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DIY Bulletin Board

    DIY Bulletin Board / jones design company

    Slowly but surely, Audrey’s room is coming along.

    The gallery wall really stepped things up a notch and it got me motivated to add some cuteness to the other walls. When you have one side of the room filled with art, it makes knowing what to do with the other walls a little tricky. Add more art? Leave them blank? I’ll do a full room tour soon so you can see the walls in context to each other, but I decided that more art would feel too busy and I just wanted one large piece to fill in the area opposite the gallery wall.

    I had an extra frame that didn’t get used in the gallery – a vintage painting that I covered with music pages and wrote ‘twirl’ on a few years ago (you can see it in my old office here). It wasn’t anything special and so I decided to reconfigure it and turn it into a bulletin board for my girl.

    Here’s how I did it:



    frame with backing / roll of cork / hot glue gun / scissors / fabric for covering (optional)

    You could use any frame – brand new, from your storage closet or from a thrift store. The one I used was just a few dollars at the thrift store and was a painting that I wasn’t sad to cover up. I lucked out and the frame I used was just slightly smaller than the dimensions of the cork – you may want to measure the cork before purchasing the frame just to make sure it fits.



    Remove the backer from the frame. It was easy to just bend the nails back to pop out the art (the back is pictured).



    Lay your backing on the cork and trace. Then cut to fit.




    Starting from one side, add a bead of hot glue and press to hold. Continue for the rest of the cork.

    You can stop at this point – pop it back in the frame and use as is. Or continue on to cover the cork with fabric.



    Lay the cork covered backing front-side down on fabric of choice (you’ll want the front of the fabric face down, too). I adore this sheet set from Target (it’s what I have on my bed) and found a set on clearance not too long ago. I debated … cut it up? Or keep it for a second set for my bed? I opted to cut it up.

    Just cut it a few inches larger than your cork board on all four sides.



    Pull taught and secure with a bead of hot glue. It helps to glue down one side in the center, then the opposite side to keep things lined up and smooth.

    Fold in corners (I cut out part of the fabric to keep things less bulky) and hold with hot glue. It was super helpful to have a geometric print to follow so the lines stayed straight.



    Pop the backing into the frame. Mine ended up tight enough to not need nails to hold it in place, but you could tap little nails into the sides if you need to.

    Flip it over and admire the cuteness!

    DIY bulletin board / jones design company

    I added a few special things – artwork, photos, a flower garland (no longer available from Target) and a few of Audrey’s pretty necklaces – but my guess is that she’ll cover it with art and notes and little pieces of randomness that girls seem to collect. It will be a great place for her to display her special things.

    DIY bulletin board / jones design company

    This diy bulletin board was just the right touch for the big empty wall.

    DIY bulletin board / jones design company

    I have a few more projects to finish in her room and then it will be complete! Stay tuned for a simple window treatment diy and an unconventional pillow tutorial coming soon.

    17 thoughts on “DIY Bulletin Board”

        1. Oh , I was looking at the flowers and I thought someone had made them ! Lol.
          My little apt. is a mess right now because I’m making flowers !

    1. Very cute! Going along with Heidi’s comment… I would love to know where you found that cute baby doll crib bedding? Did you make it?

    2. So cute!! I’d love to know where the high chair and crib come from – I’m on the hunt for my daughter for Christmas. Thanks!

    3. I made one of these for my mother-in-law’s room at assisted living. We had problems with the push pins holding items with the thin cork. I used the same items you have. Hope yours works better. It is a great idea but did not work.

    4. I’m so excited that your doing Audrey’s room right now because we just moved to a different house and I’m decorating my daughter’s room now too so all of these ideas are very helpful. Love this DIY…i was wondering what i could put in her room for art work and other things she likes to collect. This is perfect! Thanks!!

    5. Cute+cheap+easy= my favorite combination!
      Thanks for sharing such a great tutorial. I’m a mom and a teacher, and can’t decide which I want to make first- one for my classroom, or one for our house.?

    6. My 17-yr-old daughter uses the squares of cork her sister left attached to their bedroom wall when she moved out. She starts with it blank in January and gradually fills it with memorabilia (ticket stubs, little notes, post cards received, name tag from special events, randomness) over the course of the year. On New Year’s Day, or shortly thereafter, she takes it all down and puts it into a labeled plastic box, one box per year, along with other items from that year that couldn’t go on a bulletin board. It’s sort of like a scrap book in a box.

    7. So cute! I cringed a little though. I searched for those sheets and checked all over from Ohio to Florida while on a road trip to find them. Even driving over two hours and finding out they sold before we got there! My brother was finally able to pick them up for me in Birmingham!

    8. Love this tutorial! Thank you for sharing!! Can I ask where her cute doll crib is found? Is it an antique? I’ve been on the hunt for a cute one!

    9. Linda - makedoanddiy

      I love that flower garland, the pop of color prettiness against the neutrals you have in there is gorgeous :)

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