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how to hang platters on the wall


    Do you watch Fixer Upper on HGTV with the darling Chip and Joanna Gaines? It’s our favorite. Ryan and I don’t watch much tv together (I don’t know, something about project runway just doesn’t capture his attention like it does mine), but we love being inspired by the makeovers done to the houses on this show. If you haven’t seen it yet, oh my, you should. So good. Or maybe not because it will make you want to buy the worst falling-down house and make it wonderful.

    Anyway … you’re probably wondering what Fixer Upper has to do with hanging silver plates on the wall? Well miss Joanna (who has fabulous style) always hangs something unconventional or dimensional on the walls of the homes she styles. Now she goes more country/rustic than I do in our house (think chippy gates, architectural salvage, child-sized chairs) but hanging vintage silver platters on the wall in our dining room is in line with her dimension/unconventional wall concept.


    It’s interesting and personal and neutral.

    Oh, and super easy to do.

    All you need is a collection of silver platters (or any pretty dish) and plate hangers.


    My mother-in-law gave us most of the silver found in our home – she bought it all at thrift stores and grew tired of it. Lucky girl, I know. And a few of the pieces were my grandma’s. I like it slightly tarnished and maybe shine it once per year. Or maybe not.


    You can find these spring plate hangers at your hardware store or online here. They come in a few different sizes, so just make sure you find the ones to coordinate with your plate size.


    Hook the top two arms on the top of the plate then stretch it down to hook onto the bottom of the plate.


    Next, tap in a nail to the wall (I eyeballed this arrangement because I’m not patient enough to measure).


    Then hang your plate up. Easy as can be.


    When hung in a group, the plates look so pretty.


    I love having them out rather than stacked in a drawer and their silver sheen is just right for the dining room.

    Moral of the story is: look around your house and see if you have anything laying around that might make nice wall art.

    43 thoughts on “how to hang platters on the wall”

    1. I have quite a few ironstone platters & have used the same hangers as Emily. I use some platters decoratively and find that hangers hold up well. Use the hangers above top shelf in pantry for the extras. Makes them fairly easy to get at. Would like to try the disc holders for some cobalt & orange patterned plates (all different patterns), if I lay them out & they look okay with a large real Imari plate that I received. Not big on orange, but the Imari platter is absolutely exquisite.
      Same as everyone else – just love Joanna Gaines knack for making things looks great & comfy. Thank you for the tip. Will pull out old silver. Barbara

    2. Wow! I didn’t know this would be so easy! I was waaay overthinking how to hang this platter on my wall, thank you so much for the info!

    3. Can you tell me where you sourced the linen rectangular light fixture above the dining room table in this shot? It is EXACTLY what I’m looking for for my house!!

      1. It is a pew – very old from a church in Spokane, Washington. My mother-in-law bought it years ago and passed it on to us. It’s old and rickety, but we love it.

    4. I love fixer upper too! I can’t wait for Thursday to roll around so I can watch another episode or a repeat because I always see something I missed the first time. love the silver platter idea…I just happen to have a few pieces in my stash :)

    5. I love your platters! my mom always hung plates and platters on the wall….it’s part of how I decorate now, too! these silver platters are beautiful! YES, we LOVE Fixer Upper! I wish they had a magazine all of their own…they are darling and do the most amazing renos :)

    6. Ha! I just posted about Fixer Upper on my blog (only time I’ve EVER devoted an entire post to a TV show), and talked specifically about the unconventional things Joanna hangs on her wall. That’s one my husband gladly watches with me too.

      Anyhoo, the post surprised me at the response it got because, apparently, everyone else in the world watches it (I should have known; I don’t watch much TV) and has huge crushes on them too. I’m thinking they’re on the verge of taking over the world. They seem like they would be benevolent dictators.

      Oh, and question: where are all your candy jars on your table from? I have a sweets-themed birthday party coming up for my twins and would love to find some just like them. Were they expensive?

      1. Abbie! Fun to ‘hear’ your voice (kinda strange that I can actually hear it through your writing – I think that means you’re really good).

        The apothecary jars mostly came from my craft store – each for $10-$25. So maybe not super cheap, but also not crazy expensive.

        1. Well, that’s just about the nicest thing you could say to a girl who loves words. My friends tell me all the time that I write exactly how I talk, so I don’t know if that means I’m “good,” or it’s just the only way my brain can communicate words. At least, I’m consistent.

          And thanks for the jar info. I’ve done a little scouting, and those prices seems pretty par for the course (although, Target wanted $10 today for some small, cheapo, plastic ones, and I thought they were getting a little big for their britches). Have a great weekend!

          P.S. Are you going to Allume?

    7. I love that show Fixer Upper. Joanna and Chip are so talented. Wish they would come and re-do my home. I love the silver trays. I only have one tray, which was my mother-in-laws. Need to get some more to try this. It looks awesome.

    8. So did you adore Jen Hatmakers show or did the color stress you out just a bit? I tend to fall in your same color palette, neutrals, black and whites, more classic things. But I LOVED her renovation, but it slightly gave me hives with all the color! In theory I would love to have turquoise kitchen cabinets but in reality I think it would stress me out!

      1. I did adore Jen’s show :) She was on the trip to Rwanda with me, so I got to know her and love her even more and it was fun to watch her on tv (she is exactly the same in person – maybe even more loveable). The color was a lot and at first I was not so in love, but by the end I think their house came together really well and reflected their family. Now if I were to redo that amazing farmhouse … you can bet it would be all white and black and wood :)

    9. Just received a wooden cake stand from Joanna’s shop in Waco, Magnolia Market. I love the show, and the man who makes the tables. We plan to stop by both places as they are just over an hour from here (the next time we go to Austin to see our son and daughter in law).

    10. I have a wall of hanging silver platters in my home! We used 3M command strips to hang them. They’ve been hanging for a couple of years now. We love 3M command stripes, they do the trick:) And we love the look!

      1. I didn’t have much luck with these. They just wouldn’t stick! So I got out my Gorilla Glue to assist with the discs and that worked just fine! BTW, the “claws” come in a bigger size. I bought some to hang tole painted trays.

    11. Hi Emily – I’m big fan of your newsletters and am always inspired by your style and ease of decorating. I really love this idea and as soon as I finish my ‘painted wallpaper’ I will be using this idea on said wall.

      Thanks for sharing so much of you and yours!

    12. They also have the plate hangers available at Michaels craft stores. They are a pretty good price and most of the time they have coupons as well. That’s where I purchased all of mine from.

    13. Haha, if it were me hanging platters, I’d probably use some velcro command strips! I stage houses and I use those things for eeeeeverything.

    14. Hi! Love this and I, too, have plates that have been passed down from my grandmother and mother that make nice decoration. I never thought of it as 3-D art, but of course! It makes sense that adding dimensional items freshens up a space.

      Anyway, question! I’m re-doing my home office currently and I love how it is coming together. Was just looking at art/frames last night. Was thinking I should try to include some more interesting pieces… but what would you hang in an office? I feel like plates/platters isn’t appropriate… but I can’t exactly hang a stapler either. ;-) Anyone have any ideas?? :)

        1. Hi, another thought would be to hang family photos! That’s what I did in my office and I love being surrounded by family and friends!

    15. I didn’t think it was possible to love you blog more! I recently inherited some silver platters and was planning on putting them in my dining room when we move. Might just have to break open the box and hang them to enjoy in the meantime. Thanks for always being an inspiration and real. So appreciative of your blog!

    16. Love that show!! They are the cutest! And yes, I want buy all the broke down houses and make them beautiful! I can do it…. Love the silver platters on the wall – I am always drawn to them at thrift and antique stores, but I never know what to do with them. hmmm Thanks for sharing!

    17. Love this! Have you ever tried hanging porcelain plater or platters? I’m wondering if those hangers work as well. Though I do love the look of that silver platters!

    18. I love that show too. Joanna does a great job in decorating and your plates would be perfect in one of her dining rooms. Looks great !

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