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things I like: ferns

    I have a slight love affair with ferns.  Their bright, fresh color, delicate texture, slightly wild arms going every which way … they add just the right feel to my otherwise neutral rooms.

    {in my office}

    {on the front porch}

    {in the kitchen}

    {in my favorite little nook of the house}

    {and on the coffee table}

    In a home dressed with mostly gray, white and taupe, mixing in natural greenery adds interest, texture and life.

    Plus, they only cost a few dollars at the hardware store. And that’s a bonus if you’re anything like me and have a difficult time keeping houseplants healthy.

    Keeping my love of ferns in mind, I now have a pinterest board dedicated to the lovely foliage.

    Click here to see more fern inspiration.

    Please tell me, do you have a plant-crush?

    32 thoughts on “things I like: ferns”

    1. I’ve had ferns on my shopping list for a while now. We live on a shady lot, so we don’t get enough direct sun in the house to keep most plants alive, but I do need some green. There’s plenty of green outside since we’re surrounded by trees, but I sure could use some inside! Hopefully my cats will leave them alone, though. That’s my other problem with plant life indoors.

    2. I love how you and I were on pintrest at the same time and all these fern pictures kept popping up:) I love your blog, your pins, you and your adorable kids… &
      Now I want me some ferns:)

    3. Yes those pictures are so lovely. Beware … however … stay away from the
      dreaded Asparagus Fern. OMG….I planted some in my back yard and they are like Jumanji. They grow and spread and grow and spread. You can’t get rid of them. I’m afraid they will continue to grow and kill out all the other plants and then one night like “The Body Snatchers” send their pods into my bedroom and that’s the last you’ll hear from me.

      I may continue my blog … but it won’t be me. It will be some insidious …alien … clone of me doing sweet posts about the joys of ferns.

      ***not you of course*** Sorry … just a little crazy trying to get rid of these ferns.

    4. SUCCULENTS! I am loving succulents right now. I know they’re rather trendy, but they’re just so easy to keep in the house. Ferns are a great idea though, I may need to take a trip to my local nursery

    5. I definitely caught your fern pinning a few nights ago… you and a photographer friend of mine were doing some mad pinning at the same time. It came up in my feed; fern, baby belly shot, fern, fern, baby belly, baby belly, fern, baby belly, fern, fern, baby belly… for about 30 pins… made me chuckle… such an odd and yet lovely combination of things!! :) Sadly, I live in Colorado and ferns are not so happy in our uber-dry climate! So I’ll enjoy them vicariously through you!

    6. Yes! I am so in love with ferns also-my favorite is the Japanese painted fern! The green is almost a silver color!

    7. I’m slightly obsessed with succulents right now. I live in the dessert of Washington, so I think they’d be just gorgeous around the outside of the house in various places. Now I just need to find someone who will let me get some trimmings from them….not quite ready to spend the money on them until I know if I can grow them successfully!

    8. my grandma used to have this house in west seattle on a hill (well her house was on a hill) and she had to ways to get into the house, through the garage or through a small winding path that had ferns on both sides! it was so cute, i’m tempted to get a really good paying job and buy her house just because of how much i love it!

    9. Yes, I like ferns so much too! Wish I had more of them! QUESTION? Where is your bistro set from on your front porch? I like it a lot!

    10. I love ferns too! We have a huge one out by our driveway in a big ornate planter. I love it! But I think it needs more shade.. it’s getting brown edges : /

    11. I love them too! I saw your pinterest board this morning and was enjoying every picture. I have an empty fireplace to fill and hope to find a nice, big (and fake) fern for an urn I have been storing. Maybe I will get lucky and see one at Ikea this weekend?
      I can’t leave without telling you how much I love seeing a new blog post in my e mail every day! Such a day brightening treat! Thank you Emily!

    12. I love ferns too! Just ask my husband how I notice them every time we take a walk. :D
      Having recently moved to a new home with a lot of shade, I discovered that my back porch, which I love, is not conducive to my blooming plants. One day recently I saw a display of Boston Ferns at large retailer, where I rarely shop, at a great low price, and picked it up. It pulled it out of it’s plastic pot and I put it in a wire and cocoa mat hanging basket and it not only looks lovely…it’s doing great! Yay for ferns!

      It’s fun seeing all your ferns, Emily. If my home were colored (or should I say ‘toned’) like yours, I’d need the greenery too. Lovely!

    13. This post makes me want ferns! I am horrible with house plants, but I’ve had good luck with orchids (of all things) this year! They are so pretty… maybe I’ll add a fern to the mix…thanks for the inspiration!

    14. my plant crush is totally succulents. love the varying shapes and colors.

      emily- i love your patio furniture (the bistro set). where is that from?

    15. i had a fern on my nightstand and within a day or so of buying it we had gnats in our apartment non stop. it was so gross i had to put the fern outside. do you have problems with bugs in your house when you have so many plants?

    16. I’m always crushing on hydrangeas, and recently, I’ve started crushing on peonies. I think your whole foods photo on Instagram may have had something to do with that!

    17. Love all your ferns! They really do add a nice element to the room. I’ve been obsessing over Fiddle Leaf Figs for quite a while now but haven’t been able to find one at our local nursery :(

    18. My flower crush is impatients for outside. I have found I really can’t kill them even when they look spent I pinch them back and voila they look great I will have to try some ferns inside the house. I love the way they look in your home!

    19. I LOVE ferns. My only problem is, I can not keep them alive. I have tried every room in my house. Any tips would be you could offer up would be wonderful. :-)

    20. Ferns do add so much to a room, but I am not real great with them…they do need water. I looooove fern prints and pottery barn has some beautiful bed linens with ferns on them that would be perfect in a mountain house. My plant crush is gerbera daisies…they are just so “perky” to me. My flower crush is on shasta daisies loosely thrown in a jar. Every room should have something live in it (besides the people! ha ha)

    21. I love the small ferns (like you are showing) but I think they are hard to find!? Im gonna try my ACE today…I always have big Boston ferns in my urns outside every Summer…super hardy, right? Well, I am well on my way to killing mine already….its so hot here and I dont water them everyday as I should, ugh…so fun that you have a board for your fern love – Pinterest rocks! :)

    22. I love ferns too. They were the motif for our wedding: on the invitation and we got married in the midst of four ferns in a square formation. I just love them.

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