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pillow talk

    Confession: I have a pillow addiction.


    This is not even all of them. I have matching pairs for a handful of the ones shown and several more that just didn’t make the photo.

    It could be considered a problem. But here’s the thing: for a neutral-lover like myself, a fun pillow is the perfect way to add color, pattern and texture without having to commit to a permanent piece. I change out pillows, rotating them seasonally or just moving them from room to room for a new look.

    Most of these pillows were made by me {which, by the way, is a great way to save money. Teach yourself how to sew a straight stitch and you’re well on your way}. Here are a few of my favorite pillows of the bunch:


    The floral is the most expensive fabric I’ve ever purchased at $50 per yard, but it made two double-sided pillows and is a beautiful heavy knit fabric that is perfectly cheerful for the spring and summer months. The fabric is called Waggaman Festive by Braemore Fabrics and is available here.

    I also made the ruffle pillow, this time using IKEA curtains {seriously one of my favorite sources for fabric – just cut up a curtain panel!}. I did a similar tutorial for a ruffle pillow here.

    That yellow flower pillow is an oldie but goodie from the Dwell line at Target a few years ago. I’m a bit of a pillow snob and like the inserts to be down-filled. This one is probably the only pillow in our house that is not, but perhaps my favorite of all.

    I’m actually not that crazy about the yellow embroidered pillow {the color is more saturated than I prefer} but I wanted to point you to catalog stores like Potterybarn, West Elm and Land of Nod for pillow covers. You can often buy them without the inserts and then purchase those elsewhere for less {try ikea or online}. This one came from PB Teen which has a great selection of slightly more playful and slightly less expensive pillows than her big brother Potterybarn.

    This geometric ikat was also made by me using very inexpensive fabric by Premier Prints at They have lots of trendy patterns and it’s printed on a thick cotton which holds up well as pillows. This particular fabric is called Chipper in Slub Charcoal for $8.98 per yard.

    The sequin pillow is a cut up tank top from Old Navy that I bought to add some sparkle around Christmas time last year. Here is the tutorial.

    The newest pillows to join our home came from a great online decor source Lulu & Georgia.


    I just received my September issue of Country Living and what do you know … this darling scallop pillow made the cover!


    I kind of like the scallops dipping down, so I turn mine upside down. Super cute, either way.

    The other new pillow addition is this funky one also from lulu & georgia.


    It is going to be part of the boy’s room makeover {which is coming along, by the way}.¬† I couldn’t decide between this antler print or the moose one – both are whimsical and unique and great statement pieces.

    While making my own pillows is both cost-effective and super easy, sometimes it is nice to have a professionally made pillow that is unique and helps add color or pattern to your room. The ladies at Lulu & Georgia have offered a 20% discount to JDC readers with the code JONESDESIGNCO20 so start pillow shopping and hopefully you’ll find something just right! *THIS DISCOUNT CODE IS NOW EXPIRED*

    One more thing about pillows:

    My poor sugardaddy {that’s code for step-dad} didn’t know what he was getting into when he married my mom.

    Her addiction to pillows may be worse than mine.

    I guess it runs in the family.

    24 thoughts on “pillow talk”

      1. Yes, you should be able to. It depends on what size you want your finished pillows. Check the fabric dimensions {decorator fabric is usually 54″} and then determine your finished pillow size. You can also use a fancy fabric for the front and then back it with something simple to save costs.

    1. Here’s what I can’t get over- more pillows equal less sitting or more pillows on the floor, neithe of which I can stand. When i look at design pictures, I feel so under-pillowed, but I can’t handle more than 2 pillows on my couch. That’s my prob, not yours.
      I adore your fabrics and my daughter wants to make a shirt pillow pronto, so maybe she has the many pillows gene.

    2. Thank you for your blog!!! It is one of my favorites and always an inspiration! What brand of down inserts do you recommend for pillows?

      1. I don’t have a specific brand or even type of down inserts. They can be expensive, so I like to find them either at the fabric store on sale, ikea {they only have one size, but it’s a standard square so I have a bunch of those}, we have a down outlet store in Seattle that I go to every once in a while {pacific coast down}. I have even found down pillows at Marshalls or TJMaxx or Homegoods that I didn’t love the cover, but at $12 I bought it anyway just for the insert. Potterybarn and PBkids sell the inserts and those go on sale every once in a while. Hope these sources help!

    3. I salute you fellow pillow addict! Like you I have learned to sew (straight stitch) for my addiction…but still can’t pass up a unique pillow in the stores. Just yesterday I bought 2 new pillows…my husband may divorce me if he finds out! ;)

    4. I love me a pillow! I really only have a handful of inserts though (I’m a down snob too!) and I just switch out the cases. Makes for easy storage that way. I prefer to make my own, just because then I can buy a great quality fabric. You have a lot of fun ones, and Lulu & Georgia has so much great stuff! Thanks for the discount code!

    5. Emily,
      Your post is so timely! I recently moved into a new home and splurged on a Pottery Barn white sofa. (eek.. I have two boys, 4 and 7). I have been on a quest for pillows for the new neutral sofa. I love all of the pillows in your collection and have often admired pics of your rooms and pillow arrangements. Thanks for the tips and inspiration!

    6. I’m another neutral-addict pillow-obsessor. I have a few similar/identical pillows to some in your collection but will be adding more now that I have your sources. Thanks for sharing! I especially like the PB Teen idea because that way I don’t have to sew. I always like the idea of sewing better than the reality. :)

    7. Oh my gosh I am in love with ALL of your pillows! We just purchased a lovely neutral couch set – our first grown up piece of furniture – but it comes with some horrendous pillows. I can’t wait to cover them with some light, cherry fabric!

    8. Cute pillows! I especially love the black/white checked throw!! Would love to have a couple of those in my home! Love and blessings to you!! :o)

      1. Many are out around the house, but then I have a closet where I throw the rest of them. I like that I can take the covers off and fold them up and then just reuse the inserts with different covers.

    9. You have an inspiring collection of pillows, Emily! I also am a neutral person, and I love to change out pillows often to create a touch of color. I’ve made a few and bought several covers, and I am always looking for a new place to buy – Lulu and Georgia have a good selection. Thank you for sharing them!

    10. The antler print pillow just might soften my husband to the idea of buying a new pillow! It looks manly & rustic enough, and yet (bonus for me) its not camoflauge! :)

    11. Hi Emily,

      You have such beautiful taste, and this was a very helpful post. I had to laugh when I first saw the photo with all of the pillows. I can only imagine what my husband would say if I had such a collection (why?). Haha. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!

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