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our living room with the finished shingled fireplace

    The best way for us to decorate our home is in phases – not always well-planned out, carefully calculated steps – more of a fluid figure-it-out-as-we-go type of decorating. Like you, we’re constrained by budget and thoughts of resale value and functionality for our young family.  We like a neutral space with lots of texture and a mix of traditional and country, eclectic and industrial, but you can’t really get that by ordering everything out of one catalog. It has taken us seven years of living in this home to get our living room to this point – a place where the room really feels collected and layered and like us. There are still a few things we’d like to do in here: wide-plank wood floors would look amazing, and a giant chandelier would be dreamy, maybe some more art on the walls and a larger rug. But those things will come. Or maybe they won’t. Either way, we have enjoyed the process of creating a space that’s personal and pretty, comfortable and welcoming, even if has taken a few years.

    So, while this room will undoubtedly go through more changes, I’m so pleased with this current phase and excited to welcome you into our living room.


    The fireplace really became the focal point with the new shingled/stone surround {you can see the before here and the step-by-steps of the shingles and stone work here and here}.


    Like I mentioned last time, I created a custom stain for the shingles to give it a slightly faded, naturally weathered look. I was nervous about covering the natural beauty of the cedar shakes, but it was the right decision for the space as it tones down the wood color and lets the stone be the star. There’s a lot of texture happening on that fireplace and it’s not a look for everyone. Thankfully, we love it and it gives our living room the dose of creativity and personality it needed.


    The chesterfield sofa is amazing – so comfortable and a very durable oatmeal-colored fabric.


    This room is right off of the kitchen and so it is our everyday living and entertaining space.

    jdc-living-room-full   living-room-from-up-above

    We’re just about ready to tear up that carpet – it is showing it’s age. And I’d like to replace the tile and extend the hearth to span the entire fireplace surround.  Non-essentials that may or may not make our to-do list.



    living-room-with-shingled-fireplace-back-of-chairs  shingled-fireplace-in-living-room

    // SOURCES //

    sofa: andella home
    tufted chairs: ethan allen
    coffee table: wisteria
    mirrored side tables: target {similar}
    metal side table: urban outfitters
    glass lamps & shades: target {no longer available}
    pharmacy floor lamp: target
    jute rug: ikea
    stag head: restoration hardware
    floral & black & white made by me
    yellow trellis: zgallerie {no longer available}
    linen and blue on chairs: target
    striped throw: ikea
    curtains: ikea
    paint color: wind’s breath by behr paint


    48 thoughts on “our living room with the finished shingled fireplace”

    1. ok i want everything on this fireplace…can u tell me about the stone and where u got it and what u stained the shingles with??

    2. Your living room looks great–but I found the site from a pin on Pinerest when it was darker gray on the bottom! I am kind of bummed because I’ve decided to do a very similar contrast in my own two-story family room and entry way. The crown moulding idea was genius! But why did you switch so much a lighter color on the bottom?
      I’ve got Zinc by Martha Stewart for the bottom and Wood Smoke by Glidden for the top.

      1. We were just ready for a change and brighter walls. We loved the old color and especially the contrast of the dark walls and lighter top. Hope you love the results in your home as well.

    3. Emily, your fireplace looks SO good! The shingles really look amazing. The Behr Wind’s Breath was a perfect color choice for in here! I’d love to feature this on my paint color blog, Involving Color. Let me know if you’re interested!

    4. How beautiful! I love the different textures all throughout the room, and those pink flowers on the table give just the right pop of color! Excellent work!

    5. Love the finished product! I have to admit I was a bit concerned with the shingles at first but I never should have doubted you…it is amazing!

    6. Oh I just LOVE the stained shingles!!!

      I need to know your concoction! lol We have a play house in our home business and have shingled roofs on it. THAT color is the exact look I need!!

      I will patiently stalk your blog for all the info!


    7. Emily your room is amazing! You and your husband are so so talented!! Were the curtains tab top and you fixed them differently? It looked like the ikea ones were tab top that you linked too but I wondered if you had a secret… :)

    8. Your room looks great Emily! Everything is pulled together so wonderfully. I especially like your pillow combination that YOU sewed yourself – looks so good.

    9. Ive been looking forward to this room reveal and I LOVE how it turned out. I was thinking about getting that same IKEA rug but was wondering if its super scratchy?? My kids love to wrestle around and even though I love the look Im not sure it would work with nothing but our hardwoods under it.

    10. To be honest, I wasn’t quite sure about the shingles when I saw them in your first post about the fireplace, BUT they look AMAZING!!!! What a complete transformation of the room! I LOVE IT!!! Kudos to y’all for your creativity and hard work. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS! :)

    11. Oh Emily. I love it. So much!!! Gorgeous work. Our fireplace is one of my LEAST favorite parts of our house. (we have millions of projects since it was built in 1988) ;) but the fireplace probably tops the list, a long with the kitchen….I’ve sent your link on to Ryan with a ‘pretty please’ attached. Do you think he will oblige?! ;)

    12. Just simply an inviting place to be in. I love how it’s a place for everyone, not too feminine or masculine and kid friendly. Great job Emily & Ryan!

    13. Who says neutrals are boring? Certainly not me and I can see you agree! Love the counterpoint of warm and cool shades of gray and taupe, brightly accented with the warm white woodwork in generous swaths. This room will look warm and inviting no matter the weather and season. Can’t wait to see what bent the Christmas decor will take this year.

    14. It seems you own the perfect backdrop for that gorgeous stag head – amazing room – I could live there quite happily.

    15. Emily, it’s just stunning. Have looked at it for 10 minutes! Your colors, styling, everything is so pulled together – a true talent. Didn’t I see those side table lamps in your master bedroom – ha, and you think we don’t study your rooms :). As always, thanks for sharing.

    16. Emily, I love your new look! I just have to ask, where did you end up putting your t.v.? I would love to make the fireplace the focal point of our family room as well, but the t.v. always makes that challenging.

    17. I appreciate the care you’ve taken to curate a space so it’s a perfect extension of your family personality. It’s true – pulling strictly from catalogs or showrooms gives a space a bland feel, but I love how you’ve mixed and matched and bought and created. You’ve inspired me!

    18. It came out beautiful! I love the combination of rugged and sophisticated.

      I’m curious, where do you keep your kids toys? I might have missed it if you posted already, but I noticed you said this was your main living space. Do you have a separate play room or storage? I need serious help in this department, lol!

    19. Oh WOW! It looks incredible! Absolutely perfect. I have to say I had this whole conflict about the fireplace: loved the shingles, then I didn’t like the shingles with the stone, and then I was mildly freaked out about staining the shingles. But you totally pulled it off and now it looks amazing. Well done!

      1. We go back and forth between wanting a tv in here and not. Currently, our big tv is in the upstairs bonus room. During football season I’ll probably want a tv back in this room to make it easy for entertaining {and because I love watching football}. We may mount one to the wall behind the taupe chairs, but that will entail rewiring things so I’m not sure it’s worth it.

    20. It is beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I have a stone fireplace similar to yours and it is the focal point as well. I enjoy your blog and I really like your style… the layered look of a home that doesn’t look like it came out of a big box store.

    21. Can I tell you how excited I’ve been for today to come – to see your completed fireplace reveal! It is absoultely beautiful!!! The stain is perfect and everything comes together so well!!! It’s cozy, put together, pretty, and perfect for a darling family like yours!! Thank you for sharing with the world :)

    22. Looks wonderful! I do think the stain on the shingles made a great difference. I have felt that homes should not only reflect the interests of the people who live there, but also the setting where the home is located. (In other words, don’t make your house a beach house if you live in the middle of farmland…) So your room is a perfect blend of your tastes and the location of the Pacific NW. Beautiful job!

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