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choosing bedding for Audrey’s new room

    Audrey’s room redo is slow going. Partially because we’ve been busy with things like skiing and Seahawk football watching, and partially because I am indecisive.


    The design board was the first step to help give the room direction, which is always helpful.

    We started the room redo by painted the walls with Sherwin Williams Pure White in a fancy formula that covered the previous striped walls perfectly.  I stole the striped rug from our dining room and moved in her bed and dresser and this is where the room remains.


    The back wall will eventually be a built-in bookshelf/window seat combination. I want to fill the walls with pretty art, the ceiling will be getting some sort of treatment (paint? wallpaper? decals?), I’d love a new chandelier and then we just need to decide on a duvet cover.

    We have sheets that we’ll continue to use (these, from target) and a porcelain blue blanket. We’re a family of down-comforter-in-duvet sleepers, so we just need a new cover for Audrey’s bed.

    There are some very cute kid options from stores like potterybarn kids, land of nod and serena & lily, but none felt quite right for her room. So I search more ‘grown up’ sites like potterybarn, potterybarn teen and west elm and found a handful that are all great choices and now I can’t decide. Will you help me?!

    OPTION ONE // gold dot/stripe from pb teen


    This is so cute and fun with stripes on one side and dots on the other from the Emily + Meritt line.

    OPTION TWO // grand embroidered in porcelain from potterybarn


    This one is classic and crisp and the pretty blue is perfect for her room. It’s currently on sale so I need to decide soon!

    OPTION THREE // pop dot in black by pb teen


    Another crisp and classic design. I like the little dots.

    OPTION FOUR // linen with slate trim by west elmwhite-linen-west-elm

    This set was in my cart last week and I just couldn’t commit and now it is no longer on sale. Boo.

    So, please cast your vote … which bedding do you like best?

    // UPDATE // Number 1 was the big winner in the votes – I ordered it today :)

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    1. Option 3 is the most fun for a kid. I am personally not a fan of lots of white because it gets dirty at the drop of a hat. Whatever you choose I know the room is going to be fantastic and Audrey will love it!

    2. #1 is definitely my fave. My daughters is mainly white and it is obnoxious how quickly it gets dirty. She reads on it, she and her friends hang out on it. So I wouldnt do light or white again. The gold is awesome and will def. Grow with her.

    3. I looove #1!!! You can do so much with it too! I would go great with blue, black, red, pink, etc. and the style is timeless so it will grow with her. Can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

    4. I absolutely love your blog! Your design boards are beyond! We just bought a new house and I really think these would help me so much! Could you please tell me how you create them on line?

      1. I create my design boards using a combination of adobe illustrator and photoshop. The process is not necessarily difficult, but also requires a little bit of know-how in both of the programs. Something is coming soon …


      I’ve been doing a remodel for my 6 yr old daughter’s room, as well, and have been searching for the right duvet cover. I love option #1 and almost purchased it myself a few weeks ago, but then saw the linen lux duvet from PB Teen and loved it! Not that you need more choices, but the linen with the ruffle is just beautiful and can go with so many designs. I can see this with the polka dot sheets :) Good Luck, I’m sure you’re daughter will love any of the choices!

    6. I love #1- very cute! One thing I have found with PB duvet covers is that they are not the standard size for the down comforters. Their comforters are sized a bit differently than the standard and so are the duvets- just something to look at before purchasing. I’ve never bought one from there because of it, so it may work out- I don’t have personal experience with it.

    7. I love the gold stripes! I think that set is girly, classy and fun! I think she will love it!
      I am so sorry and I don’t want to sound mean, but please get rid of that rug. It is terrible. Please get a new one or do without. The room has so much going for it I can’t see putting that rug in there (or anywhere).


    8. You can’t think ahead to when she’s a teen. That’s about the time you’ll probably see SHE has developed her own style white will get dirty in a hurry.n I don’t see “child” in any room. You only have one chance to decorate your baby’s room. It must be durable. I love the focus on woodland creatures. All 3 rooms are lovely, but you need a kid-friendly room that Audry wants to play in,, make a mess and be a kid. Mother of 4 – 2 girls 2 boys. All grown up.

    9. I LOVE the gold polka dots! Seems they would be right for Audrey for years. They’re playful, happy, and pretty. I’m sure whatever you do decide on will be, as always, just right and very lovely.

    10. Hi Emily,
      I’m sure you will choose what works well for your sweet girl (& you). I just wanted you to know that I have two girls & both of their beds have a white coverlet from PB. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t buy white until they were older (tweens+). I bought the coverlets around ages 3 & 5 and while they have held up nicely (no holes,etc), the coverlets are dirty! — no matter how often I spot treat, bleach & wash them! ERRR. Just wanted you to consider how Audrey uses her room and what activities she does in her room and on or near her bed. Crafts, nails, reading, writing, drawing, etc. ❤ Thanks for always providing me with inspiration for my home. Can’t wait to see Audrey’s new room.

    11. #3. I like that you have the crisp clean look and can pair it with multiple colors in sheets and accent pillows; #1 would be my 2nd choice

    12. Oh, and I have two white slip covered couches that always wash perfectly clean. The same white Ikea curtains you have throughout. And two white duvets with my kids. Just so people know, they do wash out and I feel like I can visually see the dirt and know when to wash them instead of a darker cotton where I would not ever see the “gross”

      I have had very good experiences with white. And I have three kids and a dog.

    13. I know she is younger but I like the pop art with black. It gives a “girlie” look yet not so much, if you kept it for a while it gives her a more classic rm. Please keep us updated. Thank you

    14. I say let Audrey pick!!! Its her room after all……

      And I agree with a few commentors that white seems like a BRAVE move for kids bedding. I know it will look amazing but we had a cream duvet cover for our guest bed which lasted approximately one month before the dog accidentally (naughtily) got up on the bed with dirty paws and one kiddo threw up in there since we were using it as “sick bay”. Love white, but so not practical for this stage of life ;)

    15. I love the WE linen one. I’m such a linen fan. The texture and organic look is like nothing else. I have seen all of these as I’ve looked lately for my own new duvet. I haven’t seen the gold yet but I do love it. I think the solid ones seem to be more your current style. And, they also will be the easiest to transition or change up pillows and decor with…or switch to a guest room if needed. Just my ideas. Love your home and style! Good luck picking. I have no doubt you will make it fabulous!

    16. I really like the gold polka dots! They all look great, but I would personally hesitate to let any of my kids’ grubby feet near a white duvet cover!

    17. She’s still do young, I would keep it youthful and go with gold dot and stripe. Others are nice and classic but have no youthful feel to them. :)

    18. I have to vote option 1. I just chose this one for my four and five year olds room- I loved the gold with the jade. I felt it was very big girl and still whimsical.

    19. #1, the others, while pretty, seem a little too grown up. What I mean is that they are pretty and something I would choose for myself when I have a significant other who would not go for the playful, somewhat girlish dots and stripes. I love kids rooms because you can add that extra layer of fun that you might grow out of as an adult. Cute room and inspiration board!

    20. Option 3, considering the sheets you will continue to use, and the bold stripe on the floor. Then go for color and fun in the artwork and other accents. Use those to pull out other colors from the sheets, etc.

    21. I like #1, but they all feel so sophisticated for a little gal. how about finding a printed sheet that you love and sewing up a custom duvet cover?

    22. I love #1 as well!! It’s so adorable! The others are all timeless and beautiful, too… I think #3 would be my next pick! But if, after all the comments, you still like one of the others best – I say, go for it!! :)

    23. I like option 1 best. I also think it’s cute she can keep it on stripes for a month showing only a peek of the dots, and then switch every month, or when you or she gets bored which is nice. I also don’t think you need the dust ruffle. It looks a little busy too me. I’d do no dust ruffle, or a white one. Good luck!

    24. Definitely option #1….classy, yet girly. And not completely white! As a mommy of two little girls, the plain white ones scare me just a little!

    25. Love option 1— you can overlay themes as she grows… Floral, or add an accent color. It gives you infinite choices down the road. And just by itself it is classic and whimsical at the same time!

    26. Whatever you pick will be beautiful. I think you are very brave going white though. When I pick out bedding the first thing I weigh on my mind is how well the “waking up sick in the middle of the night” stain will wash out. ha! However, it usually happens on the carpet right beside my bed. Gross.
      I think I like #3 the best and can’t wait to see the room put together.

    27. I personally like Option 3 the best, but it seems Option 1 is the most popular. Both would look fantastic though. Can’t wait to see what you choose ;)

    28. I’m more of a blue person than a gold person, yet I’m drawn to the Gold Dot bedding. I think it’s b/c it has mor pattern and seems more fun. Too bad they don’t have it in the blues you want!

    29. I think option 1, the gold one! It seems the most kid like to me and will look really cute with the stripes on the carpet as well.

    30. Love number 1! polka dots & stripes are always perfect! We painted my newest granddaughter Bennett’s jenny lynn crib gold, chalkboarded one wall and its perfect! the gold is a wonderful pop of color with black & white.

    31. I think the gold dots & stripes fit your design board beautifully. While the others are beautifully elegant, they don’t have the whimsy you describe. Whatever you decide will be amazing for Audrey because it has ‘the love’ in it!

    32. Definitely the gold stripes and dots. All are great options, but this one is grown up but at the same time fun and beautiful. Bonus: it has the stripes you love so much.

    33. I’ve got to go with the gold polka dots, I think they’re more fun than the other options. Although it could be fun to do a hot pink monogram on the white pottery barn shams in option 2.

    34. Definitely the Gold dots! I just received this last week from PB Teen, and it is so cute in person, very cheerful and girly. I’m redoing my little girls room with the gold and blush pink, so fun!

    35. I’m not usually a gold person either but for her room design and for a little, whimsical, and something she can grow up with…

    36. I love the choices you picked. I think option 2 would be my favorite, unless you think it might look a little too old for her. I think the border stripes would be a perfect compliment to the bold rug stripes without making the room too stripey (the main reason I wouldn’t pick #1), and the pillowcases would be beautiful monogrammed.
      I have a white duvet cover for our 4 and 2 year old girls, and wanted to comment on keeping it clean. They are actually fine on it for now. They really don’t play in bed except after bath time/before bedtime, so it doesn’t get dirty from them. My husband is not the greatest at remembering to take his shoes off when he gets in their bed to read to them at night, so HE is usually the one getting it dirty. If you are like us and if that’s something you can remember to do, you’ll be fine. At least for a while. ;) I can’t speak about what happens after 4.

    37. Option #1 for sure! You have the option to do dots one week and stripes the next plus it coordinates with everything on your board and is girly yet classy!

    38. The gold dot seems perfectly girly but not too grown up, still fun and whimsical. Personally I don’t care for the stipe skirt with it – I would pick something a bit more contrasting. But either way it would be lovely in her new room!

    39. I love the gold dots! I just redid my daughters’ room, and now I’m wishing I had seen this first. I would have gone in a whole different direction.

    40. I just love that gold dot/stripe! I wish I had a bedroom in my house where that would work! However, I am currently searching for a train or nautical themed comforter for my 3 year old son… Baby girl is still in the crib (decorated in his old nautical themed bedding).

    41. Gold dots! While I love the others, they are so grown up. I think the dots are the perfect balance between tasteful and little big girl-happy. :)

      In fact! Those gold dot sheets might just be what I’m looking for for my daughter’s big girl room which is also in the works. {Thank you!}

    42. Well, since she is still young and (if she is anything like my three girls) prone to get into messes, I would say the gold dot/stripe. It will be much better at camouflaging a little dirt than the ones with large areas of solid color. BUT they are all so classy and gorgeous.

    43. gold dots! All choices are great picks…. but she is still little. My daughter moved to a white ruffly duvet at age 6 and it was still too soon for white. It gets dirty far too easily and would have worn slightly better if it had a cute gold dot or two to camouflage any bits of dirt!

    44. I am by far the girliest girl but something about those gold dots just screams fun. Gold is timeless but I have to say the west elm option is the best for a growing girl.

    45. I love the gold and white dot duvet! I wish they had it in silver and white so it would go in my bedroom. It seems like a good transition duvet.

    46. Definitely the gold dot. If your house is like mine, we sometimes relax on top of our beds and the white and plain choices would show any dirt and wrinkles & you would doing lots of washing and ironing. Let your daughter enjoy it without the worries of having to be so careful! Love what you’re doing with her room!

    47. Polka dots and stripes! They will last her into her tween years (and maybe longer). Plus, they are clean enough to not clash with the other design elements in her room (unlike the neon paisley sheets).

    48. Gold dots/stripes. It’s cute, will show dirt less, give you the option of changing the room by flipping it over, and seems to fit your design board the best.

      We are a down comforter family also and we have a white one in the master. I love it, but it does start to look dingy pretty quickly.

      Good luck!

    49. #1 gold!
      think the others would be too neutral/white cause of the wonderful-shiny-white (hope that word makes sense) wall …

      greetings from germany <3

    50. Not to pile on, but absolutely the gold and white! It’s the perfect amount of whimsy, but will grow with her. Besides, brass and gold tones are back : )

    51. I love option one, the others are just a little too sophisticated and adult. The gold dots keep the feeling of the room young but not kiddish.

    52. Definitely the gold! The others are just a bit too “classic” for a little girl’s room. She has plenty of time for that when she’s older. Her room should be fun!

    53. I say option 3. It is timeless and can be classic or made spunky. I think you will tire of the gold stripes. If it were only dots, I’d say that option, but the stripes look too circusy. I like the dots and then maybe a gold heart decal from Urban Walls:).

    54. For me it’s got to be the gold dots and stripes, it looks ‘warmer’ and the other options, whilst very attractive and elegant, do seem a little more grown-up. I especially like the ties, I’m really taken with ties on cushions and pillows at the moment.

    55. Definitely the gold polka dot & stripe {just darling} and so fun! Will accent the black & white stripes and blues perfectly…the others have more of a “grown up” look and not so girly

    56. On first glance I would say the gold duvet. But now I have a question for you… what color sheets & pillow cases are you using? The link simply showed the page with options to chose from. However the hippy girl in me is also in LOVE with the dot pop duvet… very cute! (and yes I was one of those girls who spent a TON of time on my bed too… reading, writing, drawing, playing with my barbies, making furniture with glue/tape/scissors.. and yes my mother cringed when she discovered that bit of information and moved me to the dining room table, haha!)

      Good luck!

    57. Whichever one has less white in it; my kids would ruin a mostly white cover in record time! With all the living done on top of a bed, especially a child, that just makes sense to me. I do like the gold dots and stripes, super cute but not too much.

    58. The gold stripes and dots, for sure. While I think all the others are pretty (and the black dot version, is my second favorite), the gold choice seems to have the most life to it. A bit of fun and sparkle in a girl’s bedroom seems perfect to me!

    59. The gold dots & stripes. The other choices are pretty, but the gold duvet looks more like something a little girl would like. It looks a bit princess-y.

    60. Just bought my 4 year old the Emily and Merrit sheets for her daybed. Love them and she thinks it feels like “queen’s room”. So far, we have a simple solid blanket and great grandma’s pink floral pillow cases. I’m hoping to find a few metallic throw pillows soon.

      Love the concept!!

    61. I’d pick the pop dot duvet. I have the Morgan ones with black trim for my girls shared room (6 & 12 yrs) and love them. We paired them with black and white polka dot sheets…you could pair the duvet with the gold polka dot sheets?? Good luck deciding. I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them! ;)

    62. Either the gold stripe/polka dot or the black pop dot–they still feel young and fun, but can go a little more sophisticated as she gets older! :-)

    63. I love the gold dots! My second choice would be the black pop dots. Those two seem the most fun/kid-friendly, yet they are still chic enough to grow with her.

    64. The pop dot in black from PB teen. It is so versatile and can be switched up with tons of different colors and textures and changed as she grows or even in different rooms if she wants a change. You can even switch it up with the seasons! Definitely a keeper!

    65. Never in a million years would I say this room needs a gold and white bed set but that set is adorable! It is fun and seems more grown up but appropriate for a girl.

    66. Yep, I’d vote for the gold dot/stripe from pb teen as well. I remember how much sitting on my bed that I did as a child/young girl and the plain white ones would definitely show the dirt a lot quicker in my book.
      We’re currently redoing our kids bedroom too so I’m loving following along with your process and getting ideas. We have a girl (5) and boy (3) sharing a room so keeping it gender neutral but not blah has been a challenge. I am going with a yellow, teal and grey color scheme and am currently working on a paint color to go with these duvet covers I found from Target: I’m leaning towards a bold yellow but not sure if it will be too much yellow?? Oh and we have a little one coming in July that will also be in the room at some point so trying to make sure the crib bedding (that we already have) works with everything too! Want to trade challenges? :-)

    67. I like the black dots but agree that you may regret the white duvet in the not so distant future. On another note, I think mounting paper umbrellas in different sizes and colors (a la what you have featured in your design board) to the ceiling in some sort of organic shape over the bed would be whimsical, dramatic and low commitment (if you could make it work with double sided tape and 3M hooks). Good luck with the project!

    68. Option 3: The classic black & white with a touch of whimsy in the form of dots. I think this goes the best with all the other things you have chosen for her room and will take her right into adulthood, to college/university with classic style & function both.

    69. Maybe if you do polkadots in curtains and decorative pillows that would be my first choice with option 2 (or what about a grey duvet cover?), but if you didn’t then i’d pick number one. But that’s just a little thought, do what makes you happy of course!

    70. Gotta go along with the girls – gold dots and stripes. The paisley is too busy and the others are just a little too sedate. The gold seems like it goes with the rest of your life, too.

    71. Gold dots! I’ve tried a plain white duvet in my daughters room before and hated it! It just wasn’t fun enough for a little girl. Loving the inspiration board. I really want that light from Ikea, too. I just can’t decide which room will get it! I can’t wait to see more progress.

    72. My vote would be the gold. I asked my girls what they thought. My 5 yr old voted for the black dots and my 3 yr old voted gold with me. They are all great choices!

    73. Option 1 is beautiful! I think it goes best with the ideas in your design board as well. You already had gold polkadots planned, for somewhere right? If you go with another my pick would be 2 but then you would have to please consider making polka dot curtains out of a flat sheet from set 1! It’s just too cute not to use somewhere in the room!

    74. Where do you buy your down inserts? I have a couple, but they continually shift around inside the duvet and it drives us crazy!! I have yet to find any that have the strings attached to tie to the duvet, but both my duvets have the strings?! I tried to add my own to our current insert and that lasted about a month before they came loose and it’s a big old mess again. Just wondered if you had a great brand that you like or any tips for keeping them in place!

      Oh and I love the gold dots and stripes! So wonderful!

    75. It’s funny reading the comments because option 1 is winning in that regards, but I lean away from trendy, which it is, and, thinking about the rug already in there, option 3 is actually my favorite. :) I think the black dot alongside the striped rug will be understated fun, something you can change the feel w by the sheets, artwork, accessories as y’all’s hearts desire. So yes ma’am I choose option 3 💕

    76. I vote for the Emily & Meritt gold duvet. So fun and whimsical and will look so good with that rug. And maybe it’s just me but a white duvet in one of my girls’ rooms would be in the wash all the time.

    77. Another vote for #1. The others are nice, but the dots and stripes are much more fun and suited to a little girl while still being stylish.

    78. Option 1! Darling! As a lover of white duvets, I’ve had them since I was little. I wish I had had a bit more fun when I was younger.

    79. Option 1!! Great for a little girl and PBTeen bedding, which I just purchased for my daughter, is very high quality and comfortable.

    80. I LOVE the first one! It think its perfect for a little girl, it will grow with her. Classy and adorable.
      I think the other ones are to serious and plain! Also beautiful but not for a little one! Thanks for sharing!

    81. I say option #2, classic white with blue. I think option #1 is very cute but would it be too much along with the other fun colorful items? With the white the bedding could still be used and would coordinate with a ton of other options when you update the room later.

    82. I like the last one… Maybe because it seems that it will allow for more options now and down the road… The 1st one is a adorable too…

    83. I love the polka dot/stripes! I am a big fan of Pottery Barn’s duvet selection and their long lasting quality (I dry clean them quarterly) – I have several sets, for varying seasons. A friend of mine uses her duvets without a down comforter on the inside so it lays flat and smooth – usually in the summer, but also if she wants to layer different patterns. She found a duvet (not PB, maybe a Ralph Lauren) in a small rose/robins egg blue on ebay – no matching shams. But she uses it without a filler on top of a solid quilt, which is on top of the sheets and blankets. the she match/mixes shams and bed skirts picking up colors. (her main theme is roses in this room).

    84. I adore the gold bedding from pt teen! “Go Hawks” I had to throw that in because I’m a Seattle girl and a season ticket holder :-)

    85. Option 1 looks perfect for her present age:). Such a happy collection:). You can replace with any of the others many years from now when she is no longer a little girl. Think I am late with my vote. Hands down from earlier posts #1 wins:) xo

    86. The gold dot one is super fun, but the last one from west elm seems to have the most “staying power”…tough decision!

      I read the comment above about wondering if you have or could do a post on how to create a design board and I just want to second that idea! I LOVE your design board and would be so interested to know how you created it, with any pointers for us who don’t have any skills in that area. Its a big request, I know…just something perhaps to consider for future posts. :)

      Thanks for your blog!!

    87. Option 1! You can’t go wrong with PB Teen or PB Kids. The duvets hold up so well, through mutliple washes if you kids have the sickies. And they don’t fade either. I have a duvet from each PB store. Love them.

    88. Option 1! The gold dots/stripes could grown with her. Plus I think it’s a good mix of sophisticated, whimsical and fun! And have you checked out the fun gold, unicorn mount from that collection?! I just saw it in a room with a big gold, glittery monogram, a fun combo :)

    89. Option #1 for sure! Love the gold…and you really get two for one with the reversible dot and stripe options (every little girl needs the option to change her mind, right?)

    90. They are all lovely! I think the pop dot gives the same sophistication of the grand embroidered one but with a little whimsy for a younger girl.

    91. I think option one is the perfect choice. Taylor of glitterguide has that set and I always swoon over her pictures on Instagram that have the bedding as a backdrop. So even grown ups have that bedding! Check her out on Instagram @taylorsterling to be won over :)

    92. >>>——> I LOVE the gold dot sheets with the linen duvet! <——-<<

      I think the gold dot/stripe duvet is adorable, but almost too much in the room. I think with all the other details you're bringing in with pops of color, the linen duvet with the gold dot sheeting underneath would be adorable! With some sort of quilt/blanket at the end of the bed or something (ikea has an adorable Hermine throw right now with just a few colors:

      Can't wait to see what you pick! You've always inspired me :)

      ~ Katy

    93. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now, I actually look at PB Teen frequently for my girls and when I saw the gold dots by emily and merrit I immediately thought it looked like something you would have in your home. HOWEVER, I have 9 year old and 6 1/2 year old girls and I have learned the best way to make a decision on THEIR room is to ASK THEM. Usually giving them several options that you also like will make sure everyone’s happy. It helps them feel important and like they are contributing which is very important in their own space and it will get her excited about her room. Otherwise you will find in a few short years, if she hasn’t already, that she will have OPINIONS (yikes!) on what she does and doesn’t like and you might have to re-do it according to her tastes, (I learned the hard way!) Good luck, and seriously, just ask Audrey. She’ll tell you :)

    94. Option 1 – love the dots and stripes. Perfect for her now and as she grows up. The others are beautiful but a little too grown up. Love the design board!

    95. Love, love, love option 1!! And, I, like Pam would like to know how to create a design board! Can’t wait to see more progress!

    96. There is no contest— option 1 ! The gold striped and dots are feminine yet whimsical for a little girl but also timeless. I would love to have them in my own bedroom if my husband would let me :)

    97. Definitely gold dot/stripes. Perfect for a little girl, but also will transition as she grows. I think you’ll appreciate having a pattern as unavoidable small stains start to appear. Solid white would make me nervous, and you don’t want her to have to be too careful in her room, you want her to enjoy it. Looks like you are making a lovely space for your sweetie!

    98. I’ve been eyeing option #1 for a little while now, desperately trying to figure out how I could incorporate it into a house of boys. Maybe you could just use it for me instead. :)

    99. Oh man, definitely #1. Those polka dots + stripes are just too fun/cute. I agree with some of the other commenters that the others feel a bit sterile (minus maybe the one with the black polka dots) for a little girl room.

    100. I have to agree…option 1. Although I like all of them, as the mother of only boys, I automatically think about how difficult it might be to keep the solid white ones clean.

    101. I love option #1 best!!! If you want girly and whimsy, then I think that’s the way to go :). Those tiny gold dots are too adorable–they will add a layer to the room that the other bedding styles would not. Can’t wait to see the room finished!

    102. I love option three… it’s not too grown up or fussy. Girlie on the inside and grown up and chic on the outside, just as all little girls should be.

      I feel all the others are a bit too old and you want her to stay a little bit girlie and young right?

      How exciting!

      I love a good revamp and change around.

      Can’t wait to see then end result because I know it’s going to be amazing and gorgeous.

      Have fun :)

    103. Go with option one sheets and choose the black pop dot/white bedding , option 3. The gold polka dots sheets will add the ‘fun” glam girly-ness and option three duvet will give the room that sophisticated “big girl” feel. Add a little glam to the pillows and you get the best of both worlds, something she can grow into. Hope this helps!

    104. I think I like option 1 too. It’s nice to have the option to reverse it. Where do you usually get your down comforters from? I don’t like the one I bought for our bed (I think it’s down alternative).

    105. I also like option #1. It’s got that whole whimsy thing going on. I have a question… Have you ever done a post on how to actually make a design board? I see them on blogs all the time and think it would be an awesome way for me to get some clearer direction about how I want to go about my rooms, but I have NO idea on how to do that. :-)

    106. Love option one, but worry about how the gold translates in real life. Sometimes it can look mustard brownish instead of metallic gold and not sure how it would wash. If you could see it in real life, then I’d go for it.

      Option 3 – pop dot black is my other fave. In the long run, it will stand the test of time and let you change her room just by changing accessories. (same as option 4, can’t go wrong with white linen – that will last her forever).

      can’t wait to see what you do as I’m a big fan of your style in design!

    107. I have the entire West Elm linen with slate collection on our bed…it’s gorgeous and washes well, it’s crisp and clean looking and I am in love with it! There is my vote!

    108. I love option #1…fun and whimsical and doesn’t read as too grown up! We have number two and it definitely feels “hotelish” which doesn’t seem quite right for a little one:)

    109. i think the gold dot/striped is perfect! it adds that little bit of gold from your mood board, and it’s sophisticated without being too grown up. can’t wait to see what you choose! xoxo

    110. Option #!! We just did gold polka dot sheets in my daughter’s room and gold dot decals on the ceiling..she loves it (and I do too!)

    111. option 1! I think that it the best one because it is fun, girly, and it the best for a younger girl. The dots and stripes are so cute!

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