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A pair of matching floor lamps – do or don’t?

    We don’t argue all that often. But on this particular day, I was feeling feisty and he was being stubborn and so we fought.

    Want to know what we were so passionately arguing about?



    I know. Ridiculous.

    Ryan thought a pair of floor lamps would look great flanking the couch in the living room.

    I thought it would be too matchy-matchy and preferred a floor lamp on one side and a table lamp on a table on the other.

    We certainly needed more light in our living room and there is already plenty of furniture, so Ryan’s main concern was that adding a side table would clutter things up visually. My main concern was that matching floor lamps just isn’t done.

    When he left the room, I immediately opened my computer and pinterest-searched ‘matching floor lamps‘ to see if it was a decorating do or don’t.


    I didn’t find a lot (the table/floor lamp combo seems to be most common), but I did come across a few rooms that looked great with a pair of floor lamps on either side of the couch.

    So I humbled myself, apologized for my stubbornness (and possible brattiness) and the next day we bought a pair of floor lamps.

    And you know what? I actually really like them. They keep things modern, clean and less visually cluttered. The lamps we bought are sturdy, shiny, classic and add a touch of fancy to our casual living room.

    Ryan was right. Matching floor lamps can be a great choice.

    Here are a few rooms with matching floor lamps that helped me change my mind:


    Gorgeous brass lamps in a very traditional room. (Source unknown)


    Lots of symmetry happening in this room, but the colors keep your eye moving around. And I am in love all that natural light. (Potterbarn)


    While not exactly flanking the sofa, I do like how these lamps fill in the space. (HouseBeautiful)


    A more modern/Scandinavian approach to the matching lamps. (Source unknown)


    As with our room, because of the placement of the furniture, there isn’t a lot of space for an end table. The two lamps keep things clean and streamlined. (Potterybarn)


    Keeping things elegantly simple in this rustic meets traditional room. (Source unknown)

    Moral of the story:

    My husband has good taste. Rejuvenation is my new favorite store. Big windows are a must for our next house. A pair of matching lamps look great flanking a sofa.

    38 thoughts on “A pair of matching floor lamps – do or don’t?”

    1. In really do agree with you when you said that keeping the decor elegant and simple is the best for rooms that have a rather traditional look. I actually am considering a palm tree lamp for the living room since it has the traditional country look for its design. Hopefully, it works because my mom is saying otherwise. Either way, it is still my living room.

    2. Emily I love the look of your matching floor lamps! I was faced with the same decision in my new living room last year. A good friend of mine, who is also an Interior Designer, recommended that I use 2 identical foor lamps to flank my new sofa. I absolutely love how it looks and it’s perfect for reading etc. I placed Martini Tables from Restoration Hardware in front of each lamp to hold a cup of coffee, glass of wine etc. so it’s all very functional. My husband loves how it looks too. As long as everything in a room doesn’t match I think it’s fine to have 2 matching lamps. I think it helps to ground the space and adds a bit of symmetry to enhance the appearance of the room. I think your living room looks wonderful with your new floor lamps!

    3. Love the look! I’ve used a similar look before flanking a buffet table in a dining room that needed more light. Its a beautiful modern look.

      1. Sure! The ticking pillows I made, the green velvet is from Restoration Hardware, the geometric is from Target. Plaid throw is from Schoolhouse Electric (I may be getting some to add to my shop this fall!).

    4. Hi Emily,
      I don’t have Instagram, but wanted to leave a question or two for Ryan for your next Coffee Chat…hope you’ll see this here! What blogs does he read? Also, you’ve said he does a lot of work on the blog…where does he find inspiration for new marketing strategies, design ideas, etc.? Any sources he’d be willing to share for new ideas? Thank you! Looking forward to our virtual chat ; )

    5. I think the look great Emily, though, sometimes a think that a side table is necessary for entertaining guests and friends. In my case, I need at least one side coffee table (I don’t know if it’s called like that) for helping a guest with the glass of water or plate if we are attending in the living room. Love your blog and your ideas! You are great! Greetings from Spain! Chily

    6. I have never spoken with my husband of 16 years about a lamp. He is not into home design or opinions about anything decorative. I have to give your husband props for caring… great pick on the lamps.

    7. Ok- I can live matching floor lamps, however I think yours are too skinny for your sofa. I think your initial concern had some merit, you knew something wasn’t quite right. If you look through the photos you posted, the common thread is all of the floor lamps have either a substantial base, thicker base, or movement like the bronze pharmacy lamps. If they had a little more thickness, I think you would have never posed the question.
      Oh, maybe a new DIY project could be to cover a pvc pipe the length of the lamp post with brown leather, add a silver or brass coupling on the end. Add a little masculine touch?

    8. I think your floor lamps are a good choice. The arms of your sofa are too high for end tables to be useful and table lamps would be dwarfed.

    9. I can appreciate this post. I have two matching floor lamps in our living room, on either side of our sofa. I’m not sure when or where I came up with the idea, they have been like that for the past 3 years, but I still love them. To me, it is a bit traditional and a bit unique at the same time. I think it depends on the style of the lamps and how they make the space feel. Thanks for sharing your post:)

    10. The hubs knows better is frequent happening in our house, hate it when he’s right,
      However when it comes to styles or c0loors especially, don’t think so.
      Your floor lamps are perfect, keeps clear sight line with bigger sofa. Have to agree end table/lamp would be cluttered looking, too much.
      Loved all the reference photos, lamps are incredible. Have great rest of week

    11. love the look not the price! my budget can not afford spending $522 on lamps! how about some alternative store ideas?

    12. That’s a lovely, clean look, in keeping with your pared-down spring vibe. I also love a very narrow sofa table behind the couch with floor lamps flanking the sides to frame the space. Target a few years ago had nice dark twisted resin floor lamps that really grounded the space behind a great navy Ikat print Ikea couch in a former apartment. The hidden sofa table was a couple of narrow wooden crates leftover from the move, stacked against a wall behind the couch. So yes to the matching floor lamps when they create a visual balance. And thumbs up to Ryan :)

    13. So timely; I’ve just been toying with the same idea myself for our home. The inspiration photos are all gorgeous, and now yours convinced me, too. Are there still decorating “don’ts”? I thought we had all voted to do whatever we want in our own homes….. :)

    14. My husband is not my decorator, but he is my color and style consultant. He has this knack with color that most decorators can only dream of having. He is my go to for lots of inspiration and ‘can I do this’, or ‘is this feasible’, but I’m not about to listen to him regarding decorating advise. LOL

      I have matching floor lamps that flank my couch and I couldn’t image in any other way; however, I am a matchy matchy and symmetrical person. I recently got my hair all chopped off in a wedge with long front ‘wings’ so to speak. One wing is longer than the other and I thought the stylist was drunk or something, but it turns out – if you can believe it – it’s supposed to be that way! To me, it’s like 1 floor lamp and 1 table lamp flanking my face. Just not done!

      So, I guess, each to his own. I’m currently still sporting the floor lamp and table lamp on either side of my face, however much I dislike it, my daughter thinks I’m rad, so I’m leaving it……for now.

    15. Amanda | The Interior Maven

      Haha! I love it. :) We have matching lamps that usually flank our sofa in front of large windows, but right now our sofa is moved around. I wish I could send you a pic because this post made me laugh so hard. I understand the husband/wife struggle. It is sometimes the hardest. ;)

      Those lamps look fantastic, by the way!!

    16. My husband fancied himself a decorator too. Lamps were our biggest issue! I would come home and all shades would be switched and he even put a floor lamp on a table! Nearly drive me insane. When I renovated I installed recessed lighting and sconces. Gotta get a step ahead of them!

    17. ha! Gotta hate it when husbands are right!
      Those lamps are definitely the Brad Pitts of floor lamps…or maybe even Ryan Reynolds!
      It’s really hard to imagine that room not being bright….

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