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Favorite Christmas House Tours from Around The Internet

    I was supposed to be part of Lindsay’s Blogger Stylin’ Home Tour today.

    Sadly, I had to drop out. I had a moment last week when I thought maybe I could pull it together in time, but I was having a moment of insanity and then I came back to reality.

    I know moving takes a lot of time. Moving while also doing construction projects, painting projects, running a business, opening up a new shop, catching a few episodes of This Is Us (I adore it) and being present for our kids? It’s not very orderly or fast.

    messydiningThere may have been a mild meltdown last weekend. I might possibly have too lofty expectations. It’s a struggle to live in the midst of chaos and feel constrained by budget and time and surely that struggle is not just felt by me. It is just part of moving and of house renovation and we fully welcomed it all. Now if I could learn to chill out and enjoy the process …

    Anyway, I wanted to pop in today to say that while we might not be ready around here for a Christmas House Tour, there are some pretty amazing showcases going on around the internet right now!

    Here are a few of my favorite images so far:

    WHITE BUFFALO STYLING CO.white buffalo styling christmas tour

    THE INSPIRED ROOMcozy-living-room-christmas-house-tour-2016-the-inspired-room-the-white-brick-cottage


    RESTLESS ARROWrestlessarrow

    STYLE YOUR SENSESholiday-home-tour-2016-9

    How gorgeous are all of those rooms?! Click on the images to see the full tours.

    And just for good measure, here is our house decorated simply last year:

    It was so pretty!

    I probably sounded complain-y up there at the beginning and I really don’t mean to be. We LOVE this new house. I can’t wait to decorate it for Christmas and bring our vision to life. And I can’t wait to share it with all of you! It just might have to wait until next year :)

    Happy Christmas House Tour day!

    22 thoughts on “Favorite Christmas House Tours from Around The Internet”

    1. Emily, you have everything you need to have a beautiful holiday season. Jesus, your family, your health, and….name a few. God bless you my online friend and we will look forward to next year. In the meantime where can one find a fiddleleaf fern tree on the east coast? LOL

    2. Emily, THANK YOU FOR BEING REAL! Our family of six also just moved (13 days ago!!!) and I am so happy that you authentically share your REAL LIFE with us so that we can in turn, manage our expectations more realistically. We actually broke out the Christmas decor on Monday night, because we hadn’t unpacked the “regular” decor anyway, so why not? The tree is half-decorated (10-year-old with ADD) and I know there is one more bin of stuff somewhere….. but the stockings are hung by the chimney with care and our nativity scenes have again taken pride of place – bring on Dec. 25th! ;-)

    3. Emily, good for you for recognizing that you already have too much on your plate. We are in the process of working on an old farmhouse, doing all the work ourselves. We have learned the importance of being patient and keeping things as simple as possible. There will be plenty of years to “deck the halls”. For now, I put wreaths on the barns and lights on my Norfolk Island Pine and call it done. Happy Holidays!

    4. It is so refreshing to know that you’re human! We all, no matter the circumstances, feel the pressure to “do it all”, and do it well. Your family is lovely, your new home will be even more “you” next Christmas, but family comes first – always! Have a blessed season.

    5. I love the pictures that you shared. Looking forward to seeing your new home whenever you are ready to share; I’m sure it will be beautiful. In the meantime, have a wonderful holiday!

    6. Well, I like you even more now! Thanks for your honesty and for being realistic. That’s what we’re all doing: juggling priorities and expectations and reality. You totally have it right!

    7. Can I make you feel better that my dining room looks worse? We moved into a 1989 fixer upper (but livable) October 12th after living in a spec home for 14 years. I am not one to have melt downs or stress about the small stuff, but my boys have gotten a good dose of ugly mom/wife lately. We have had more not fun issues that needed what money we had get our attention leaving me looking still at endless boxes and half peeled wall paper. I finally said that the kitchen is what it is for at least the next 1 1/2 years while we try to get our teenage boys rooms enjoyable. I love reading about your updates. You are moving miles faster than I! My husband is awesome at technology updates, but not so much with anything else. I am slowly posting for my own record over at if you ever need a pick me up!

    8. Thanks for sharing! I read so many blogs and see all these amazing things everyone accomplishes. It’s nice to see that even incredibly talented bloggers are sometimes overwhelmed, I mean human. Thank you, and enjoy your day!

    9. Thank you! Thank you for sharing all your amazing talents w/us but thank you for also sharing life’s little struggles & being brave enough to say no & allowing yourself to catch your breath.

    10. I like this post! Actually, it’s refreshing to hear that your new house isn’t blog-ready yet. Our family (also of six) moved to a lovely new house in September, and although I’m beyond grateful for the new space, it’s been an overwhelming process to me and a hard adjustment for our little kids. I’ve been reading along and hoping that your move is going better than mine and that you’re doing okay! I’m excited to see more of your beautiful new house as it comes together. But in the meantime I’m really enjoying your writing and your voice, and I like hearing about the process you’re going through as you’re putting things together. Keep up the great work. :) Merry Christmas!

    11. A few pictures of things, just as they are, would bring considerable comfort to people who are in the same or similar situation as you are. From experience, your family will always look back on this Christmas with fond memories.

    12. Breathe. This too shall pass. xoxo
      Moving is so hard……. Take time to enjoy the season with your kids … the house will still be there next Christmas! :)

    13. I love watching your new house evolve with each post!! What matters most is that you and your family are thriving at the new place and enjoying to process as you said.

      And don’t worry I do the same thing, put to high an expectation on what I want and then am disappointed when I can’t command everyone and everything to bend to my will. It’s silly but I always realize I have to slow down and enjoy the process.

      Have a great evening!!

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