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a new (semi diy) office chair

    I’ve been searching for the perfect chair for my desk for quite a while. I had a list of criteria – style, comfort, no arms and most importantly height – which made finding the right chair super difficult. I narrowed it down to these choices a month or so ago, but never felt 100% about any of them.

    (note: I know a ‘real’ office chair is probably the most practical decision with the adjustable seat and ergonomic design, but I just couldn’t do it. My need for pretty won out).

    While walking the aisles of Target last week (actually looking for a stool for Ryan’s newly designed office), this swoop arm herringbone chair caught my eye.  The lines are great, the style is slightly masculine which I like, it is petite and comfortable to sit in. BUT, the seat height was off by about an inch.

    That’s when this little genius idea hit me: add casters!

    So off we went to the hardware store. I bought a pack of the smallest casters they had, came home, did a google search and realized there are a whole lot prettier options out there but they are much more expensive and I’m too impatient to wait for reproduction brass casters to ship. So I just went with these.


    Screwing into the legs made me a tiny nervous – not knowing if they would split when I drilled into them – but then figured I could replace the legs if needed and sometimes you just have to take the risk.


    First, I marked the holes on the bottom of the legs. Then pre-drilled the holes. And screwed in the casters. No splits! It was a proud moment.


    The extra 1.5 inches of the casters brings the chair to the perfect height for my desk. And I actually think the chair looks more proportional with the added height.


    Yesterday was my first real work day using the chair and I’m pleased to say, it was comfortable, the wheels are surprisingly convenient and my shoulders didn’t ache.


    The search is over.   office-chair

    And lesson learned: if you can’t find what you’re looking for, improvise.

    38 thoughts on “a new (semi diy) office chair”

    1. I was so thrilled to come across this post as I was searching how to add casters to the EXACT same chair! Which bit did you use to drill the holes? Did you drill the center hole too? Mine already has a small threaded hole in the center, but I bought it second-hand so I don’t know if they added casters or it was already there.

    2. I love your blog and decor ideas! I’m inspired to make my own corkboard pinboard. I wondered if you have a tutorial anywhere to help me make my own. I found the perfect frame..

    3. Emily,
      I couldn’t find a place to email you on the blog but I wondered if you could provide a source for the pretty orange poppy print over your bed in the master bedroom? I like it so much! I have really been enjoying your blog and am especially excited about your Rwanda adventure. Thanks so much. Blessings! Robbie

    4. I love your blog! I am an occupational therapist and one of the many things that we do is ergonomics. I found myself looking at your set up (it is a reflex now – sorry). With your shoulder and neck pain – what do you think about raising your screen to eye level with some cute drawers? With your many hours on the computer it will help with pain and neck strain.

    5. Love the chair idea and the rest of the office looks great. I was wondering where your swing arm lights came from? Thanks!

    6. Swoon! How adorable. Speaking of casters, so we took our coffee table and added casters since we had recliners in both the sofa and love seat. I love it!! ( we have tile floors so it’s super easy to scoot the table with your foot as the recliner pops out) hope this idea helps someone. :)

    7. What a great hack! I’ve been on the hunt for an office chair for MONTHS with no luck and this might be the solution!!! The link to the castors didn’t pull up the product on Lowe’s… Mind sharing the brand/size/model you used? Love your blog… Such an inspiration :)

    8. I’m just getting ready to do this in our home office! I’ve been looking for just the right castors. Could you please check the link – I’d love to see which ones you bought but I can’t seem to get your link to work. Do you think they’d roll on carpet? Thanks!!

    9. I love your new chair! I normally work from bed – high class I know, but I tend to get more done here than anywhere else because i don’t have to worry about getting sore. Though, I am looking for a house with a space for an office so I can set up my printer, cricut, and all that fun stuff and not have to contstantly hide things away when I am done. I think when I am setting up my office I will think outside the box so it is comfortable and inviting like you did with yours! Thanks for the out of the box thinking.

    10. Love the chair! It is so satisfying and beautiful when inspiration strikes and a problem is solved. Congratulations on your new office chair! (And I am filing away this idea for future projects too!)

    11. Great idea! This is probably what I need to do. After suffering with various back & hip pains (which I honestly think is mostly due to the long hours I spend working at my computer in a less-than-ideal chair), I need SOMETHING that works! Target & hardware store, here I come!

    12. Looove it!!

      You know that chair of mine with the broken leg? Guess how the leg got broken? I found vintage brass casters for $2 at a thrift store and thought they’d be so fun on my white chair. #FAIL. I’m so happy yours worked out, now I have hope to try it again!!!

    13. Your office looks great! I like how you added the castors. That is a great idea!!! I bought 4 of this exact chair for a lobby that I designed for a office. They are really comfortable, and very good looking.

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