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welcome to our home {finding fall home tour 2013}

    It has been a long, long time since I have shared updated photos of our home. We are constantly changing things, switching rooms around, repainting, hanging new light fixtures, rearranging furniture … we’re sort of insane. But it’s fun and after seven years of living in this home, we are still far from finished. If I’ve learned anything from living here, it is that while it may not be our dream-of-all-dreams home, it is home and we have done our best to put our stamp on it. Sometimes that has meant big construction projects and other times it’s just taking the risk of putting nail holes in the walls. We want our home to work for us, to be comfortable and hospitable and a place to entertain our friends and family. And even though there are a million things we would like to do {ahem, tear out the carpet} or other houses that we imagine to be more our style, we are grateful for our house and truly do love where we live.

    So, welcome … enjoy the tour!

    // ENTRY //



    // GUEST BATH //


    // STAIR WAY //



    // DINING ROOM //






    // KITCHEN //






    // HALLWAY //



    // LIVING ROOM //






    // MUDROOM //






    // PLAY ROOM //


    // AUDREY’S ROOM //



    // BOY’S ROOM //


    // LAUNDRY ROOM //



    // OFFICE //





    I hope you enjoyed visiting and that you leave with a few new ideas for your home. I’m all about simple, doable projects {see the tutorials page for past projects} and functional, yet pretty spaces. Our house is a constant frenzy of activity, and rarely does it look quite as nice as it does in the photos {I mean, with four kids and a dog it is simply not possible to have a photo-ready house without hours of picking up and/or stuffing things into random closets!}.

    Before you go, please enjoy this free autumn essentials watercolor print I painted. Click here to download then simply print and display in your home.


     Questions about our home? Feel free to leave a comment and I’ll reply back with sources, colors, etc.

    293 thoughts on “welcome to our home {finding fall home tour 2013}”

    1. Just found your blog – a bit after your original post… I’m hoping you see this reply. Where did you purchase the chandelier that is in your daughter’s room? Thank you!

      1. The cabinets came from our kitchen when we remodeled and I painted them white. The shelves are just pieces of wood from the hardware store – also painted white.

    2. i heard about your site while listening to NASH fm in NYc today and they were speaking about how to take kids Christmas lists and simplify…with 4 wishes…how can i find that on this site

    3. Ok. I adore your style! Your home is just so lovely and your clothing style is adorable. I just found your wonderful blog through your pinterest clothing posts and I couldn’t have found a more wonderful blog! Thank you for sharing your talent for decorating and your eye for style with those of us who are much more challenged! Yippee! Making this rainy day much, much better!
      -already a huge fan,

        1. Also, are the curtains in the living room from Ikea as well? If so, what color/type are they?
          And if you had a shorter window in addition to the bigger ones in the living room, would you still go all the way to the floor with the curtains or make them shorter?

          1. Yes, the velvet curtains are from IKEA. Not recent purchases, but I think they still carry them. Small windows are tricky – we have three in an upstairs bedroom (previously audrey’s nursery) that I made simple roman shades for in the same material as the long curtains on the larger window. Maybe you could try that?

    4. Hi Emily, Just stumbled upon your site and LOVE your home and sense of style. Where did you find the floating shelves in your kitchen, specifically those brackets? Thanks!

    5. Hi Emily,
      I have followed you for awhile now and have always loved your decorating sense. We just bought a new home and I often check back to your home pictures for ideas and inspiration as I am decorating. One piece in your home that I can’t get out of my mind is your entry table–the glass one, I just love it. Where did you get it, is it a recent purchase?
      Thanks so much!!

    6. Hi! Your home is beautiful and I really enjoyed browsing through your website. I found your website during a google search for chalk with a point. Thanks for the tips on which chalk to buy! I’m particularly interested in your ampersand decoration. Where did you find that?

    7. Hi Emily,

      I just fell upon your blog and absolutely adore what you do. Beautiful home! Could you tell me where you purchased your fancy couch? I have a chair similar to it and would love to find something to match it. Thank you!!

    8. I’m wondering where you purchased the pendent lighting for the boys room and for the kitchen? I’m in the process of purchasing lighting for a home we are moving into and it’s overwhelming out there!

    9. Just stumbles upon your blog and can’t stop reading! Love the stag head above your fireplace. Tried reading through all the comments but didn’t come across where you found it. Love it!

    10. Good Morning Emily!

      I think that your fall bedroom is so lovely and I am curious about the orange poppy hanging over your bed. Would you be willing to tell be a bit more about it? Where it is from and the size? Thanks so much!

    11. Hello Emily! I would love to know where you found your dining room light. Currently, my dining room is too formal for our lifestyle & I would love to entertain in there more. Your light would be a perfect fit with my vision.
      Thank you!!

    12. Do you know the name of paint you used on your kitchen cabinets??? Love them
      I know you used Texas leather for walls love that too!

    13. Okay, I have your same couch as yours and was searching for ideas of what kind of pillows to use. Love yours! So fun.
      Can you please tell me where your daughter’s bed is from?

    14. Love love your home office! I’m a graphic designer as well, crafty, creative and a mom of two boys. We are building a house and I’m already designing my office, yours is giving me inspiration. Question I hate seeing my computer cord and I want a fun desk, do you have the outlet up high so it plugs in behind the desk? Also love all the trays on desk and storage containers etc. where did you score those from? Thanks for sharing!!

      1. The outlet is behind the desk down at the normal outlet height. We have a cord bin attached to the underside of the desk {from ikea} that holds a powerstrip with all of the cords plugged into that. The power strip cord is the only one plugged into the outlet.

        As for the trays and desk organizers on the desk – a few are vintage silver pieces from the thrift store, some are vases and the scissors are held in a small planter from ikea.

    15. Love the kids silohettes on your stairs…guessing you made those since you are an artist?? If so, is this a service you offer?

    16. Oh my word, everything in your house is perfection! As we are in the midst of setting up and settling in our first house, these pictures have given me so much inspiration! Thanks for sharing!
      One thing that particularly caught my eye (and made me swoon!) was that floral mason jar watercolor/canvas that was at the bottom of your stairway! SO. GORGEOUS. Mind sharing where you acquired that lovely piece of art??

    17. Hi Emily, I love everything about your home! Where did you get/what pattern are the nice brown and white dishes in your dining room and the glasses? Thanks!

    18. Hi Emily!

      Love your blog, you’ve inspired me in so many ways. My question is, where did you get the grey curtains in you daughter’s bedroom?



    19. WOW, your home is beautiful and such an inspiration……..I love your letter “L” collage and I hope you don’t mind that I am going to use it for my dining room wall, I have a huge wall and it is blank and just waiting for an idea like yours! My last name starts with “L” and I have framed the letter and have bought a couple of other “L’s” not knowing “WHAT” I was going to do with them and now I know!!!…….. Thanks again, for sharing your awesome talent in decorating…..

    20. Hi Emily, I was hoping you could share how to decorate with gold and silver mixed. I noticed in your gorgeous home you have a lot of silver accents but how do you also add gold? Is there a golden rule how to blend the two together? I have this dilemma in my own home, I love both silver and gold but am not quite sure how to blend the two together! Please Help!

      1. This is a fun question and I guess I haven’t really thought much about it other than that I like both gold and silver so I go with it! Is there are rule? I’m not sure. I used to think black and brown could never work together either, but I do that all the time too. Maybe just go with what makes you happy is the best rule to follow!

    21. Is your sofa recovered ? Did it come with puffier back pillows and did you replace them with the pillows you liked better ? Sherri

      1. Our sofa came this way and did not have any pillows. These are all additions by me :) I prefer down-filled because of their squishiness and the way they hold up.

    22. Hi Emily,

      Happy New Year! Loving your blog. I was wondering where you purchased the painting by your stairs of the flowers in the glass jar?


    23. Hi Emily! Your house is amazing! Would you be willing to share where you got the white chair covers on your dining room chairs? Thanks!

    24. Hi emily!

      Love your blog and your home. I am sure you have listed somewhere…but what colors have you used in your home? I really love the richness of the kitchen and living room. The colors, while neutral are quaint and warm.

      Thank you!

    25. I just stumbled upon your site after discovering your fireplace makeover (!!!!!!!!!) and I just wanted to tell you that your home is so lovely! Also, I was feeling discouraged about the carpet in our home, but your house is incredible — and carpeted! Thanks for the inspiration :)

    26. Hi! How did you hang your turkey platter in the kitchen? I love how it looks hung up! I have a turkey platter that I would love to hang. I think it might be a little bigger and heavier than yours. Any tips on how to make it stay on the wall? Thanks!

    27. Okay, so the Premier Prints looking pillow {Chipper Twill} pattern…ikat-ish. Is that a custom pillow or did you purchase it somewhere? I’ve been debating on this print for a while but I think I just need to pull the trigger. The Premier Prints Fabric in “Storm” doesn’t look as dark a gray as the ones you have on your sofa (with the belt on it). Sorry but I am in love with that print! Do share! Thanks! Errrr…and you live in Seattle??? Did I ask you that before? Me too! Yay!

    28. I really like your coffee table…can you tell me where you purchased it? We are having a hard time finding the right one for our living room. Thanks!

    29. I love the colors in your home! What is the main color that you used throughout? Also, what are the colors you used in your master bedroom?

    30. Beautiful…always is. I have to say, though, my favorite thing is that Hawks schedule on display! Might just have to steal that idea :)

    31. Love it all! Love the pumpkin painting. FYI- your Seahawks schedule is a bit off. I made one myself using yours and my husband corrected some dates (didn’t know he had them committed to memory. Its just the first few though!!! GO HAWKS!

      1. The wreath is preserved boxwood – I think from Target several years ago. You could try Ballard Designs or search for ‘preserved boxwood wreath’ in google and you should be able to find one.

    32. Loved the tour! I got so many ideas, now I just need the time & money to do them all. Where did you get the metallic acorn in the living room?

    33. Your house is so inspirational to me!!!!! Thank you for the tour. I am wondering the source on the curtains in the play room? I love the fabric, thanks

    34. Hi Emily-

      Thanks for sharing all that you do! If you get a chance to reply I would love to know the source for your hooks in the mud room! Wanting to start something similar.

      Thank you!


    35. Emily, your house is absolutely beautiful, it is truly a labor of love. Would you mind telling me where you got the letter towel hook in your bathroom? I have a similar bathroom and didn ‘t want to hang a traditional towel hook. What a clever idea! Thank you so much:)

    36. Came and peeked yesterday, but had to come back today to look again! I love it all, but am in love, love with the pumpkin painting by the table. Do you remember where it came from? Perhaps I could paint one! Also that sweet doll on the bed, where did she come from, I must find one! You have a beautiful home, super sharp eye for putting it all together, thank you for sharing!

    37. I love your laundry room. I think it is important to make it look nice since as a parent of four kids also, I spend lots of time in there!

      My question is about the chandelier that is in your laundry room. Where did you get it? How far does it hang down from the ceiling?

      I would love to get one exactly like it, but the room I would hang it from has eight foot ceilings and someone would need to walk under it. If the chandy hung down more than two feet, someone could hit their head!

      Thanks for all you do to inspire us!

      1. Amen to wanting the laundry room to look good. I can honestly say that I enjoy going in my laundry room 100 times more now that it is pretty.

        The chandelier is a cast-off from my sister and brother-in-law that I gladly accepted. It is originally from Home Depot {not sure if they still carry it}. Our ceilings are also 8 feet and I am able to walk under it just fine {I am 5’7}. I think as long as you find one that is under 24″, you should be fine. Ballard Designs and Potterybarn have lights that are very similar if you can’t find it at HD.

    38. Your home is so lovely and livable. I am wondering where did the ceiling light in the boys room come from? Also the light over your dining room table-where did you find that?

      Thanks for sharing and inspiring us.


    39. I love the pics and see that you have carpet in most of your home. I also noticed that you weren’t afraid to lay down rugs over the carpet. So many people are going away from having carpet in their homes, and I just wondered what your opinion on that. Personally, my family wants carpet, but I am fighting for at least the living room to be a hard surface, just for the sake of traffic! Dogs, kids, more kids.

      1. We do have carpet throughout our downstairs and up. I WANT TO TEAR IT ALL OUT! At least the downstairs. It is a good neutral color that hides dirt pretty well, and it is comfortable to walk and sit on, but after seven years, it is showing its wear. And i just like the clean look of solid surface floors so much better. We are trying to decide what is best for our house, but one of these days I’m just going to go for it and rip it all out without a full plan :)

        We’re debating between carrying the existing wood floor through the whole downstairs, installing wood and then painting it all white or black, or doing tile. Not sure yet, but hopefully we’ll do it sometime in the spring.

    40. Hi Emily, your house is beautiful. Quick question what color paint did you use for the strips in your playroom? Love that color and want to use it. Thanks!!

    41. I’m dying to know the source for the painting of the flowers in the jar from your stairway! Who did it and where can I find more of his/her work?


    42. Beautiful Emily! I love the painting in your entry. Did you paint that? Love the pumpkin art too. Always look forward to your posts and your recent twirl post has stuck with me :)

    43. Love all you’ve done with your home – it’s gorgeous! Would love to know what the color is on your master bedroom wall – simply stunning!

    44. I love your fall decor! Thanks for sharing your decorating tips. I look forward to your blog after putting the kiddos to bed. A quick ?. What curtains did you put up in your living room? The last time I checked they used to be white.

    45. I also love the pumpkin painting. you made it look so easy…if I have some time I just might try it! thanks for the many ideas. I love the many silver pieces. Do you have to polish often?

    46. I’m sure you’ve been asked this question a million times by now…where did you get that print above your master bed? Thanks for your time.

    47. I am still loving your pumpkin painting in the dining room. Have you decided if you will be selling prints of it this year?
      Love ALL that you have done and invested in your precious home.

    48. Oh, Emily – please sell copies of your pumpkin painting. It would look lovely over my piano.

      Where did you find the cute pewter acorn on your end table in the living room?

      Really enjoyed seeing your home. Feeling so inspired right now.

    49. You must be am amazing woman if you can have your house looking this beautiful with four young children! I love the little touches of Fall throughout your home. You did a fabulous job designing and decorating. And…wow you sure do have a lot of Lego’s! :-)

    50. I read every single comment to make sure this wasn’t asked! Can you let us know where the chandelier in your bedroom came from? Your house is gorgeous and so homey. You should be an interior decorator too! Thank you.

    51. Oh, my……I want to paint my whole house neutral…add much more gray…and paint everything white!

      I’d love to know where you got your bedspread/quilt. We’re looking to change up our bedroom a bit and I think that gray color would look great with dark teal walls.

    52. Beautiful home! Especially loved the bedside lamps in the master bedroom. Wonder if you could let me know if they are still available? Thanks!

    53. i love your shop and blog! I would love to have silhouettes of my children done (like yours along the stairs) ive tried googling and am having touble. Suggestions? Thanks for the lovely photos!

      1. I have a very old tutorial {} but you could also search on pinterest or google ‘diy silhouette’ and you should find helpful tips.

    54. OMG what a gorgeous house you have!!! I love the monochromatic colors you mostly use and the framed glass pane panels between the entry and dining room are to die for!!! simply gorgeous…thanks for the inspiration!

    55. Everything looks wonderful! Can you help me with the color on the Master Bedroom walls. I looked in your house colors list and that one was not there. Thanks for the help.

      1. Thanks so much for the help with the paint color. I am going to look at the color chip, you know how paint colors on line can look different! Thanks

    56. Love the house! Love what you did with the fireplace; last time I looked at it, you were wondering what to do. Great solution! And I LOVE the windowpane/door between the entryway and dining room. Can you tell me where you got that door and the hardware to hang it? Also, I am looking for a bed like yours. I found one at PB but am hoping to find one less expensive. Can you give a source on that too? Thanks. And Happy Fall!

      1. Thanks for the compliments!

        I did a post about the hanging window here:
        We have since changed a few things because we wrapped the posts and added trim so we needed to change the barn door track. Ryan just cut it down to fit in the opening and now the window is hanging from it. Not functional, but still cool.

        And the bed was from Restoration Hardware outlet. We bought it about 7 years ago, so I’m not sure if they carry it.

    57. Ohhhh my gosh! I had to read this post twice – once to actually “read” it and the second time to slowly scroll down and take in every single gorgeous photo and study it for ideas! haha

      I’ve been reading your blog for years and of all the home design blogs I read, I’m pretty sure yours is my favorite! (Okay maybe Edie’s from Life in Grace is a close second.) Gorgeous, gorgeous home!

    58. Loved your home tour! I love the way you expertly put together a wonderful eclectic mix of styles in your home and make it work! Every room is interesting. Love the modern mix with the vintage. Your gallery wall is cool!

    59. Beautiful home. Thanks for sharing! I looked through all the comments and didn’t see this question… Did you make the mustard felt looking wreath in your office? Love it!

    60. LOVE LOVE LOVE your house!!!

      It is so inspiring!! =)

      I was wondering where is your couch from?? I LOVE it!! I have been looking around but haven’t found a neutral colored couch that I like.

      Thanks for sharing!!


    61. This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to see more of after your survey :) Our nursery has three small windows like Audrey’s room. Are there small blinds behind her curtains? We’ve scratched our heads for creative black-out solutions.

      Thanks for letting us into your home today!

      1. The little windows have wood blinds that we close each night. The valances are just for looks, not functional. If you made them functional, you could line with blackout lining and it would really help keep things dark.

    62. I am new to your blog. Would you mind sharing with me where you got your coffee table? We are having such a difficult time finding something we like. Thank you.

    63. So great to see some spaces we haven’t seen in a while! It all looks so lovely, Emily! I’d love to hear more about that newer painting. Your pumpkin painting is as wonderful as I remembered. :)

    64. Thanks for letting us take a peek. The cedar shakes on the fireplace are a really unique and totally cool feature. I’m eagerly looking forward to seeing how the boys’ room turns out.

    65. Such a beautiful home! Thank you so much for the inspriation for a newlywed. I know you got your new velvet curtains in the living room from Ikea (I follow you on Instagram), but I had trouble finding them over the weekend….help.

          1. I don’t think I would call them beige. I bet those are lighter. But if they work in your space, they are a great deal, so you might just go for it!

    66. Did you paint the impressionistic still life of flowers in the clear vase or pick it up somewhere? Wanting to re-create in my living room…

    67. Everything is Sooo Pretty! Somehow your Laundry Room just makes me the happiest (and I’m not even a yellow person)! I read the comments so I wouldn’t double-up on questions, and indeed got 3 already answered.

      So my more-obscure questions are:
      ~Are those just normal hydrangeas from the garden, on the coffee table, or a certain kinda of plant I can look for (so cool!)? I love the colors.
      ~I’m curious about those pillar candles on the coffee table too. Is there a closer shot on the blog; did you do some kind of book-page treatment to them?
      ~Did you make the stuffed owl on the sofa? Or can we find it for purchase? So cute.
      ~Are the awesome banquettes/chests of drawers in your office and Laundry room just one-of-a-kind finds?
      ~And I’m just weirdly curious about what those pretty things in the glass jars on the shelf in your laundry room are.

      Thank you for being so sweet and willing to share it all, and then to offer to answer all our questions! Happy, Blessed Fall to you :)

      1. Fun questions!

        1. The hydrangeas are from our yard. They start out pinkish purple, go deeper and then fade to this greenish/brown/purple. So pretty!
        2. Pillar candles are just wrapped in book pages and attached with double stick tape. Beware … the paper could catch fire on the edges, but I have not had any trouble with it. Just gives regular white unscented candles a fancier look.
        3. The owl is from homegoods.
        4. the dressers throughout the house are just old dressers. Some I have painted, others wear their original chippy paint.
        5. In the laundry room glass jars are liquid gel detergent packs and dryer sheets.

        Thanks again for reading!

      1. The wallpaper is actually sheets of gift wrap {}. I attached it with wallpaper paste and it has held up perfectly!

      1. Thank you!

        Chevron rug is from Urban Outfitters
        Toy bins … not sure which ones, but we just use plastic drawers and bins from target and the red buckets are from home depot {i think}.
        Wall shelves holding books are in the picture frame section at IKEA.

    68. Love love everything!!! I’ve been in search of a dining room light for forever and I LoVe yours. Where did you find the light above your dining room table?

    69. You have done a wonderful job – so many ideas here! Can you tell me more about the door separating the entry from the dining room? It looks like it is on a rail, is it a pocket door or barn door style? Did you have that made to size or did you buy it like that? I am looking to do something similar between my family and living rooms and really like this…

    70. Hi again Emily,

      The blog is hiding all comments except the latest one (probably because you’re getting so many comments.) :) If you get a chance, could you please reply to me personally at and let me know where you got the backpack hooks?

      Thank you so much!
      Jenny :)

    71. Loved the tour. Can you give us any info on the lovely stairway art–it is so bright and inviting that I immediately thought I want it!

    72. I LOVE your house, but I knew that. What I really loved, was seeing it in all one place! My husband is going to wish I didn’t enjoy the tour so much ;) I’m laid up with a broken ankle (and 3 under 6!!) and his list just grew and grew.

    73. WOW! What a beautiful home, and so nice of you to answer all of our questions!! I love your taste! Have you ever seen a sectional sofa that you like? Need one, and can only find yucky.

      1. Sectional sofas are hard to find! We were looking for one in our upstairs bonus room {not photographed for this tour, but someday soon} and ended up not getting one. There are a few leather options with tufting that I liked, but they definitely go more modern.

    74. Your house always inspires me!!! I am wondering where you got the playroom curtains,and if you made them were the fabric is from?
      Thanks, Harmony

    75. I’ve followed your blog for at least a year now, thanks for the tour! I love so many little details… the owl pillow, your “grateful” chalkboard, brown transfer ware. Your couches are beautiful!

    76. Ahhh beautiful home! I went to Ikea looking for the new velvet curtains in your living room, but I couldn’t find those….help. Thank you for the inspiration for a newlywed.

    77. It’s all so lovely girl. I especially like the flower painting and the little amperstand. Oh and the “wash and dry’ in the laundry room. And the fire place. And the transferware. and the seahawks schedule. and the list goes on and on and on…

    78. Swoon! Your house is so beautiful (and I love that you say it doesn’t always look like that). :) Where did you get your dinning room light? The rectangular linen one? We are looking for one and haven’t found many that will produce enough light. Thanks!!

    79. I am in LOVE with your home!!! It’s gorgeous! Do you do all the “bombshell” fonts by hand on your chalkboards!? It looks great!!! I love how you have a ton of stuff and ideas but it all flows so well and doesn’t look cluttered!!! Truely inspiring!

    80. Hi emily love your home!!, so two years ago I did the stencil wall in white w a light dusty blue background, for my set of twins a boy and a girl. this room will soon be my two boys room. I love the wall but dont know how to decorate around it & not make it seem too girly for my 4yr and 2yr old sons. Any ideas or suggestions?? I need help lol

      Thanks a bunch

    81. Oh so pretty! You’ve done a wonderful job with your spaces. All your hard work shows through. I remember when you were trying to figure out what to do with your fireplace. Well, WOW! It looks fantastic! Great idea with the cedar shingles, mantel and mount. Love it. I would like to ask where you got your bed? Is it brass with a pewter finish. I am looking at one at Pottery Barn. Is that where you got yours? Maybe you know of a better deal somewhere. Anyway, that popped out at me since that is exactly what I am currently looking for. Thanks for the tour. Oh, and almost forgot – the biggest wow factor is the glass window/door between the dining room and entry way. Can you tell me where you found that and the hardware to hang it? It’s beautiful!

      1. Thanks for the compliments!

        Our bed is from Restoration Hardware outlet. My best friend has the one from Potterybarn and that is really pretty too.

        The window is salvaged from an old building and we installed it using a barn door track from the local feed shop.

    82. Absolutely Gorgeous! About a year ago I ran into your blog when I was looking for a wall stencil and found yours that you did in your office and that you offered the stencil download free! That was so awesome, after that I kept coming back. You saved me so much time and frustration, just wanted to say thank you for that :)
      Love your home, your home is a reflection of your personality and you must be so warm and friendly! Again, love it!

    83. Hi Emily! Your house is wow…just WOW! I just bought my first house {eeeck!! yay!!!} and am planning to do open shelving in my kitchen {love your kitchen!}. I was wondering what type of shelves and brackets you used?

    84. I adore your home! It gives me the motivation to clean, organize, and decorate for fall {even though we are stuck in Texas with 90* heat still}. Thank you for opening up your doors…and I just might bookmark this for those days I need the inspiration to clean :)

    85. Loved this! It looks absolutely cozy. I was wondering what brand of dishes/charger you have shown? I love the white charger with the patterned dish! beautiful!

    86. Beautiful! Can you please tell me where you purchased the backpack hooks that are in your mudroom? Thank you so much! It would be most helpful. :) Great job on your house!!

    87. I love your home!!! I currently do daycare and so pretty much all my house is overrun by daycare toys and things. I wish I could teleport you to my house so you could show me how to make my home pretty like yours!

    88. I love your home. How do you like the one dark wall in your master? Looks so pretty- but curious how you like it. I would love to be bold and do a dark master to contrast with our white bedding. But would it feel too dark?

    89. GLORIOUS! Thank you for opening your house to us! I hope to be able to incorporate some of your inspirational ideas into my new forever house soon. Gives me hope for that day. Thank you.

    90. Love your house! A few questions though-where is your dining room table from? And the red small chairs in the playroom? And one more :) the print hanging above the master bed? Thanks for inviting everyone in!

      1. Thanks for the love!
        The dining room table is from Restoration Hardware about 7 years ago. Red chairs are Land of Nod, print in our room is from Vol. 25 {}

    91. First off – beautiful home. I love how soothing your color palette is.

      Can you tell me about the painting above the chest of drawers in your stairway? It’s gorgeous.

    92. I love the acorn on your living room side table! Being from NC that would be the perfect accessory for any home. Can you tell me where you purchased it?

    93. Eye candy!! I always love seeing your home… all that beautiful, tarnished silver and neutrals everywhere. It draws me in! Each time I see new pictures of your home I want neutral-up every room in my home. :) Not sure I can go that route, but I sure do LOVE seeing how you’ve done it so well!
      Also- did you paint that mason jar w/ flowers painting under the stairs? It’s gorgeous!!

    94. Your home is beautiful! …and I’m glad I’m not the only one who shoves things in random closests (or any open but yet hidden space) when I need our house to look all put together :)

    95. *Sigh…..I love your home tours! It’s so warm and inviting! I take so much inspiration from things that you do – I just think you’re fabulous! Thank you for the early morning pick-me-up today!

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