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Put a bird on it … an inexpensive art option

    bird and flower artwork

    I know birds might be a little cliche, but I actually really do like them. I am always drawn to art with birds, fabric with birds (especially this!), these chairs – oh how I want them in my house, and even clothes (like this dress for me and this adorable sweater for Audrey).

    Years and years ago I came across a coffee table book filled with delightful illustrations of – you guessed it – birds.

    Instead of using the book for its intended purpose, I promptly sliced the pages out to use as art. Long ago, I pasted them all up on the wall above our piano (It’s so fun to look back at old blog posts. These were taken way before the need for good photos … just me being creative sharing it with early blog readers. It’s fun to see how much my style has changed, too).

    I have held on to that stack of bird illustration and continue to reach for them when I’m in need of art.

    The swift print has been a mainstay around my house for a while. You’ve seen it in the entry.

    You’ve seen it in the spring studio.

    And again in the studio styled out for the summer.

    When I was adding a fall touch to the studio, I went back into that stack of bird prints and found the perfect more muted fall-toned bird.

    I just popped it into the same vintage frame (with faded mat – my favorite part!) and looks so great with my pumpkin painting.

    In the Birds book, there are 46 different illustrations to choose from. Here are a few more of my favorites:

    Aren’t those great? I do think a wall with a bunch of them framed would be charming, or just pick and choose the bird that makes you happy. That rook up there would be cute for Halloween, the snowy owl for Christmas and heron (bottom left) is fun for summer.

    I know finding art that is affordable can be tricky so hopefully this resource will help!

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    8 thoughts on “Put a bird on it … an inexpensive art option”

    1. When my Mother was passing. I asked her to find a way to let me know she was ok. She said I will send a Blue Bird and have it peck on your window. She did!
      Needlesless to say I have blue bird pictures and figurines all over my house. And blue birds houses in the yard.
      They come often.

    2. A few years ago I realized I liked having birds in the house, figurines, art on wall, fabric, however it suited my mood at the time. Have more of bird items in our bedroom and bathroom to save Mr. Furry’s nerves. Once in while those birds migrate to the living room depending on season.
      I seem to get most of my bird images from The Graphics Fairy or other bloggers free printables. They turn out really nice printed at home, sometimes on colored card stock, sometimes on photo paper, other specialty papers. Have repainted frames from thrift shops several times to go with any images needing to be framed.
      We live few miles west of Grand Junction in rural area so stores are further away. Like to be able to get my art up and ready, not have to go to store first, lose interest then. Am a very spontaneous person in pretty much everything I do, not a planner. Today made curtains for our bathroom with a pretty light bird pattern and vines, sure cheered up the room.
      Lucky you having that wonderful bird coffee table book for art in a hurry when needed.
      Have wonderful weekend

    3. I have birds everywhere in my house. Pictures, figurines assorted decor. Can’t help myself. Funny thing
      Is that there was a bird’s nest on our downspout when we moved into it. There have been at least two
      Others since, including a hummingbird’s nest. I have it displayed under a glass cloche :). Love your
      Subtle subdued design sense. Afraid mine is a touch more in your face and mixed up.

      1. Hello Kathy,
        After reading your post, I went on Amazon to order the book, and it’s priced around $58.00. Even checked the used books listed. How did you find it for $8?

    4. I have birds around my home too. My reason is when i asked my 100 year old great grandmother what her favorite bible passage or story was she said she always felt like one of those little sparrows Jesus was talking about in Matthew 6. He always met her needs and she never did without anything, considering the life she lived and what she lived through that’s a testament.It’s now my precious daily reminder of an amazing woman and faith and to be content and grateful for all I have been given.

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