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audrey’s new room {design board}

    Our sweet girl is getting a room update. Her nursery was pretty with it’s gold floral wallpaper, fancy taffeta curtains and shades of calming blue. For the past four years it’s been one of my favorite rooms and I’m a little sad to say goodbye to the space.

    But our baby is no longer a baby and we’re doing a room switch-up which means she’ll be moving next door to the former guest room. The walls are freshly painted in Sherwin Williams Pure White {the stripes have disappeared!} and now the fun part can begin: decorating.

    Many shades of blues – peacock, teal, porcelain – will continue in her new room and we’ll be keeping her bed, dresser, night stand and bedding. The new room will be similar to her baby room, but a more grown-up, little girl version. She is a happy nearly-four-year-old and her room should be a reflection of her fun-loving personality.

    Here’s my design board so far:


    I’ll bring in my big black & white striped rug for the floor, the ceiling will be metallic gold, pleated medallions and fun art will add texture and color.

    One of the things we really need is storage for books and toys. The plan is to put built-ins on the back wall with a window seat for reading and tons of cozy pillows {something like this, this or this}.

    I think she’ll love it.

    I’ll keep you posted on the progress …

    40 thoughts on “audrey’s new room {design board}”

    1. I love the inspiration board. I am current redoing my office and wanting to make grown up with a bit of whimsy as well. I’m totally in the love with the wall mounted lamp:)

    2. Lucky Audrey – this looks amazing. As always, I love how you carry us along for the whole process – can’t wait to see this one finished. Cheers – CT

    3. Hi Emily!
      These inspiration boards are adorable!
      I’m actually wanting to do a few changes in my girl’s room….been pinning black and white things and GOLD. :)

      I emailed you a couple of weeks ago about potentially getting a sign from us for your home…you could customize anything you’d like..we’ve got a beautiful scripty font we just bought! I wonder if this is something that you might be interested in for her new room? Let me know!

    4. Please tell me the gold floral wallpaper in Audrey’s old room is at least staying, even if she is moving?! I love that wallpaper. I also love the idea of a gold ceiling! Oh my, fabulous…go for it. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

      1. I love that wallpaper too. Her old room will now be a playroom and I don’t think the floral will work quite as well :( I may paper over it, but I’ll leave it for the short term until I fully decide.

      1. I’m still debating about the gold ceiling … it may end up white and I’ll do the chandelier gold instead. But if I do paint the ceiling, I’ll use Martha Stewart metallic paint from home depot.

        1. I used the Martha Steward metallic gold paint when I painted the ceiling of our powder room. It is such an amazing statement and we love it. It goes on thin, so it takes a couple coats, but the effect is pretty awesome.

    5. Such a fun project, but I must say, Audrey’s nursery was not really ‘babyish’ and had longevity. Switching out some accessories are probably all it truly needed, but I understand that you are wanting a change and I look forward to seeing what develops – love the design board!

      1. I do agree – it was not too babyish and I was ready to just switch out artwork and give more storage in there, but then we had this crazy idea to move a few rooms around. Since her nursery is odd shaped and larger than other rooms, it will now become a playroom and she’ll move next door.

    6. That is going to be a beautiful room. I especially love all of the shades of blue. I’m so excited to see it come together. I’m still working on my baby girl’s room. I’m trying to make it sweet by not too cheesy. It’s proving to be trickier than I thought it would be!

    7. I LOVE the metal cart pictured on your design board, as well as all the other idea pics. The cart looks exactly like what I’m looking for to use with my craft storage/closet. Can you tell me where I can find one? Thanks!

    8. Oh, I love your ideas! I’m in the middle of a room redo for my 5 & 10 year old girls with lots of black and white stripes and dots. I’ve been trying to decide on ways to bring in color. I may have to follow your lead with some of these wall art ideas. :)

      Can’t wait to see the finished product!!

    9. I love that you’re open to doing blue for a girl’s room. I’ve never been a fan of pink myself, and everyone who has a little girl seems to go overboard with the pink (I’m looking at my fiancee as I write this because he’s totally guilty). I love seeing other colors for little girls — blues, teals, yellows and greens. Looking forward to the end result. :)

      1. I know. She likes pink and purple of course {what 4 year old girl doesn’t!} but she’s not very particular about clothes or her room yet so I’m going with it!

    10. Seriously? Are you c h a n g i n g her room? Can I move in then? I understand your enthusiasm, but I am sad that her room will be crazy, right? You will at least leave the photos up forever, I hope… Her nursery and your kitchen are among my favorite rooms of all blogland.

    11. Live it! Where did you find the roller cart and wall lamp? Looking for those same items for Bany ( who’s 17) just did a room remodel with a Modern Industrial Vintage feel.

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