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home office specifics plus a mini-tutorial

    Thank you so much for the kind & encouraging comments on yesterday’s office reveal.  It was a fun room to put my personality into and to try some new things and I think it turned out better than I had hoped.  And did you like the fancy photos? Those were taken by my husband who very kindly dealt with my over-controlling nature when it comes to these types of projects.  Thanks dear.

    Now, on to some of the specifics of my current favorite room in our house.


    The wall paint is the color that our entire house was painted. It is actually a pretty nice neutral grey/beige/wheat color {Rodda HFH09}. The pattern is painted with a custom white we had color matched to the trim in the house.  The dresser {one of my favorite things in the room} is from my m-i-l {of course} and it is painted Sherwin Williams Rushing River {also the color I painted Audrey’s bed & shelves – love it}.


    I borrowed the chair from our living room and will hopefully replace it soon with an upholstery project that I’m excited to tackle.  I really love these chairs : my husband : not so much.  They are from #1 Allen and he gave me the go-ahead to chose what I like and I really thought he would like them so I splurged. And alas, he does not like them. They are sort of petite and have a great taupe mohair-like upholstery.  Actually, I think he likes them okay, but he was hoping for a more ‘sink in and fall asleep’ type of chair, which this is not.   Wow, that was too much information about a chair. Sorry.

    The ruffle pillow was made by me and I’m hoping to put up a tutorial soon on how to make one.


    A few of you asked about how difficult it was to hardwire in these sconces.

    Ahhh how I tricked you!

    The main reason for me painting the wall with chalkboard paint was that I wanted to hang these sconces {also from my m-i-l} but I didn’t want their black cords hanging down the wall. And I also didn’t want to learn how to hardwire them in.  So I painted the wall dark so that their cords would not be obvious. Looks like it worked.  Sorry to those of you who asked how to wire them : I am of no help.

    IMG_4515 IMG_4487


    This pendant light was a happy accident. It was previously hanging in #3’s nursery and when I started working on Audrey’s room, I took it down {actually, Ryan did} and stuck it in the closet. I happened upon it and figured I could recover it in something other than green gingham.



    I bought it a few years ago on sale from Pottery Barn Kids.  I just tore off the old fabric and recovered using this stripe fabric from IKEA. Then I used seam binding to cover the edges.  Janell from Isabella & Max Rooms did a good tutorial here.


    One of my other favorite things in the room is this sheep picture. My mom & new dad went to Italy and of all the A.MAZ.ING photos they took, this one was my favorite. I have a thing about sheep : perhaps another blog post about that one.


    It is in an IKEA frame with a piece of frayed linen behind it. Simple, simple.


    This old magazine rack was a gift from {you guessed it} my mother-in-law. Doesn’t she have the best taste?


    It holds all my different white & cream papers.

    Here is what’s in my closet:



    And finally, the mini-tutorial.


    I wanted to put my life verse {1 Thessalonians 5:16-18} up on my chalkboard wall because

    1. it is a good verse and I like the reminder

    2. i love typography

    At first I thought I could just hand write it:


    Not so much.

    So then I remembered the technique I used to make my Jones Design Company sign and figured I could try it with chalk instead of lead. IMG_4327

    So first, I printed out the lettering in the font & size I wanted.


    Then I rubbed chalk on the back side of the printed words.


    Taped them where I wanted them.

    Then traced the outline of the letters with a pencil to transfer the chalk to the wall.



    Next, I used this great invention to fill in the letters.



    And there you have it. Letters that look like vinyl transfers but are virtually free.



    Just a reminder: if you haven’t signed up for the just for fun summer giveaway, make sure you do so. There is one more week to go!

    58 thoughts on “home office specifics plus a mini-tutorial”

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    2. hi love this idea… But I used those Bistro markers and tried to erase so I can write something else but I still see the residue from my erased writing! Could you please tell me how to remove the old writing… Thank you so much!

      1. I know … the chalk doesn’t come off easily when the walls are textured. I had to touch up my wall with the same chalkboard paint to really remove the markings. When I use the markers on my flat chalkboard, it comes off fine – it’s just the textured walls that doesn’t work as well.

    3. WHOA! for real?! So going to have to try this. I have been cutting stencils out with my silhouette to do this! mind blown……….

    4. We just moved into a older, new to us home. The ceilings and wall space is huge!!
      In our family room, we are painting three walls a light “silver grey” from the Benjamin Moore paints and on the fourth wall we want to paint with black chalkboard paint. Problem is, I can’t find black chalkboard paint in gallon size. Everyone says you must do several layers also. Where did you find yours, how much did you get for one wall, how many layers, etc.. Thank you! Your home looks lovely!!

    5. I would LOVE to have the stencil design that you used…. did you make it?…would it be something I could purchase?

    6. Im thinking of painting one wall in my son’s room with chalkboard paint & was wondering if you have issues/how you deal with chalk dust getting on the carpet or if it gets super messy etc…? Thanks!

    7. Your link to confirm on signing up is not working. Have tried to sign up a couple of times and it is not sending anything to me. I even checked spam mail. Please sign me up! Thank you. God bless….

    8. Hi! Love your site! I stumbled upon it on Pinterest. I really love your blue throw pillows on your couch. Did you make these? I would love to know where you got the fabric. I am having a hard time finding that blue color anywhere!

    9. Wow! I LOVE your study! :) Amazing!
      Your tips on the chalkboard signage are fabulous! Now I really want a chalkboard wall somewhere! :) Great verse and great testament to your faith! :) God Bless.

    10. raizel

      you are S O clever! …..the chalk on the back side of the paper and transfer!

    11. What an inspiration for my own office! Did I miss it, or how did you get the pattern on your walls…stencil handmade, bought…or??? Thanks for the great pics and design ideas.

    12. words: fantastic! so clever. Thank you for an hour of inspiration tonight!!!!! I’m forcing myself to close down now. :-) my best, m

    13. Love your office! Love the desks! (Where are they from?) And your painted wallpaper and chalkboard wall are ideas I want to remember for when I finally get an office! I have my office in a section of our basement right now and have not put up walls yet….someday….my favorite part of all was your life quote! I copied it into my word document “Quotes to live by!” that I have recently started to store quotes that I love…thanks for sharing the beauty of your life with us “blog” friends! God Bless!

    14. I love the little table and chairs that you have in Mason’s nursery. I would like to get something similar to that for my little girl Lily’s room. Where did you find it?

    15. I love love love your blog. And your office. And your paint colors! Anyway – my specific purpose here, is there any chance I could buy a copy of that sheep picture? My son (7 years old) also has a thing for sheep :) I know he would be tickled to have one hanging in his room. Thanks in advance either way :)

    16. This is way after the fact, but for readers who don’t want their cords to be seen without painting the wall black, try painting the cords to match your wall color. It works wonderfully!

    17. Oh that’s a brilliant idea with the lettering…thanks SO much for sharing that! I too LOVE LOVE LOVE written text in things..particularly artwork, and particularly scripture…so powerful! I’ve never seen those pens in nz but sure we have something equalish! ( own word!)…thanks again…love your blog…LOVE tutorials!
      jessie nelson nz

    18. Um, can we be best friends?! Jk… but really… I LOVE your office but was really drawn to the scripture on the wall because I was married three months ago and we chose this as our marriage verse. I love your style in both design and scripture. :)

    19. I just stumbled upon your blog last night. I really like it. I have that same verse on my wall! Thanks for sharing your technique! I too have a thing for sheep! Love the photo! Thanks for the tutorials. Can’t wait to try the book page wreath!

    20. Great idea! I love it! I am so afraid of using my can of chalkboard paint. I have had it in my closet for 3 years now, such a chicken! I need to do it on one wall and go from there! I would love an opinion on what to do with our rec room. : )

    21. I can’t remember if I commented on the original post so here is another one. This room makes me swoon!! Every detail is beautiful! I am loving your blog too.
      My dining room is sitting half done because something is missing….I think this wall stencil would be amazing. But wow, that was a lot of work. How many hours do you think you put in?

    22. Oh,Emily – how wonderful – such a power verse – so much packed into a few words…

      could I ask if those chalkboard pens come off easily? Are they permanent, or do you use an eraser to take it off? Are they easy to write with? I have had such a hard time writing smoothly on our chalkboard – (well, I DO want it to look pretty)!

      Sorry for so many questions! Blessings!

    23. Your painted wall paper is gorgeous, as is the finished room; I love the colors! What caught my eye was your pillow, its identical to the one I made and posted on my blog!

    24. I just discovered your blog! Thanks so much for your tutorial on creating perfect chalkboard lettering. I used your technique on my own chalkboard sign and was very pleased with the results!

    25. You my friend, are my dream girl. I am doing this same stencil in my sons room this weekend, I ordered my stencil from Royal Design Studios a few weeks ago and it just came in….greatest stencils in the world! Cant wait to see if it turns out this lovely! I’ll let you know ;)!
      All the best,

    26. love it , love it, love it! I did not even recognize the cords on the black wall until you pointed it out. What a great idea. You need to come and help me be a bit more creative at my house!

    27. so, em, are you going to give a tutorial on how you did the pattern on the wall? it is beautiful, i love it! can’t wait to see it in person. also, did you make the word cards or were they another amazing vintage find?

    28. I am seriously considering painting one wall of my bedroom with chalkboard paint, a la anthropologie catalog. One corner serves as my little office so I’m thinking it could work but don’t want to de-classy my bdrm either. Hmmm…

    29. Thanks for the tutorial… can’t wait to see how you did your “wall paper”. — We painted the outside of our antique home last summer. The Sherwin Williams Rushing River was one of the finalists when choosing a color. (I never knew I would agonize so much over the color of a house… ) But I landed on Sherwin William’s Ethereal Mood. — And the sconces look great. I never noticed the cords! Thanks again for sharing! So fun!

      1. I am SO INTERESTED in hearing about your Ethereal Mood exterior paint color. Do you love it? We are finalizing plans to paint a colonial revival/queen anne style home in savannah and want to keep a classic and elegant feel. faces north with columns and lots of porches painted creamy white. what trim color(s) did you use? I have been CRAZY over these paint colors, guess b/c it will be so expensive it has to be right! Thanks for any help!!!!!!!

    30. I just have to say I LOVE the chalkboard wall. Love it! And the pretty desk and slipcovered chair. I want a chalkboard wall somewhere in my house, just not sure where. Thinking on the door to the basement in my kitchen, but have to get around to first redoing the door. :)

    31. Love it all! Was hoping for more info on “how to” for the wall and where you found the desk. Maybe another day. :) The office is beautiful! Enjoy it! And I love that Ethan Allen chair!

    32. you have such a natural wonderful eye for design. a bit jealous.
      love the tutorial. i feel like i must go try this somewhere in my house, but i’m not sure where or why!

    33. Once again, you’ve done a fabulous job on one of your rooms. I had to smile, because I have that same verse written on my small, hanging chalkboard in my house. Isn’t Scripture so wonderful to share and how it can create a connection between believers? Love it. :-)

    34. I did see the chords and maybe this is a dumb question but how do they go up on the wall…how are they mounted?

      Thanks for the sneek into your closet too…loved it! You inspired me to re-work my office/craft/scrapbook/wrap room today…it is looking good!

    35. Love the office! Great verse and thanks for explaining the process of putting it on the wall. I’m really interested in the pillow tutorial—very pretty. So many inspiring ideas!

    36. I never even noticed the cords for the lights on the chalkboard wall. There is just so much eye candy in that room that I didn’t even notice. I love the verse you chose. Thanks for the tutorial on how you wrote it out on the chalkboard. I love those chalk pens and use them all the time!

    37. So enjoyed seeing and knowing more about the details. Husbands’ preferences CAN be rather a challenge to incorporate in our greater vision – but it’s a good challenge. I certainly thought the words were vinyl – it turned out so beautifully!

    38. tricky tricky!!!! I thought the mini-tutorial would be for the “wallpaper”! I’m not sad, of course, I love the chalboard tutorial. Good stuff, great room!

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