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free hand-drawn clip art (and how to use it)

    Can one ever have enough clip art? I think not. Especially of the hand-drawn variety. Add a little drawing to a gift tag or invitation, use one in your logo or in an ad – nothing overboard, but just enough to make a visual impact. Fun, fun, fun.

    The other night I created a few doodles-turned-clip art.  A party collection with fun banners, phrases and a cupcake with a cherry on top.

    I first drew with pencil, then over with my favorite fine-tip pen (this one), erasing the pencil marks with a good eraser (like this). I then scanned the drawings and saved each one as a .png file (the process is the exact same as turning my watercolor paintings into digital artwork – shown in this tutorial).

    The collection of clip art is yours for free. Just download the zip file, unzip and each drawing is ready to use with a transparent background.

    If you’d like to make some changes – to the size or color – here’s a short video showing you how:

    So fun, right?! If you’re totally lost, hang tight. I’ll show you all of these steps again, and in better detail and a little slower in the graphic design class that comes out in just a few days (yea!).

    To download the clip art, click the image to log in or sign up for the archive where all of our freebies and downloads are stored for easy access.

    Want to learn more about how to do graphic design? Registration is now open for our beginning Adobe Illustrator class!


    Click here to learn more

    28 thoughts on “free hand-drawn clip art (and how to use it)”

      1. I have the exact same question! What is the policy for small business use? I have used some of your holiday graphics to design my own kids’ favor tags and I have had several friends request to buy the personalized tags for their kids from me. I am considering setting up etsy shop as well. What is the policy? Thanks in advance!!

    1. I am {{ so }} crazy excited you’re opening a class. The past few months I’ve taken classes with Tuts+ and Lynda but have been super frustrated learning from techie guys rather than designers teaching what I actually wanted to learn!

      Can’t wait to soon be able to make what I see in my mind’s eye!

    2. I bought both of the printers that you recommended from the resources. I love them! I bought the paper you recommended too.

    3. Great – I can not wait for your classes. I have all the tools to do fun stuff but I do not know how to use them. My husband is a graphic designer so I have access to a Wacom tablet and full Adobe products. He could show me but I find I learn better from strangers. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

    4. Emily, I was SQUEALING with joy when I saw this! My blog has a custom hand-drawn logo and I’m planning on opening an Etsy shop this Spring, so I’ve been thinking about using hand-drawn images for my Handcrafted Parties product packaging…these would be absolutely perfect for party goods!

      Question: Do we need to own the Illustrator software to use this clipart, or can it be used in a standard word processing program?

      I’m anxiously awaiting news about your class–it sounds incredible!

      Thanks so much!
      Lisa Frank :)

      1. No homework, but practicing is a huge part of learning each skill. I show lots of different ways to use each technique so you’ll have plenty of ideas of artwork you can practice with.

    5. Gosh I love when you show us tutorials in illustrator! You won’t believe this, but before Christmas I was eyeing a girl who teaches illustrator one – on- one. I was interested in learning how to make clipart. I didn’t sign up with her though. I told myself and my husband (after hearing you talk to Kat…I think that’s her name…about upcoming things that you will offer on the blog) that I wanted to see what you were going to offer first because you had such a gift for working in illustrator until I was hoping you would offer something in the field of design so I could take courses from you. You are very talented Emily. What I love most about it is that I think it is just a God giving talent and you enjoy doing it. It comes across and is so contagious.

      1. How fun! I am really excited about the class and I hope it is helpful for you as you learn illustrator. I love designing and learning new ways to do it and I look forward to continuing to share what I know with others!

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