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displaying books in the playroom

    One year in college my best friend {and roommate} made fun of me because I brought with me a few of my favorite children’s picture books.  Not only did I travel with them from Seattle to LA, but I proudly displayed them on our coffee table.  And I’m not talking about sentimental books that I had as a child. Oh, no. These were ones I had purchased myself, probably that summer, just because I loved them so.  I don’t know … there has always just been something charming and wonderful about illustrated children’s stories. I remain unashamed.

    Now, a few years later, I have an appropriate excuse to collect children’s books and believe me, our house is full of them. So rather than tuck them away spine-side-out on a bookshelf, we proudly display them on the wall.

    We just moved pretty much every room in the house around, so what you’re seeing here is a sneak peek of the new playroom {recognize those stripes? This used to be the boy’s bunk room}. I’ll share the rest of the room soon, but wanted to show you a super simple way to display books.  Perhaps you’ve seen this elsewhere – this is not necessarily a new idea, but it’s a good one.

    These picture ledges are from IKEA and are made to display art, but they work just as well holding books. They are narrow and just right for layering – you can really pack a bunch onto each shelf.

    One of the best things about it is that kids can see the covers when choosing a bedtime story and they can easily put them back. Big bonus.

    Favorite picture books hang out on the shelves, while paperbacks, bibles & devotionals, star wars books and Dr. Seuss go in baskets below. Surprisingly, they actually do stay categorized like that.

    Functionality is great, but my favorite part is seeing all of those darling illustrations.

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    1. Hi, I have had the image of those book ledges pinned for over a year and I finally was able to make some. I’ve been in the process of making over my son’s playroom. Thanks for the inspiration! They are already encouraging more reading, now that he can easily see the books rather than them being jumbled up on the shelf.

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    3. I just added these to my Ikea shopping list. =)

      I couldn’t help scanning your shelves. I LOVE Alphabeasties. You have a fantastic collection. I consider myself insanely blessed – I get to illustrate children’s books for a living! I’m still amazed by it. =)

    4. Love the illustrated books also. Our three remember childhood in different degrees. We have one who hardly remembers being read to but I remain vindicated because she fortunately has a twin sister who tells her they were read to constantly . It became somewhat of a joke so throughout her teenage years I would pick out a special children’s illustrated book for her, write her a note about her year and give it to her. She moves these books everywhere and gets out The Velveteen Rabbit or some other childhood classic when she wants a warm fuzzy. They seem to be like old friends. Still do it now occasionally and she loves additions to her collections and proudly displays as a new married girl.
      When her twin sister went to Vet school the first Christmas I was at a loss as to some things to warm up her nest. At Christmas I bought an oval basket and searched for great children books on being a veterinarian ( or animal stories of note about going to the doctor) and placed them in the basket. She keeps them in her guest bathroom and are quite the conversation piece when friends come over. She admits to reading them herself. She has books like Berenstein Bears go to the Doctor and Everybody Poops to name a few off the top of my head . Maybe one day she will move them to her Veterinarian Clinic waiting room.
      Yours look way better than art work. Can’t wait to see the new rearrange.

    5. Such a cute idea! I have been searching for a great book for my niece, who is turning 1 in a couple of weeks. Thanks to you, I discovered “Alphabeasties” and just ordered a copy from Amazon!

    6. Emily, I absolutely love your blog and your decorating style. I cannot wait to see all the updates you have done throughout the house. Please share pics soon!

    7. Your book display is a fabulous idea, and i love how your entire room is put together. I’m showing these shelves to my husband right now, and he’s curious if they are a pain to put up. We’ve put gallery shelves up in other areas and it’s not his favorite project (to say the least!). Looks great!!

    8. Oh yes! I totally get it! I don’t even have kids and I have a collection of children’s books….and many from my childhood as well. Any book illustrated by Eloise Wilkins makes my heart melt. Just love those children’s faces that she paints. A few weeks ago I bought a children’s book from the 40’s at a neighborhood yard sale…..I’m totally smitten. :D

      Love your book wall. Always, always, creative Emily!!! I bet your kiddos are thrilled.

    9. Love the idea! We are working on growing our boys book library. I think that from now on I am planning to buy each kid 3 new books for their birthdays and Christmas. Would you mind making a list of your favorites? Looking at this picture and it seems there are some great books that you have that I have never seen! Thanks!

    10. long live charming wonderful PAPER books!
      (I still can’t adapt to the virtual book, nope its paper for me)

      I am curious if you remember what those treasured books were you took to college? I remember being sad that my treasured ones got passed down to younger siblings instead of me keeping them all to myself.
      Fav I can recall:
      Tiki tiki tembo
      500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins (sp)
      Kings Stilts
      and some book about a girl that asked only for shoes for her birthday, got all sorts different kinds ballet, tap, boots, dress up, sneakers, etc and then her feet grew. Can’t remember the name of that one, but I loved it.
      and I loved the atlas. Maps. weird kid.

    11. I love children’s books too! There are so many good books with beautiful illustrations. I don’t blame you for displaying them. We just moved into a new house and my oldest son doesn’t live here. I’ve been working on a room that’s sort of a nod to him…it includes a shelf of Hardy Boys Mysteries because he read all of those. :)

    12. Totally pinned it! I have a few of those shelves laying around not being used at the moment–what a great idea to put them to use!

      And if you love kids books so much, you might consider writing/illustrating your own! The Pioneer Woman has succefully published a few of her own! GO FOR IT! Your work is always amazing :)

    13. Can you tell me where you got the chevron rug? I’m designing my little girls nusery (due in January) and i have been looking for one everywhere and cant seem to find one. I have found them in pink and blue, but not a grey like i need. Thank you

    14. Love these…I cannot wait to see the rest of the house. Can you do a post on your favorite children’s books? I LOVE children’s books too…I have three boys too. I would love to read your thoughts on great stories. Thank you!!!!

    15. I love this! I am keeping all my favorite kids books- plus buy my favorites!
      Sometimes I ask my kids to be really really careful with “my” books now.
      I am going to do this instead of hide them.

      What colors on the wall- the stripes? I couldn’t find it on your blog….I need to stripe a wall- that is perfect for me.

    16. We have this set up in our girls room and baby nursery. Only three shelves though in each, so it’s a bit higher and kind of behind the chairs we use to sit with them for bedtime reading. Only problem is keeping them there! The girls climb on the chairs to get to the books and they never put them back! Their downstairs play room is full of books too. It’s a good problem to have because they can’t get enough of their books. {Thanks for sharing!}

    17. My children are now teens and I have kept many of their children’s books. The Lonely Doll, Angelina Ballerina, Eloise, all were lovingly displayed in my daughter’s room, becoming art. I love your book display, as well as, the basket of children’s books. It makes the room pop with color. Terrific! Thanks for sharing.

    18. these look so cute!! having children naturally warrants children’s books…which naturally means books are strewn about…this is a lovely, lovely way to display them!
      i love that pillow on your couch ~ where is it from?!

    19. Cute idea! My daughter is well past this stage, but it’s adorable. i would like to know where the fantastic chevron rug is from – i love it!!

    20. I’m right there with you there is nothing like children’s books! I loved displaying and rotating my daughters books when she was little. You could always find me in her school library volunteering and watching what the kids would pick.

    21. I keep meaning to do something like this in my kids room. Mostly to get the books out of the bookcase to make room for more of mine…hehe. Love the gray and white striped walls!

    22. <3 this! It's so important to have accessible books for your children and teach them to treasure them! This is a great display that any child (& adult) will love! Thanks for sharing!!

      P.S. I loved your intro story as well..and I can relate..friends/family used to give me kid's picture books as gifts since I love them so much!

    23. Thanks for sharng this! Totally pinning. I have seen the rain gutter shelf idea but not these shelves. Of course the closest ikea is a 2 hour drive, but many they’ll let me order these. Also love your stirips : ). I have a massive playroom in my new house and need to redesign it.

    24. Being a book lover I know where you are coming from, and I love your display! Looks colorful and is functional. What could be better? The illustrations in I’m Gonna Llike Me are so cute, I thought about framing them at one time – in fact all of hers are frame-worthy.

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