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additions and progress in Audrey’s room

    Audrey’s new bedroom was put on hold for the past month or so to finish up other projects, but now I’m back at it and excited to get things put together.  To keep you in the loop, this is the direction I’m going.  The walls were painted with Sherwin Williams Pure White (nice, maybe a little on the chilly side, but it works), the striped rug is from Crate & Barrel and her bed was a craig’s list find painted Sherwin Williams Rushing River.


    I ordered this metal cart from World Market when it was on sale and it works perfectly as a night stand.


    The dotted metal is fun and different and the three shelves hold lots of favorite books.

    Ryan installed her chandelier yesterday. It’s an old fixture from an estate sale that my mom gave me for Audrey’s nursery. I originally sprayed it black and gave it a new coat of glossy white for this room.


    Another addition is this sleek tufted ottoman.


    I spotted it at target a few weeks ago, and then again last week but this time on clearance (love that). Audrey uses it as a stage for her fabulous shows she puts on for her babies. Multipurpose furniture is the best.


    Yesterday I put these paper medallions on the ceiling above the bed.


    They are stuck up there with a dab of hot glue, which I don’t really recommend because I’m pretty sure it will peel off the ceiling paint when they are taken down. But they are cute and it holds them up, so we’ll deal with the consequences later.


    Still to come: bedding (on it’s way), art (being collected) and a wall of built-ins (still need to figure those out). It’s slow going, but coming together!

    27 thoughts on “additions and progress in Audrey’s room”

    1. Thanks for sharing!! That bench is exactly what I have been looking for for seating at my desk- after reading your post I checked my Target and sure enough- they had one left! Good find!

    2. I’ve been eyeing those carts when I’m at World Market, but never would have thought of using one as a nightstand. So stinkin’ cute!

    3. I love her room! I am wanting to do my girls’ room grey. I love love love the grey bed against the white wall! So pretty!

    4. Love the use of a fitted sheet over the box spring! Brilliant!! I’ll have to remember that as I work on my baby boy’s “big boy” room. Looks beautiful!! Can’t wait to see more :)

    5. Is that scrapbook paper the pleated medallions are made from?

      I can picture this idea working in many different styles of paper, even for an older child.

      Love the site & the blog! Thanks!

    6. Love all the sweet touches and the paper medallions !
      If you dip a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol it should dissolve the glue without problems when you want to take the paper medallions down. It works great.

    7. I used to do rooms like this for my girls. We are a military family so we moved a lot and each house for some reason was a newly decorated room. We’ll this last time we moved my husband told me to let them pick out their rooms. I’m a pottery barn girl my kids are skateboards and zebra print. Needless to say 4 years later they hate their rooms and want me to decorate them. The hubby and the kids are the ones ripping wallpaper and painting. I hate to say I told ya so…I told ya so :D room is beautiful and very easy to transition into tween and teen years.

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