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office desk

    A few weeks ago I showed you my new office desk in it’s raw state.


    At that point I was thinking I would add a skirt. But once it was sanded




    painted {two coats of Sherwin Williams Cashmere paint in Rushing River}


    given a band of white grosgrain ribbon


    and some silver nail head trim



    I ended up really liking its modern simplicity.

    So here she is now living happily in my office.

    jdc office from doors

    jdc office

    I needed more storage {and display space} and so I installed three rows of shelves. I put them up myself. Into studs. I am quite proud.

    IMG_4157 IMG_4158jdc office desk with nailhead trim


    jdc office rolled paper flowers


    {one of my all time favorite photos from our first trip to New York}

    jdc office ribbons

    {a current display of neutral ribbons}

    jdc office boxes

    {boxes of envelopes at the ready}

    Now do you want to see my next project?

    jdc chair

    It is time to reupholster this handsome chair I have neglected for over five years.

    jdc chair

    It actually needs to be re-padded and tied too. I have never reupholstered anything, so this one might be ambitious for a beginner, but I’ll give it a try one of these days.

    Questions about my office? Here are the past posts:

    office {part one}

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    office {rearranged}

    painted wallpaper {tutorial}

    painted wallpaper {clarified}


    83 thoughts on “office desk”

    1. lLove your new computer table; I wanted something like that but I still have the desktop with printer and tower and all the cords/cables i hate..I didn’t see any of that in your picture. My daughter tells me that you can now buy computers without all of that, it is built in the monitor but wouldn’t you need a printer attached somewhere? I’m not very computer savy; my computer guru died 2 years ago.

      1. With the imac computer, there is only one cord. We also have our internet modem plugged in here too, but the cords are hidden under the desk with a little basket thing screwed to the bottom of the desk. I keep my printer under the desk out of sight :)

    2. I realize this post is from forever ago, but I have a question for you . . . any ideas on where to find a rack for my paper like the one you have in the corner (or what you could call it)?

    3. I know this is an older post but I am currently revamping my pathetic office space and love the way this looks with the shelves. One question though, where do you keep your printer and computer tower/laptop? I am looking for a way to have the printer accessible enough to use daily but not be an eye sore, any thoughts?

    4. Your office is fabulous. I love everything about it! And, I just read your post about your oldest son calling you Mom (and not Mommy). I remember when that happened to me – the time goes by so fast. Savor it. Your a great Mom and a talented artist!

    5. Your office looks amazing and so refreshing, Emily!

      I had one question – I noticed a little pumpkin nestled in a corner of your desk, covered over in paper. I just wondered how you made it? I love all things pumpkin and fall and this looks adorable. :)

    6. beautiful job! Nice choice on the table, my husband and I used to always go to ikea when we lived near one. I loved their napkins, they always added fun to our kitchen table.

    7. (could u plz just delete the one, with the fault in my name? :D sry, for that. and just remove this text inbetween ( ) thanx so much :D love ur blog! )

      Hi Emily I love your legs
      u know, i mean those from ur desk.

      but somehow my longer post disappeared… so here again, what i’ve written:

      Well i told u I’ve a similar desk – for a year now.
      it’s this (upped white):

      with those legs in white:

      (the other comment should’ve been a reply to my original comment – like this one)

      Read More At Jones Design Co:

    8. I think the best part about your home is that, like life, it’s always in motion. I’ve always been what my dad calls a “furniture mover” meaning on any given day he could walk into mine and my sisters shared room and it could be completely switched around from the last time he’d been in there. It drove my room mates crazy in college. Anyway, I digress… Watching your home evolve as your needs have changed and your family has grown is pretty cool.

    9. Hi Emily,

      actually my desk looks pretty much the same. but still a bit different. I’ve found (over a year ago) this in the “treasure trove/repository” (or however u call it over there) at IKEA so it was only the half price.
      I sided white up, and put the table onto those IKEA legs: in white

      And I like ur desk, these are really nice legs.

      Have a nice day ;)

      1. Oh yes, i wanted to say: NO SKIRT on this desk. It’s too cool to wear a skirt. And without it looks freshier and brighter.

    10. Absolutely LOVE your office. Mine has been laying in half finished mode for quite some time but seeing yours has lit the fire. My November project is officially been moved to office decor, complete, once and for all. Thanks for the inspiration and therefore motivation!!!! Happy Halloween.

    11. Hi Emily,

      I love the desk, I think it works great in your space and the colors are perfect. I had a question about the paint you used for it. I find that latex paint takes a while to cure and I’m thinking about looking for another type for my furniture.

      Do you find that the desk is “sticky” for at least a bit? How long do you wait before you put objects on it? Any tips for using such a light color? Thanks!

      1. Yes … the desk was sticky. I let it sit for probably a week, maybe more before putting things on it. It was so hard to resist, but I think it was worth it.

        As for the light color … not sure how it will hold up with lots of use, but I figure I can just repaint when it shows wear.

        You could try oil based paint if you would like something more durable. We painted our kitchen cabinets with oil paint and they have held up great – but it just takes a bit of extra effort.

        1. I have been hearing rave reviews of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint & its durability. Another big plus is that it claims to adhere to ANY surface without prep/priming. The colors are lovely as well :) I am planning to try it for a similar ikea desk I have , but will go with the skirting…..the legs on my desk are not nearly as nice as these! LOVE the shelves. I am determined to learn to put up my own shelves and such! Lovely space for you to work in!

    12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Your shelves gave me a great idea for my office/guestroom! I love how you decorate. If only I had some of that talent…

    13. Emily, I just LOVE all the things you do! This was inspired (and I bet a bit less expensive!) Did you get the desk at a thrift store? Looking for one for my husby. Also I LOOOOVVEEE your newish logo – my favorite yet! I love that font~! Still trying to decide about our Cottage of Content sign – so many other things came up that took priority – maybe someday we can finish that task…blessings!

    14. Love the cute little newspaper pumpkin in one of the pictures of your desk. Know it’s probably simple to do, but would love a cute little tutorial of how you made it!

    15. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!! You did such a great job! As always! I love the nailhead! Do you mind sharing where you purchased it? I ne’er some for a little DIY project in our bedroom. I’m looking forward to seeing your reupholstery job on your chair too. I have an antique chair (my grandparents bought it when they were married) that I need to reupholster, I just can’t decide if I’m going to attempt it myself or take it to a professional. Some of the wood veneer is actually missing on the arms, so I may have to let a professional tackle it.

      1. The nailhead trim is from the craft store, I think. Or maybe the hardware store? I used Dritz Home nail head trim {}

    16. Well, you should be proud! I am so impressed, I was just blinking and staring! It’s gorgeous, one of the most beautiful home offices I have ever seen and you made it all by yourself! Bravo!

    17. Your office has always looked beautiful, but I adore the simplicity of the new desk and shelves. Where did you find such large wall shelves? They look fantastic- I especially love how you’ve styled them!! Gorgeous!

    18. we are going to be making an office area in our new home, can’t decide if i want to do something like this set up or do built ins with more storage. where do you put your printer? it’s hard placing the ugly but necessary stuff! love the desk!

    19. that seat cushion should be pretty easy to reupholster and we have lots of great fabrics for you to choose from and I have always loved those french doors into your office….nicely done!

    20. Emily, I love how it turned out! What a great idea for the desk! I’ve been smitten with your wall design for a long time now and finally attempted to replicate it in our master bedroom and I love it! Thank you for sharing your home, your faith and your talents for His glory!

    21. First of all I am totally in love with your style! You have inspired me so much. My husband makes fun of me because almost everyday I check to see if you have posted something new. You are so gifted! Where did you get the table originally? It’s amazing how beautifully you transformed this table. great job! And as always I look forward to seeing more projects:)

    22. Every single inch of it is perfect! I have a great idea – how about this for next month’s giveaway: A day of hanging out with you chatting about random subjects in your charming office! :)

    23. Your office has always looked beautiful, but I adore the simplicity of the new desk and shelves. Where did you find such large wall shelves? They look fantastic- I especially love how you’ve styled them!!

      1. The shelves are pieces of wood from the hardware store. Nothing fancy – they were actually originally hanging in our garage until my husband reorganized out there, so I took them :). You can get 8 ft laminated white shelves at lowes for about $12 each. And IKEA has nicer brackets than what I used, but again, it was what we had sitting around in the garage.

    24. LOVE it!!!! Now, can you come move in for about a year or so and help me? The house is in shambles from moving and I feel it’s never going to change with baby #3 on the way in 10 short weeks. I’ll recover your chair for you and cook. No? Ok, but the office looks amazing!!

    25. Lovely, I am having my own office crisis so the inspiration is wonderful. Where do you put your printer, you know, the bulky thing that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere? Do you do all your bill paying in your office? Thanks. And I adore your blog. Thank you so much!

      1. So I didn’t show you the other side of the office for a reason :). I still have some more organization to do that includes my printers that I haven’t been able to camouflage quite yet. I’ll share it soon …

    26. I have been thinking about painting our old desk but am worried the surface would feel tacky afterward or that the paint would easily scuff or chip. Does it feel slightly sticky at all? Do you think it will hold up to wear?

      1. I just gave a long-winded answer to another comment {see above} but the shorter answer is, yes, it was tacky for a while. I let it sit for about a week or so and now it is great.

    27. Beautiful. I love your style! You seem to be able to keep things neutral but still interesting. Something I certainly struggle with.

      Thanks for the inspiration!

    28. Oh, my. I love your office. It gives me hope for my to-be area in my to-be finished basement =)
      I have a gray laminate top that I’m hoping to paint white with gray cabinets. What a treat to be able to browse your blog and gets TONS of ideas!!
      Thank you for blogging!!

    29. i love love love your office!!! it is so pretty!! i wish i had your creative talent. my office/craft room is a disaster! stuff is everywhere because i don’t really have much for storage, but you have inspired me to put up shelves! yours looks so great and i hope mine will too when i redo it, but i will have to get my husband to put the shelves up (i would probably ruin the wall or have my shelves on an angle or something ha ha). thanks so much for sharing Emily!!

    30. I have read your blog for quite some time and truly enjoy it. I was reading your post today and wanted to make sure you were aware of these tutorials on Design Sponge for Upholstery. I also purchased the tutorial DVD from Spruce in Austin and it is amazing! Good luck!

      Part 1:
      Part 2:
      Part 3:

    31. I was just looking at your office last night – getting ideas for my mom’s new office. We were wondering about how your storage situation was working out ;). Cute trim on the table.

    32. Never be afraid of upholstering. I’ve done it a few times and each time, they turn out amazing. Just remember to keep pulling tight the entire time you’re stapling and you’ll be solid gold.

      That office looks beautiful! I’m so jealous of the wallpaper :)

    33. Lovely, lovely office! You have inspired me to do more with my hubby’s office. I was afraid to use a simple desk, but now that I have seen yours and how it works with the space, I think I know what my next project will be.

      By the way, did you paint your walls with a stencil or is that wallpaper? I’m going for stencil, and I am hoping that’s what you’ll say!

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