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the spot that represents my style

    I have a favorite spot in our house.

    the spot

    While our kitchen, Audrey’s nursery and my office are really wonderful spaces, for some reason this little hallway just makes me happy.


    It lies between our living room and the front parts of the house and is the half wall of the stairway. If we would have purchased our home just a few weeks earlier in the building process, I would have asked for an open rail staircase. But the walls were already framed and dry walled and the builder wanted something like $3000 to tear them out and add a railing – as you can see, we opted to keep the wall as it was.


    One of the very first things I did to ‘customize’ our house when we moved in was add the book pages to the wall.

    IMG_9671 ripped-paper

    I just tore the pages out of an old book then used my tape gun with double stick tape to adhere them to the wall.  They’ve been up for nearly five years and still look great : other than the spot nearest the edge of the wall where an unnamed baby who lives in our house takes great delight in pulling the paper off the walls.

    I like to change out what is on the table – but a tray to hold my keys and other random things is a must. Most often an assortment of hair clips, ponytail holders and stray bobby pins can be found there {do you wear bobby pins? If so, do you find them all over your house? Not sure why I take them out so often and leave them in random places :}. My Stella & Dot flower ring usually lives on the tray too. It is just too pretty to hide away.



    Lately I’ve been in to collecting things with the number six on them {because I have six people in my family}.  I really love anything with a graphic number or letter on it.


    I popped a new art print in an old frame without glass and love the hint of color it adds.


    Other favorite collectables are old books and {particularly} bibles.

    old books


    bird house

    I posted the space last summer {you can see how it was decorated for the summertime here} and at the end of the post asked this:

    Do you have a favorite spot in your home that best represents your design style?

    I think it’s a pretty fun question.

    This spot is a good representation of things I love – old books, vintage silver, fresh greens, natural baskets, a slightly modern table with feminine and meaningful accessories. I have no idea what to call my style, but it is represented pretty well with this little spot.  I think that is why it is my favorite.

    So how about you? Do you have a place in your home that best displays your style? Do share!

    44 thoughts on “the spot that represents my style”

    1. I’m wondering if the monogrammed “L” on the wall is done with fabric or paper? I’m trying to decide the best way to make my own.
      By the way, I love this room, and I love knowing that I am not the only one who uses the master bedroom for the catch-all for odd furniture!

      1. The glass and metal table is from Potterybarn a few years ago. I think it was called the Juliette. Not sure if they carry it anymore, but there is probably something similar.

    2. Love that space and the book pages on the wall – so creative! Is that a window hung to seperate your dining room and front entry? Sorry I’m nosy but it caught my eye (as in holy crap that is awesome type of way).

    3. Was wondering where you got the table? I love this spot. You have the greatest way of mixing sleek with rustic! Love it!

    4. Emily, I absolutely love your page wall! I have a thing for old books as well, and that is a great idea. Your table is beautiful. I try to create little tablescapes like that around my house. I am currently loving my new little vignette on my dining room buffet.

    5. Such a fabulously personal spot, Emily! I love it. Very clever to wallpaper with book pages! Isn’t it rewarding when an awkward spot becomes a beloved spot?


    6. At the moment, NOTHING in this house represents my style! It’s total renovation CHAOS!
      I’ll have to get back to you when things are back to normal- LOL!

    7. Hello! I think I have two favorite spaces – our front room and our guest room. They both have a really good mix – I like it when things work together, but don’t match so well. I’m finally putting the finishing touches on the guest room so hopefully I’ll post it soon!

    8. Hi Emily! I did a book page wall in Wynn’s nursery! I pulled apart about fifteen miniature Beatrix Potter books. I hadn’t seen a book page wall before I did his so this is so fun to see another person’s take on it. Your area is wonderful.

    9. Probably my daughter’s room. I am a bit of a shabby chic girl at heart, but my dear husband doesn’t want to live in a shabby chic world. So, my 9 year old daughter’s room consists of a lot of white and some vintage finds. I love how it turned out!

    10. Love it! I love it so much because I can truly relate to it. I have the same little number box, only with a four on it because we are family four! I also have a tray with keys, and yes bobby pins! They end up everywhere, but somehow when I need one I can never seem to find one…Also change ends up cluttering my key tray.

    11. I love it all! My favorite spot is our living room which now has the newly recovered couch in a neutral color. I love finally being able to change out out all the accessories with the seasons. I love your entry way and see lots of good ideas for our entry. I see the reflection of a mobile or hanging piece of art in the mirror – small white flowers maybe. What a clever place to hang it! Can we see more of that?

    12. Love your style and the fact that you are resourceful too! Do you remember where you found your table? Would love to do something similar ! Bless you,Melissa

    13. I love how you can throw just about anything together and it always looks good!! And yes, I have about a million hair pins everywhere : purses, jeans pocket, laundry room, nightstand, office, car…the list goes on and on

    14. Since you are particularly fond of anything with a graphic letter or number on it, Michael’s, the craft store chain, has white ceramic balls in the dollar section that are either lower case type letters, and i recently found some with numbers and letters there and at Pier 1. I hope you can nab some! I had put about 20 in a big glass bowl and it looks great! I put a few on top to spell “bless”. Its fun to leave a message for others to see….

    15. Hi Emily,

      Wow, I do love that spot of yours. I saw someone do that with pages in a foyer also, it looked so neat, I’m glad to see you’ve done it too!

      I don’t have a favorite spot just yet, we moved in less than a year ago so I’m still making one!

      Love you blog, I might be doing your stencil pattern in my office soon :-)

    16. Oooo…. my heart aches for a table like that near my stairway. The glass, the shelves, the legs, the metal. Perfect. And of course, perfectly decorated. I don’t know how you do it so well, but you do!

      My favorite spot in my house is one half of my living room. I like where the couch sits (oh so comfy for snuggle time with my little Izzy), the console behind it, and the shelves with black and white prints displayed on the wall. Now, the other half of the living room totally eludes me. One half pretty, the other half blah. I’ll just tell everyone it was done on purpose. You know, a ying and yang thing :D


    17. Emily, one of my favorite spots in our house is our foyer. I did one wall with your painted wallpaper design (love how it came out!!), painted the wicker dresser that used to live in our babies’ nursery from white to black for the space, and change out the accessories on the dresser for the seasons and holidays. It’s become such a cheerful little spot and I just love it. Thank you for the role you played in that! :) And PS I’m a big fan of your style, whatever it is!

    18. Yes, and my cat finds the bobby pins and scatters them throughout the house. Eventually I pick them all up and put them back where I collect all my hair items, but inevitably, I will take my hair out in random places and it starts all over again.

      I do love the book pages wall. Lovely.

    19. Mine happens to be our mudroom. It keeps all the things I don’t want to look at out of the way and neatly organized. Of course, I had to make it pretty too, since it’s the first thing we see every time we enter the house. Love your favorite spot!

    20. I have a catch bowl for all my things, and yes I find bobby pins everywhere. Funny thing is I don’t remember taking them out and setting them down.
      Great idea to dispay a pretty piece of jewelry in your catch all bowl or tray. That way everyone can enjoy them. (: Blessings Emily! ~Abby

    21. I have a catch bowl for all my things, and yes I find bobby pins everywhere. Funny thing is I don’t remember taking them out and setting them down.
      Great idea to dispay a pretty piece of jewelry in your catch all bowl or tray. That was everyone can enjoy them. (: Blessings Emily! ~Abby

    22. This is such a lovely spot in your home. I think I could stand there for hours and read the pages stuck to the wall or thumb through an old Bible. Really beautiful. As for me, it would be our library/piano room.

    23. Our bedroom! My sweet husband let me unleash my ideas, and even did the muscle work to make it all tangible. It is a sweet haven that includes a custom upholstered headboard, renovated chandelier, and plush bedding. I still enjoy looking at it!

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