was wondering what was the application that you used to create your own font? I found one before but now can’t seem to find it again to create my own font…

      your font is super cute.

    5. I was so excited to see your “emily” font! I remember telling some friends of mine who also follow your blog about your hand writing and how it should be a font haha! I can’t wait to use it!

    6. we’re in the process of moving, so i didn’t check the blog till this morning :( well, you snooze, you loose…shoot!

    7. Just purchased your font, and got email confirming subscription, but no attachement w/ font was in email. Can you resend please!

    8. LOVE it! I run a home-based monogramming company, and I can’t wait to use your font with my stitching software and see it stitched-out!

    9. This is great, how fun! And thanks for doing that to share with all of us :) (I actually tried to handdraw a few words like you a few days ago). Did you do it through ‘Fonts for Peas’ or some other font design program? Is it a true type font (.ttf)?

      I totally plan on buying it before the weekend’s out (in the middle of moving now and husband has all our credit cards & stuff somewhere else right now).
      Was just curious if this is like any other font download, like say via One can still kern in photoshop & whatnot? I’d love to see the character pallet a little bigger too! Anyway, sorry about the long comment- this was an exciting post!
      PS- I especially love your pretty, loopy/swirly letters & symbols (M & A etc.)!

    10. I just purchased (under my husbands name) and downloaded/installed it within seconds! Super cute, great job! I am going to use this on signs for my daughters first birthday party next weekend :-) One of your beautiful signs would be a LOVELY addition to her party and room, crossing my fingers…

    11. Just purchased the font and can’t get the symbols to work. Can you possibly show me how? i was able to download just the letters and number and nothing else. Thanks

    12. Hey! :) I just ordered your font via paypal (but paid as a guest w/ a credit card) and I haven’t received the email w/ the attachment…Does it take a while? I LOVE your site! You are touching SO many people with your paper flowers, flower pins, etc…Thank you for all you do to inspire us! :) :)

      1. the email should come automatically when you purchase to the email address you use at paypal. Please let me know if you need it sent elsewhere

    13. I just bought it! I love everything J.D.C. and I am excited to use this! (And I would love to win an art print assortment because they one I bought has been awesome for housewarming gifts and to warm up my own house!)

    14. This is pretty amazing, Lady! It’s so cute, and I would certainly be presently downloading it if my computer wasn’t kaput. Hopefully, it’ll pull itself together before the weekend is over!

        1. Hurray for husbands who are super-nice computer geeks and who have PayPal accounts! Thanks to him, my computer’s revived and his PP account just purchased a purty new font for moi! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend AND I so appreciate your very enlightening font download tut! Thank you much!

    15. Yay! I love all your fonts and this is now my new fav!
      Thank you for offering it.
      And thank you for making it so easy to download! Love it :)

    16. Seriously???? I asked about this in your “ask anything” post! So…………super excited you did it! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! xoxo

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