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the boys’ room

    Have you noticed that new category up there called ‘our house’? Don’t click on it, because there is nothing there. But I’m working on it. And by working on it, I mean cleaning one room of the house at a time, while the kids destroy every other room of the house, photographing and then  posting. It may take some time but it is great motivation to both finish rooms and clean them.

    So here we go with the boys’ room.

    Here it is in its raw before state:

    junejuly 195

    And now:


    Yes, they all three share a room.


    Yes, it takes them a long time to fall asleep.  But their little chattering at night is one of the sweetest sounds {not so much the getting out of bed and asking for one more drink of water}.   We like that they have a chance to be buddies and we figure there really is never a time in life when they will have their own room {college roommates, apartment-sharing, marriage} so why set them up now? And, they are only 6, 4 & 2 so ask me in a few years if this theory still works and I’ll let you know.


    Two sets of bunkbeds {from costco} fit just perfectly end to end in the room. If I had it my way the bed would not cut into the window, but what can you do.


    Those red boxes are from IKEA and hold all the dress-up stuff and hotwheels.


    Essential to any little boy’s bedroom is the door bumper. I’ve blogged about it before, but it is seriously a life {and finger} saver.  No more slamming doors.


    My mom generously gave me her own dresser to use in Audrey’s room and it didn’t fit. So we moved it into the boys’ room and it is perfection. Thanks mom.


    And above it, the darlings’ initials.


    Custom name prints from my new collection taped onto burlap inside a big IKEA frame.

    IMG_3904 IMG_3903

    Such an easy way to personalize their room.


    And #1 really wanted me to take a close-up of his lego robot shooting fire at the alien.



    And that is the boys’ room.

    74 thoughts on “the boys’ room”

    1. I absolutely LOVE your style!! You are too fabulous for sharing your talents with all of us!!
      I am going to make your “Burlap Custom Name Prints” for my two grandsons! I have not seen them before & think you are Brilliant!!
      Your house is beautiful & your site is awesome! I am bookmarking it so I can come back daily!
      Thank you for being so generous! 😊
      Sincerely, Suzanne Potter Thomas

    2. I am really appreciating the house tour- your eye for color and simplicity, yet keeping it personal and from appearing sterile. I applaud your decision to room your boys together. Our four (two boys, two girls) were told early on that they would always share their room (w/same sex sibling), for the same reasons you mention. It was a trial at times (night owl/early bird squabbles, etc.) but as we encouraged bedrooms to be private/quiet space and play with friends to be in public spaces in the house, we were able to manage most things. Even in a house that had room to spread them out, we kept them together and used the extra rooms as family/working spaces, and it worked through launching them off to University. Thanks again for sharing your creative and beautiful home

    3. How cute. I am moving into a very small house and small spaces is what I’m about right now. Can you tell me where you got that cute nightstand that holds so many books? Darling room, and boys!

    4. Thanks for the tip on the Costco bunk beds–and for sharing the entire room for that matter! I’m looking for a set for our two boys to grow into and love what you’ve done for your boys. Thanks for the inspiration!

    5. Could you tell me where you got the light over the bottom bunk. I have been wanting to get some for my boys bunk beds to make for a brighter story time! Thanks. You are very taltented! I enjoy your blog.

    6. What a darling room! I am bookmarking this page right now, so that when we move, I can gain some inspiration for my boys’ rooms. Love all the boyish little touches!

    7. This room looks great! I have two boys and their room is currently bright red. When we bought our house it was that way and we were too busy with other projects to really do something special for the boys, so we just moved their furniture in and left it untouched. However, they have been asking for me to do their room and this post really inspired me! Do you remember what paint colors you used?

    8. I love this room! We have two boys (5 and 2) who have seperate rooms now. We are thinking about bunking them up. :) This room has really inspired me. I especially like the extra storage under the bed.

      1. Stacy – I realize your comment was from 2011 but if by chance you still follow and you decided to bunk your boys up, I’m curious how it went? We are in this exact boat now – boys are 5 and 2, little one is about to move to toddler bed and I think it would be good for them to share a room for a while; bonding, ease of bed time, etc. Thanks for your info! – Janiece

    9. I love everything about the boys room. I am an only child, and although life was grand growing up, I sure would have loved to share a room with a sister. We are expecting our first baby, and I can’t wait for my children to share a room. Hopefully I can create a room that they will love.

    10. Love the monogrammed letters, the stripes, the bunk beds and even the legos. :) I have three girls in one room and for now it works. Waiting to see what will happen in the teen years which are fast approaching but for now they actually like sharing!

    11. What a sweet and wonderful room. I so appreciate your take on the sharing of a room :). I shared a room with my little sister and those made for some of my fondest memories. Seems these days everyone thinks they need a room for every person and every little task. Very refreshing!!

    12. I love this room. I have been trying to find those storage boxes (under the beds) on Ikea’s website. Can you give me any product information about them?

    13. Glad I finally found the link to your boys room! There are a few things I truly LOVE about what you have done:

      1. They share a room – the special moments and bonding are priceless!

      2. The monogram – so steeling this idea!

      3. It’s beautiful and still a boys room…toys out, books seen, color and fun!

      Another beautiful job well done.

    14. Love the room. We had two of each and it was easier to get the boys to share a room than the girls to…the girls are 8 years apart. They shared for a few years, but when the oldest son moved out, they all got their own rooms.

      Just a suggestion…we always used an old sheet on the underside of the top bunk to give the one on bottom something to watch. I think the same dinosaur sheet is on the bunky board for my younger daughter’s bed :D Pad the board with an old blanket that is no longer fit to show on the top of the bed, then wrap the sheet around it and staple it on…works great. If the girls had actually ever used bunks, I would have used a Precious Moments or a floral on it. And when grandkids make their appearance someday…bunk beds with something on the bottom of the top bunk to look at.

    15. oooh! I love their room- especially the stripes and the initals! I have a 5 months old (my first) and I love to hear tips from other, more experienced mamas. Note to self: door bumper:) Thanks!! p.s. I also love your comment about hearing their sweet sounds at bedtime. Those are the things memories are made of- theirs and yours!

    16. Lovely! You are either brave, have very gentle well behaved little boys, or both to have the sweet touches and novelties around the room…and yes, I’m quite envious! I love the door stopper, that is genius! Just a though on your window treatment…you might move it all to the right window to deter the obstruction of the bed. I really think it looks fine, but if it is a pet peeve, that might do the trick. PS The monogram frames are DELIGHTFUL!

    17. I love what you’ve done! It’s just the perfect boys room. The stripes, the bunk beds – love it all!

      I’ve got two boys (2.5 and 4.5) and they each have their own room. I’ve been thinking about redoing each of their rooms, and I keep going back and forth between putting them together in one room and having them stay in their current rooms. It’s a tough decision!

    18. I love the vertical stripes on the walls. What colors did you use, and how did you accomplish such perfectly straight lines? My son has a vintage baseball theme room and we have yet to paint the walls….I thought this was a cute idea!

    19. I think it is wonderful that your boys share a room. Today so many siblings are really missing that connection in many ways. I really loved and hated sharing with my siblings but I also believe it taught us how to share and compromise and love after a battle. Plus it is easier to keep one room clean rather than 3, and they could help

    20. Hi there….love the color scheme in this room! The frames are great too…I love initials and monograms. Im wondering if boys are easier to bunk together? I have 5 children, 4 are girls (15,9 1/2, 3 1/2 and 4 months. I tried the 2 oldest together and that didnt work and recently the same 9 1/2 yr old with her younger sibling since new baby arrived. that didnt work either…lol maybe its a girl thing. But I so love this idea, we are hoping to move to florida and I want 1 bedroom with bunk beds for sleepovers and guests. I saw it once in a magazine and it was wonderful and just seeing your room brought that idea back to me. I also love the beds, we have a Costco here in NJ and I’ll have to take a look at them….did you paint them? I didnt read that you did, just wondering if they came that color. Again, great job- Melanie

    21. I have three boys (age 9,8, and 6) and they all three share a room too (and I think it is even a bit smaller than yours!). They have the navy bunk bed, and a similar look to your room. The only problem is dresser space, I only have one dresser in there, and it gets stuffed with clothes. We’ve asked them if anyone wants to move into their own room and we haven’t had any takers!

    22. i love your room!!! like everyone else i’ve got two busy little boys that will be sharing a room. I’m always looking for ideas. i LOVE your stripes! would you mind sharing what paint colors you used on the stripes? i really love them. thanks!!

    23. Love this room! My husband and I have been going back and forth about whether to put our boys in the same room —- they are 6 and 3. The 3 year old is still in the crib and about to move to a big boy bed so we could do the switch at that time. We have 3 bedrooms in our house and it would be nice to combine the boys and use the 3rd bedroom as a play room/office/work out room. He is not crazy about it but I’m thinking we might need to at least try it. I want them to share more and become closer. :)

      LOVE those name prints!!! What size Ikea frame did you get for the prints? When I combine the boys into one room ;), I need to know what size frame to buy! :)

    24. love the bunk beds lined up dorm style. YOu might want to change out the ball fringe for a red fringe…just a thought. also, keep the boys together as long as you can.

    25. That is one gorgeous room! I love the details, the color scheme, everything! Thank you so much for sharing; can’t wait to see other rooms as you get to them!

    26. Dig the monograms!! Would love to purchase some if you ever start to sell any on etsy, etc. They are fabulous – as is ALL you do.

      1. Michelle: if you’d like to purchase anything click over to the ‘shop’ button!

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    27. you’ve done an amazing job with this room emily! the boys love it and i’m sure they’ll have many memories growing up together in the same room.

    28. very cute and a great room to grow with! i think my favorite part is their framed monograms! perfect! i think i might just have to copy! and of course i l.o.v.e the lego robot! my guy loves to build with his “thousands of legos”! i love the creativity but i hate stepping on them! ouch! cant wait to see more rooms!

    29. I completely agree with sharing a room. I grew up (until I was 10 years old) sharing a room with my three younger brothers and I have to say those are some of the best memories I have as a child.
      Now my husband and I make our three little kids share a room just because we want them to. I agree that there is a lot of chatter that takes place at night but I love hearing them talk. Such sweet moments. Your blog is just wonderful, thanks for sharing!

    30. Thanks for this post! I have been needing inspiration for decorating my 3-year-old’s room. He’s out of the nursery phase, but it’s hard to know what to do next. I really like your boys’ room. I LOVE the custom name print…that just might be something I need to add to my little guy’s room.

    31. Your room is set up so similar to my boys room. Long skinny rooms must be popular. :) I love the colors of the space and the stripes! My boys room is in need of a makeover now that they are almost 8 and 9. The walls next to their bunk beds are filthy with little foot and hand prints. No amount of washing will remove them anymore. I like the lights you chose for the bottom bunks. Are those from IKEA also?

    32. I love everything about this room….the colors! the baskets and storage systems, the beds, the wall stripes, the rug, the lighting (esp by the bed), but I must say….my absolutel fave is the lego robot shooting fire at the alien. I love boys! :)

    33. YAY! I love to see boy rooms :) My two (4 and 2) will be moving in together soon :) I like the costco bunkbeds, Ill have to keep an eye out for those…

    34. love it!! the colors are so soothing and easy to grow with. I think the gang all crashing together is awesome, ours totally do & I think it has been the best thing for them. love your designs! glad to know that your kiddos can “accessorize” a room as fast as mine can, in fact, I’m pretty sure while I was looking for our camera to take pictures of the clean room, it would be undone ;-) can’t wait to see more!

    35. Very nice!!! I love the striped walls and the black bunks.

      We have 4 boys sharing a room (19, 15, 12 and 9) and I wouldn’t DARE post a picture. Their definition of clean and tidy is not from the same dictionary mine is. They recently rearranged their room so that their bunks are end to end as yours are. The only problem is that one set is now completely blocking their closet, which I think was part of their plan. Less likely mom’s going to look in and make them clean it.

    36. oh girl it is awesome! we have those same cowboy target sheets and i love how it is just on that one back…and the name monogrammed pages framed looked amazing! i cant believe those bunkbeds came from costco…did you paint them that great color..i love the star garland..more on that??? you are amazing!

    37. My son thought the Lego robot was “sooo coool”. Such a cute room. With two boys of my own, I do know what it probably looks like most of the time! :)

    38. Very cute!
      My three boys share a room too (ages 7, 5, and 2). We have enough rooms in our house for them to each have their own but I figure it is one less room to clean and it gives us guest rooms for frequent company. They hardly have any toys in there so it stays pretty neat, most of the time. I’m sure when they are older they will want to split up but for now it works and makes them feel more secure since they are upstairs and we are down.

    39. I love their room! So functional yet stylish. My little guys’ room is in SERIOUS need of some renovations and you’ve given me tons of inspiration. One thing that I want to do is paint his dresser white but I have to admit – I’m terrified of painting furniture! And the door bumper, GENIUS! I’m going to have to invest in one of those for sure.

    40. Wow! I love their room! What a great space and it really must be really fun for them to be together. The bunk beds look so nice and I LOVE the dresser with your prints above! Perfection. Everything you do turns out so wonderfully!

    41. What a cute room! My boys share a room too and I think they would wind up in one room even if they had their own spaces. Love the Lego creation, we have lots of those around here!

      We are in the planning process of redoing our little boys’ room right now. I think those boxes from Ikea would work great for us! Thank you for the tour!

      1. Amy: those IKEA boxes are great for storage, but take note that they are made of cardboard and struggle to hold up to the daily use of three little boys. Not the most sturdy, but also pretty inexpensive if they need to be replaced.

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    42. i love that your boys share a room. my friend has 3 boys as well and even though they have a 4 bedroom house her husband insisted that they share a room because he did with his older brothers growing up. He felt that it made them really close. I didn’t even notice the bed going into the window either….they just seemed to blend into the curtain panel.

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