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we mounted an ipad in the kitchen (and love it)


    I posted this photo on instagram late last week:


    I have a new dinner solution that I can’t wait to share with you! – but that’s not what got most attention in the photo. Instead, there were lots of questions about the ipad mounted in the background.

    I have to admit that this was 100% Ryan’s idea. He is good at ideas. I wasn’t so sure about drilling into the beadboard and maybe don’t love how it looks, but sometimes function trumps form.


    And in this case, it is super functional. Now that the ipad is in the kitchen, it gets used all the time. I use it for recipes, looking up things when they pop into my mind while washing dishes, perusing pinterest, playing music on our wireless sound system.


    We used this articulating wall mount with this mounting bracket.


    Pop the ipad into this ipad mounting case and it attaches to the mounting bracket.

    A couple of great things about this setup:

    1. It is not bulky. When the wall mount is folded flat against the wall, it’s very low profile.

    2. The ipad can be tilted up or down, mounted vertically or horizontally and the arm pulls in and out for whatever angle you prefer.

    3. Having an ipad off the counter, but still within reach is super convenient. We had no idea how much we would use it.

    So there you go, my instagram question-askers. That’s how we mounted the ipad.



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    20 thoughts on “we mounted an ipad in the kitchen (and love it)”

    1. Great idea! My husband made us a stand for mine that looks like a cutting board and it works pretty well but this would get is up off the countertop itself. (Your kitchen is so cute!)

    2. can’t wait to hear the dinner ideas! I would like to mount an i-pad as well, but our backsplash is tile and our island is where we do most food prep anyway. I’m with Maureen, what do you put it in on an island?

    3. I’ve been wanting to do this in our kitchen for awhile. One question I have is, do you tend to keep the ipad up there continuously, or do you still remove it and use it around the house? Thanks for the input! I think it’s enough to move me to put one in of our own!

    4. I find myself using my iPad more and more as a recipe source so love this idea. However, I do 90% of my food prep on an island so can’t do a wall mount. Anyone found a good product for holding up the iPad on a counter??

    5. Love this idea. We’ve had trouble keeping little (sticky) fingers off the iPad while cooking together! Also, fingers crossed that your dinner solution isn’t selling me Blue Apron. I may need to quit the interwebs if it is!

    6. Love the idea of mounting the iPad in the kitchen but my question has to do with the lamp that you have sitting on the counter (more specifically, the black/white stripe lamp shade)…can you please tell me where you got it?


      p/s: LOVE your blog!

    7. This is super cool. I’d feel the same apprehension in putting holes in the beadboard!

      I’m wondering if you’re dinner solution has anything to do with your plan from September to eat the same five meals on weeknights. I’ve been super curious to see if this works for your family since I’m implementing this next month. I just have to reduce the amount of dinner decisions being made/food wasted/etc. Can’t wait to hear!

    8. My husband also put one in our kitchen. He attached it (Belkin) to the kitchen cabinet. It was primarily to watch our newborn baby who napped upstairs but like you said, it’s awesome for looking something up quickly and having a recipe right there in front of you. And we still use it every day to keep an eye on the little ones upstairs. Mine had also gone unused for quite some time until we put it in the kitchen!

    9. I love this idea! I take my Kindle Fire into the kitchen all. the. time. If I’m not using it for a recipe, I’m listening to music while I’m working in there. This is so much better! Thanks (Ryan) for the idea, and (Emily) for sharing it!

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