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she needed a seahawks shirt

    Have you noticed my undying devotion to the Seattle Seahawks? For as long as I can remember, cheering on my home team has been a weekly tradition. I love the fall for the pretty colors and cozy moments, but most of all, I love the fall because it’s football season.

    This year is particularly fun to be a seahawks fan because 1. they are really good and 2. my kids are old enough to watch, understand and be excited about the games. The boys, especially, have become big fans wearing their Lynch jerseys every other day and collecting football cards putting the seahawks players in the prime front pockets of their binders.

    Since her brothers are into it, naturally, Audrey wanted in on the seahawks action as well. So she asked for a shirt.


    Here’s a hint to whoever is designing NFL team gear: you are missing a huge market in the children’s clothing area. The selection is just not that great. All I wanted was a simple tshirt with a logo and came up empty handed.

    And so, I made one myself {probably breaking some sort of copyright laws in the process}.

    It was pretty easy and cost less than $10 and turned out super cute.


    TSHIRT // this one is from target, is soft and fits great.

    TEMPLATE // I googled ‘seahawks logo’, found one I liked and opened it in Illustrator. Then I resized to get it just right for the shirt and printed. By cutting out the different pieces, they became patterns to use for the four fabrics.

    FABRIC // this only took a tiny bit of fabric, so I searched through my scraps until I found the right colors/patterns.

    The most difficult part was cutting all the details. Some team logos are probably easier than others, but it really was just a matter of precise cutting.


    Once the fabric was cut out, I layered it in the correct places and stitched around the perimeter, leaving a very small border that will fray with washing. I could have {and probably should have} used an iron-on transfer paper to hold everything in place before stitching {see how to do that here}, but I did not.


    Didn’t it turn out cute?!


    Best of all, Audrey loves it.

    39 thoughts on “she needed a seahawks shirt”

    1. My husband is from Seattle & has been a die-hard Seahawks fan since he was a babe. Therefore, I became a die-hard Seahawks fan. I LOVE THIS SHIRT!!! I completely agree, there just isn’t enough Seahawks clothes for kids. Although, for babies there’s a cute selection. You did an amazing job with this. Thank you for sharing your creativeness!!

    2. St. Louis is definitely more of a baseball town! Go Cardinals! I can’t wait to make this T-shirt for my daughter sporting a cardinal.

    3. Super cute! Actually, you are not breaking any copyright laws, bc you didn’t sell it. Most of that stuff on Etsy and craft shows and other places, while adorable, is actually as bad as buying a fake designer bag. Some schools will give out “Crafting Licences” to small “businesses”. I used to be a developer for Reebok when they held the license rights to all the NFL, NBA, CFL and a handful of universities. I handles the NFL. At that time, it wasn’t actually up to Reebok, but the team owners (& their handlers). Certain stores could request a certain something special, but mostly it stuck to tradition (as in colors and logos)…I flew all over this great big world checking colors (among other things) in factories. I started my career in kids clothing, so you can only imagine my disappointment for not having fun licensed gear for them!

    4. Well you did a fabulous job, but just wanted to ask if you’d ever checked Old Navy? That’s where I snagged our CFL shirts this year and I know they definitely have kids sizes. As well, last week, I noticed there were a few NFL shirts there as well (mostly teams with similar colors).

      However, I like that you customized your own! :)

    5. Love this shirt! I never would have thought about making my own! Though I have a daughter that will not take off her Wilson jersey and wants nothing to do with “girly” t-shirts! GO HAWKS!!

    6. So cute, Emily! Love it. We could use some cute, girly Seahawk shirts to sport in Texas…definitely none of those here! Thanks for the tutorial :)

    7. Great idea! I had never thought of doing the Seahawks logo this way. I have made a giraffe shirt for one of my sons birthdays once using this method. I may just have to make my 3 sons Seahawks shirts for Christmas!

    8. Love this idea! I hate that all I can find for my girl are pink, cheerleader-style outfits with a logo slapped on the front. They really could use some stylish, yet cute, team gear for girls!

    9. Wow! Emily, I just love your style, your love for Jesus, Scripture, everything! I get so excited every time I see a new blog post in my inbox.
      You are such a classy lady!

      With Love from Colorado,

    10. Like I needed another reason to love Jones Design Company!!

      In the South, we tend to follow our college teams more than NFL teams; but, we love the Seahawks because Russell Wilson went to NC State (sorry Wisconson we had him longer)! As loyal Wolfpack fans, we chear for Russell and the Seahawks.

      1. Thanks! The bag is newish and I found it at my local grocery/department store {fred meyer}. It was a total fluke purchase, but I’m happy with it. I have no idea what the brand is and my guess is that it is nothing fancy :)

    11. Do you have to straight stitch around the logo? Or just use the transfer paper like you did on the pear and monogram shirts you made awhile back?

      Going to make a broncos one for my little girl. Just worried my straight stitch won’t look very good since the bronco mascot has a lot more detail (horses mane).

      Thanks! Very cute and fun!

      1. You don’t have to stitch the fabric – it will stick with the iron transfer. BUT, be careful when washing because the fabric may peel a little. Mine does not look amazing up close, but as long as you use a thread that blends in with the fabric, you really don’t see the stitches.

    12. go hawks!! love her shirt….40 year old gal over here in E WA might be making one of those for herself! did I mention GO HAWKS!

    13. Adorable. And I can tell your daughter loves being included. BTW I think you are ok with the copyright rules as long as it is for personal use and not for resale.

    14. That is too cute! And that’s coming from a 49ers fan! :) I love football loving girls, regardless of the team they root for. Glad your daughter is getting in on tradition too!

    15. Precious! I have always thought they don”t market well to girls in general! We don’t always want our sports shirts in pink, people, we like team colors too! Very cute idea, although, I’d have to adapt to a Cowboys star :)

    16. Emily, this is a fantastic shirt! You’re right, there is definitely a market for this. The shirt is adorable and on trend… and it would be cute anytime, not just on game day. It’s even better (and probably 1/3 of the price!) of a kids t-shirt that you’d purchase on the NFL sites. Great job!

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