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    Several months ago, this was my finished office:

    office 1

    But in true ryan-and-emily-fashion the room didn’t stay that way for long.  Because Ryan was working with me so much on my blog and business, we decided he needed a workspace in the office as well.  So we moved a few things around, changed out art on the walls and here is where we now work:


    I’ve always loved the idea of two desks back to back and it is very functional for us. Ryan and I spend a lot of time at our computers and it is nice to be face to face while we work.


    I added some of my favorite pictures and artwork to the wall in a semi-organized but mostly haphazard manner.

    art wall

    art wall left art wall right

    A sample of my favorite wallpaper, bird poster, photos of my darling boys, botanicals from my mom, silhouettes of the kids, a family photo, my lamp print, linen bulletin board and wall hanging card holders. Everything on this wall has special meaning to me and I loved putting it together.

    pin board


    red bird

    On the other side of the room is the chalkboard wall and an armoire that we brought in from another room in the house. It now houses all of my decorative paper and envelopes.

    chalkboard wall 1 chalkboard wall 2white birdpaper


    A while back I decoupaged sheet music to a funky Goodwill painting. My three-year-old and I watercolored over top to ‘age’ the paper, then I painted my favorite word on top.

    twirl 2

    And that is our rearranged office for two.

    {If you are interested in details from the office, read THIS post and THIS one too.  If you want to learn more about the painted wallpaper, read THIS one.}

    FYI: the desks were a gift from a family friend who no longer needed them. I don’t see any markings from the manufacturer, so I can’t give a name to them. So sorry for the lack of information!

    The wall hanging card holder things are from Pottery Barn about three years ago. They no long carry them and I couldn’t find them online. I know, I’m really helpful.

    73 thoughts on “office–rearranged”

    1. I’m totally in love with those desks! I’ve been working on an office of my own and I think if it even comes out half as nice as yours I’ll be super happy :)

    2. I love, love , love those desks.
      Where did you purchase them at?
      Your style is so welcoming and inviting, I hope one day that my home has that same feeling as yours does.
      Thanks for sharing!

    3. SILHOUETTE TUTORIAL!!!! PPPPPLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSEEEE!!!!! I have been admiring your website, style & work. I am racking my brain to get the whole silhouette thing to work. It appears to only work (digitally) with Photoshop (which I don’t have). Is that my only option? I am exhausted from researching this. Can u help me? Thanks a million.

    4. i LOVE your office and am always in AWE of the spaces you create. thanks for being generous with your tutorials and willing to share all of your tips and tricks! i have spruced up my house with many ideas from your blog, and direct all of the compliments i get to your site! i have a weird/random question. maybe answered somewhere before but i didn’t see it here…do you have a computer printer; where do you hide it? i find mine to be such an eyesore. i am sure you have a trick up your sleeve!

    5. My previous comment was to say that I couldn’t link. This comment is to say that I’m in love with this stuff. :) And also- that I read your blog every other day or so. (whenever you have new posts) and i love everything about your house.

    6. Your new office makes ME happy! I love it and all the details! That is where I lack vision is the details to pull things together. I am inspired by your room and I wish I could come up with a design for my room to make it as fluffy and creative as that room makes me feel! Thanks for sharing! I Love the black desks as the accent, so classy!

    7. Absolutely stunning…. I’d be inspired to work harder too if I was facing my husband all day… well, perhaps I’d be inspired to do more than just work… Great post! I’m always encouraged when I see the scripture around your house. Thanks for sharing with such authenticity and candidness. I have told so many people about your blog! So happy to “meet” you here!

    8. Ok, I must admit I didn’t think you could top the “first office” redo. But you have! This is great, you kept what is so special about the first room….the chalkboard wall, the sconces on that, the painted “wallpaper”…..but I love the two desks and the wall arrangement next to them. It’s beautiful Emily!

    9. You did a beautiful job! I LOVE the “you’re here to be light” lamp wall hanging. Did you make it? If so, can you tell me how and is it all scripture? I’m back in WA now-hope we can meet someday… Jane C.

    10. Looks great! Love the high gloss black on the desks…I’m inspired for sure. I have a small den off of our ‘formal’ living room that I want to convert to an office in a way that doesn’t scream mess… It looks like you do some e-consulting? Can you email me a rate quote? Or do you needs pics first?

    11. I love this. I bought a desk similar to yours this past fall. I love the shape of it, but it needs some TLC. I love yours in black. I just may copy yours. As always- beautiful beautiful beautiful.

    12. LOVE your chalk wall…I’m about to chalkboard my son’s closet doors. Any tips? And what brand of paint did you purchase? Thanks…LOVE your blog :) – Tara U.

    13. Your new arrangement looks great – and what a treat to look at your sweetie while you work away the day!! You should do a tutorial on the twirl print or offer ne in your shop maybe?? Thanks for the peek at your space.

    14. I LOVE the twirl collage sign (loved Captivating and think that sign is such a sweet reminder)… did you free-hand it or is it traced with a font? Please share the font name if you traced it somehow–so cute!

    15. You are so crafty and clever. I only wish I had 1/2 of your creativeness, organizational skills. Oh, and also the know-how of doing all this with your kids at home. I only have 1 child, I’m a stay at home mom, and my house is total disarray all the time.

    16. Wow! It amazes me that you are so creative. I love the way you changed the feel of the room just by moving the furniture. I love the art wall. It looks like it has been layered over the years. I’m loving this re-do.

    17. OMG! How do you manage to take all the same stuff and move it around to look amazing in a whole new way! I loved it before and I love it even more now. Don’t you love being able to move a piece of furniture from somewhere else and make it look great and work for you? I just did that with a bookcase from my daughter’s room. I almost sold it but then walked around and found the perfect spot for it. Now I love it in a new way.
      Your desks are beautiful. How did you manage to find two of them?
      Great job. Enjoy!

    18. I wanted to grab a spoon and eat up your entire chalkboard painted wall! My heart leaped at the sight! How liberating it must be to have a big, blank, black canvas greeting you each day! I adore the placement of the low sconces adjacent to your hulking armoire–truly unique and yet so classic! You are a dreamer and an inspirer~~ <3 Collette

    19. Omg…so great! It look amazing and my favorite part of your newly rearranged room is the art wall. Once again, I am inspired!! Now just how to file all this inspiration in a finely organized manner in my brain. {yeah, right}

    20. WOW! That is a gorgeous space and functional too…I lvoe the wall above your face to face desks! And I have always loved your beige and white patterned wall….it is wonderful…you have a gift Emily. I love to see photos of your home. It inspires…..

    21. Would you be willing to share where you got the wire notecard holder? I have been trying to find something like it for months. The one you found is so beautiful.
      Love, love, love the way you have redone your work space. It seems quite inspiring.

    22. I would love to know where you got the wire card holder on the wall of artwork…the one holding cards and pictures. It is SO cute! I’d love to know!
      Thanks :) Nancy

    23. I’m about halfway through my painted wallpaper in my corner of the house. This was just the inspiration that I needed to finish the other half!

    24. Oh, Emily…absolute perfection. So delightful to look at. I so wish I had your “eye” for design. Thank you for creating such beauty. All beauty is a reflection of our Creator.

    25. it’s official, i’m completely smitten. two desk tables facing each other? how cute are ya’ll?
      & the lamp print? where have i been. i’ll be ordering that one & thankful & majesty this very week.
      wow…can i move in?

    26. Your office is beautiful. Thanks for sharing! Your creativity is so inspiring. I love, love the Lamp print. Where can I get a copy!?

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