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Easing into Fall

    easingintofallLast week, when September 1st hit the calendar, my instagram feed blew up with cozy images of Fall.

    Pumpkins, plaid, wool blankets, crackling fires, chunky knit sweaters, golden leaves.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I am a Fall girl through and through. It always has and always will be my favorite of all seasons. I remember not too long ago when I had to restrain myself from pulling out all my favorite Fall stuff to pepper around the house before September 1st.

    Now, however, I’m not quite there. Not quite in pumpkin and plaid mode.

    This year I’m feeling the need to ease a bit more slowly into the new season. 

    Over the weekend, I did make a few simple changes to our home to gently reflect the upcoming season.  Easy things that help it feel a little cozier without going all the way.

    If you need a little inspiration for ways to bring your home into the new season, try out these three steps:


    Add freshly clipped greens.

    kitchenclippingsWhen we returned from our extended road trip, the back yard was basically a jungle. I spent hours pulling waist-high weeds, trimming overgrown shrubs and spreading a new layer of black mulch. While I was out there, I clipped a few branches off the maple tree to pop into a vase inside. The leaves will be changing color soon (it’s still fun to clip when they are turning!) and I love the organic and slightly unruly look of them up there on the kitchen shelves.

    kitchenearlyfallOur home is very neutral and the green just seems to make it all come alive.

    While fresh flowers and bright greens are perfect for the spring, deeper green branches feel decidedly fall. Plus, they are free! Head outside, take along a pair of clippers (I like these) and clip off a big, funky branch to bring indoors.


    Throw in some cozy texture.

    sofatextureThere is something about chunky knits that feel absolutely fall-like. This oldie-but-goodie knit throw works in any season because of its creamy white color, but I especially love having it out as Fall approaches.

    fallsofaThis is our main hang-out area in the house and why I insist on having the couch filled with pillows is beyond everyone in my family. They inevitably end up on the ground and I inevitably put them all back up three hundred times per day. But the combination of texture we have going on right now makes me very happy. It feels fall-ish without being overly obvious and that’s just what I’m looking for as I ease our home into the season.

    I’ve heard it said that texture acts like pattern and am always a fan of mixing as many textures as I can get away with.

    Mixing a chunky knit throw (like this one) with a graphic woven pillow (from here), soft leather pillow (from here), funky faux fur (found here) makes for an especially cozy feel.


    Change out the scent.

    lit-candleI was just talking with a friend about how I don’t like smelly candles. And then midway through the statement I had this moment of clarity: I used to not like the smell of candles.

    This all started back in high school when all my friends burned sickeningly sweet vanilla ones and I got an instant headache. Since then I’ve told myself I don’t like smelly candles but actually, I do! It just depends on what it is. Candle scents (and packaging) have come a long way since the late 90’s and there are far more options than vanilla.

    If you are a candle person and have been burning a summery scent, switch it up! Maybe don’t go quite to the deep fall scents of balsam and cranberry, but try something woodsy and fresh.

    One of my favorite candles is this Izola Green Moss candle – half because of the gorgeous green of the glass and graphic label, half because of the rich, pleasant smell. Another good option is this Driftwood + Indigo (I have it in the cute cement container on my desk right now, but I really like the wood version too).

    fallcandleThe candle shown is a few years old from Anthropologie, which is always an excellent source for new scents and pretty packaging.

    candleontableAs the month progresses, I’m sure I’ll be switching up more around the house, but for now these three simple changes feel just right.

    I’d love to know … are you ready for fall? Are you a fall decorator? If so, have you jumped fully in or are you a little slower like me? Do tell …

    26 thoughts on “Easing into Fall”

    1. You may have said this a while back already- but what is the rug you are currently using in your living room? Would you mind sharing your source? Thank you so much!

    2. Fall is my very favorite! I’m ready for it, but it still feels like summer here in Austin, Texas. Feels too early for fall decor, but I love your subtle ideas. Never thought of easing into the season like that…

    3. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who is constantly picking up my pillows off the ground. Ha! I never understand why my kids and husband don’t enjoy sitting on the couch with the pillows. But I digress. I love all of your ideas! Give me all the blankets and pillows, please, and I can be ready for any season! But no, I am not ready for fall, but I never am. My porch still has my “Welcome Summer” sign still out and I am dreading taking it down. It usually takes me hosting some kind of gathering {this year it’s a Noonday trunk show} to get me in the spirit of fall. I used to be all pottery barn faux everything to decorate for fall, but the last few years I have enjoyed picking up all the cute pumpkins and gourds {I fell for the white pumpkins hard last year!}. I also love to make wood signs, so I created some fall ones last year to place around the house. And prints…always love to change out some of my prints for some cute fall/thanksgiving ones!

    4. Im with you on the pillows! I think I straighten them and put them back up on our couch 100 times a day ? But I love the cozy feel of them!
      Also, I’m easing into fall with a “spiced cider” candle from Sydney Candle Co…I was so proud of myself for finding these $25 candles on sale at a local shop for $3 and they smell so great!

    5. Lol! I’m laughing @ your feelings on candles. I’m about your age & I feel the exact same way! I have to convince myself all the time that candles are not of the devil just because of how nasty they used to be.
      Love your cute ideas!

    6. I love these subtle, but fun changes for fall. I am always hesitant to go into fall because I hate sending my kiddos back to school. :( Summer is never long enough, but the cooler weather this week is making me more in the mood for changing the decor. Thanks for the inspiration!

    7. Fall is my favorite – it comes slowly for us southern Californians :( but I have started with my mantel and I love your ideas with just small touches easing into Fall – loving our crisp mornings and cool evenings just wish it would stay cooler in the middle.

    8. I loved this post! Still waiting for fall over here in MN but we’ve been loving the mid 70 degree weather! Maybe I just missed it but where are the striped pillows from? I couldn’t find a source.

    9. I live in Florida, so “Fall” color changes in Nature don’t arrive until January or later, and are subtle. You have to pay attention. The riot of color that I knew when I lived in the midwest is a pleasant memory, but can’t be duplicated here. Artificial leaves, etc. are not really satisfying to me. But, I do make a seasonal decorating shift come September 1, otherwise there is no seasonal recognition. I shift accessories from cooler/brighter to warmer/darker. I also have mostly neutrals, so I also do a textural shift. Linen pillows get switched out for knits or leather. Like Mother Nature, it’s subtle, but it satisfies me.

      1. That is such a beautiful way to see the changes and shift the ‘feeling’ indoors even if outdoors doesn’t give you the obvious changes like elsewhere in the country. Thanks for your thoughts!

    10. When you live in Arizona it takes a while for the real change in season to transpire. I still have fresh summer colors throughout my house. But, I am considering, after this post, making a visit to Target and changing out my throw pillows. I saw some cute ones with rich orange, gold and neutral accents. I have a big comfy gray couch and dark wood floors so it’s a quick way to celebrate a new season; just add pillows! The green steams are another great idea. I always love bringing the outside in. It is so nice to have some of your ideas back on the post. I love your home!

    11. Fall is a favourite for me as well, but we had such an amazing summer up in Alberta and I’m not ready to let go either. Love the clippings and candles, I’ll do the same:) keeping my summer pillows on the couch for as long as possible though!

    12. Southern girl here too…GA with the AC still on but love the idea of the green tree branches. Always got the candlelit for evenings but will incorporate the candle on the books for some extra decor….keep those ideas coming!

    13. I scratched my fall itch with a grapevine wreath and a simple ribbon in our college colors on our front door. But, again, with the warmer temps here in the South still (and now you know! ha!), makes it hard since it doesn’t feel like fall yet! A friend posted her Halloween decorations on FB the other day and I was a bit shocked….a bit too soon for me, although I can’t wait!

      ….oh how I’ve missed these posts! = )

    14. I’m in NC and usually get into fall in early October and continue through November (no Christmas stuff until early December!). I like a nice, BIG wreath for our front door and would like to see go-to sources for wreaths. I have zero time for creating one myself but I’d love to see options for live and faux fall wreaths.

    15. I feel ya! It is still muggy and warm … in Minnesota (go figure!) here and I can’t even with the blankets and fall decor! I even have LOTS of all kinds of pumpkins and gourds growing in my garden and haven’t picked a single one! Most I’ve done here is put some orange corduroy (from Homegoods) throw pillows on my sofa … (which my family doesn’t get why I do it either!)
      Trying to take in the last week of warm … winter and cold is long enough here!

      I will bring in some greens from the garden though! I love the simple look of that!

      1. Oh, pillows. Glad to know I have a pillow-loving friend across the country :)

        And I totally agree … fall and winter are plenty long. I have to eek out as much of the lingering summer as possible!

    16. I usually wait until the second or third week of September to transition my home from summer to fall. I want to squeeze every last bit of summer plus I find I’m so busy, it feels overwhelming to do it the first week back in school (our kids go back after Labor Day). Your transition looks like something I could get on board with – a few small tweaks are perfect! Soon, I will break out the pumpkins…but not just yet?

    17. I, too, love fall most of all. But it’s been in the 90’s here all month, and frankly, I can’t even imagine getting out cozy throws just yet! I have a big box of autumn decor, and really really want to start bringing it out…but even with the A/C on full blast…the most I can summon up the energy for is a couple of wood-smoke scented candles. Like having a fire in the fire place without the heat. Oh, and a couple of autumn-leaf towels in the kitchen. Sigh. Bring on the cool, crisp mornings! I am SO ready!

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