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sources for entry, office, bath & dining room

    The first half of the fall tour was fun, right? I loved pulling my house together and giving it a fall look (if you missed the tour, you can see it here). There were many questions about sources for items shown and I’m all about sharing!


    Not that you are going to go out and purchase everything you see here, but hopefully it helps show what can be done without spending tons and tons on furniture and accessories.¬† For the fall tour, I mainly shopped my house – rearranging furniture, moving around accessories, pulling out a few fall decorations I keep stored. Like I said on the house tour, I recently quieted the house and striped it of all of it’s ‘stuff’. It was the best thing for me! I actually had a semi-difficult time putting things back out because it was just so nice to have clean surfaces, bookshelves, walls. But it was time to put things back together and I like the more edited version of our house this time around. I’m sure things will change (as they always seem to do around here), but for now, this arrangement suits us.

    Okay, back to sources. Let’s start with the entry. Most of these items are new-ish because I was ready for a more simple and open entry (see the entry before here and here). This looks feels very minimal, yet practical.


    mirror // boo. I can not find it on the ikea website. But it was cheap – like $49ish – and big with clean lines.

    bench // sorry, no link. Marshalls/tj maxx/homegoods are hit or miss – on one particular day, it was a hit for me when I found this sturdy bench.

    hook // you can’t really tell from the photo, but this monogram letter hook is super cute. It’s an L (naturally).

    scarf // if you’re looking for a perfect everyday scarf, this is it. Soft, easy to wear, a purchase with purpose.

    bag // I had been eying this striped/leather bag for forever and bought it to carry my laptop to Rwanda this summer. It is perfect in style and size for my 15″ macbook and I opted for an outside zippered pocket for extra storage. I wish the stripe fabric was a little sturdier and durable, but I would still recommend it. Plus, I love that the company provides work for women who otherwise would not have a job (learn more about better life bags here).

    rug // trendy? yes. But inexpensive and graphic and dark enough in the entry to hide dirt. It slips around so it needs a rug pad under to hold it in place.

    There is a little welcome decal on the mirror that doesn’t show in the photo, but it is super cute and from here.


    shelf // you will never believe how inexpensive this shelf is … $49! It’s surprisingly nice for the price and keeps things modern in the bath.

    frames // silver frames were all the rage years ago, but I still like them grouped with my little darlings’ photos.

    mirror // from my grandmother. I love it all chippy and gold.

    painting // it’s my first large-scale painting (proud moment) that I turned into prints available in the shop.

    towel // these soft hand towels are my favorite.

    stool // such a great basic that can be stained or painted any color.


    wallpaper // the world’s most time-intensive diy, but totally and completely worth it. 4 years later, it’s still my fave.

    chair // my search for the perfect office chair led me to this handsome but too-short one, so I added casters.

    rug // an oldie that is no longer available at ikea, but you can get a similar one at crate & barrel.

    frame // another vintage chippy gold frame (I sense a theme …)

    sconces // this whole collection of lights is so good. Especially the black & white striped cords.

    desk // salvaged door + ikea table legs + ribbon + nailhead tacks. dining-room-sources

    window // we found the large window at our favorite salvage store in Seattle, hung it from barn door tracks and it works as a great room divider between the entry and dining room without blocking light.

    chairs // no longer available, but these are similar. I just wouldn’t recommend them for everyday use if you have kids who make crumbs.

    table // no longer available (unfortunately). It’s one of the first pieces of furniture we bought as a couple. We found it at the restoration hardware outlet store for a steal. It’s super heavy and will stay with our family for a long, long time.

    light // another find from the rh outlet store. Again, for a steal.

    shelf // great lines, made well, fun to style. Great option if you’re looking for an affordable, but nice bookshelf.

    runner // one strip of white butcher paper, a second strip of $1 target wrapping paper. I bought every roll they had in my store and wish I had 10 more. I love this paper.

    pew // my favorite thing my mother-in-law ever passed down to us. She bought it years ago from an old church. It’s rickety, but so, so charming.


    So there you have it – all the sources. As always, let me know if you have any other questions!

    21 thoughts on “sources for entry, office, bath & dining room”

    1. Hello,

      I’m curious about the beautiful wall/beadboard/trim colors. The walls appear to be a lovely pale gray. Can you share the colors?

      Thanks, Susan

      1. THanks Susan! The wall color is called White Heron by Sherwin Williams. Our trim color is a custom match to what was here when we moved in. It’s slightly brighter than the walls for a nice contrast.

    2. Have loved seeing all your pictures. Great inspiration! Wondering about the salvaged door used as a desk. Has it been painted a grey color or is this original? What paint was used? Imagine any solid surface door can be purchased with same effect? Will check to see if Ikea legs are still available. Thanks for any help you can give me with desk ideas!

    3. Hi Emily – I have loved seeing these posts of yours, and all your tips are truly inspiring. : ) My question is about this salvage store in Seattle – can you share the details? I understand if you want to keep this place a secret! ; ) Happy Autumn! – Jayci

      1. Of course! It’s called Second Use in south seattle. We discovered it about 10 years ago when prices were super cheap – now that the reuse/vintage/salvage trend is so big, their prices have definitely gone up. But you can still find cool things there. If you are in Seattle, try Earthwise as well.

    4. Your office still inspires me … I was wondering how you applied the chalkboard paint on your office wall. And what color / brand is that, exactly? I am trying to achieve the same without getting a SOLID BLACKish wall.

      1. I used rustoleum chalkboard paint from home depot (or lowes). It goes on solid black, but once you ‘season’ it with chalk (basically, rub the whole wall with chalk and then wipe away with a dry cloth) it gives it that moody gray color. Hope this helps!

    5. Hi Emily,
      Your home is lovely. I have a question that doesn’t pertain to this post…. Awhile back you mentioned you worked out to a few Ballet videos. I was wondering if you have ballet slippers and if so where you purchased them. I would love to hear more about how you workout and if you practice/teach your little girl. Since it’s starting to get cold out I thought this would be a good activity for my daughter and I to do together. Any tips would be great. Much thanks.

      1. I buy mine and my daughters’ ballet shoes from Discount Dance Supply (online). You can get canvas ballet slippers if you don’t want to invest in leather ones. If you read the reviews for the ballet shoes, it’s easy to determine what size to order. I’ve been able to buy the right sizes every time based on what other customers have suggested. Good luck and happy dancing!

      2. Chelsea answered as I would … discount dance supply! That is where I buy audrey’s shoes. I don’t wear ballet shoes for the ballet workouts I do – bare feet works fine. But sometimes I’ll put on my old ballet shoes just for fun because it makes me feel like a dancer :)

    6. So great! So jealous of your pew. I’ve looked for a pew on craigslist for years for our mud room but haven’t found the right one. Love it all

    7. I love the fall update! I have been looking at those lights from Ikea that you have in your office and i am curious how you attached them to your walls with the clamps? Thanks!

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