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why I found a new rug for the living room

    moroccan shag rug in the living room / jones design company

    You may remember a few weeks ago I posted about rearranging the living room. While creating the design board and editing the post photos, I kept feeling like everything was just so monotone.

    shop the room / jones design company

    Gray rug, beige sofa, taupe chairs, dark floors, dark coffee table, gray stone on the fireplace.

    Now I’m all about neutrals, but part of doing them well is making sure you have a nice mix of contrast. Different shades, different sheen, different textures. I’m no decorating expert, but I’m learning to trust my design instincts and something felt off.

    I looked around at my favorite rooms on my pinterest living room board and noticed a recurring theme:


    White walls/ceiling (check)

    Linen or white upholstered pieces (check)

    Natural wood tones (check)

    Light rug (hmmmm).

    Maybe that was what our living room needed.

    So I kept my eyes peeled for a light rug and found this one on sale for 70% off. I took the plunge and called it a birthday gift :)

    The rug arrived this week and I couldn’t wait to unroll and rearrange (once again).


    Everything was put back together and now looks like this:

    moroccan shag rug in the living room / jones design company

    After a few days of living with it, here are my thoughts:

    1. Love the soft, cushy feel of the new rug.
    2. Love the light color.
    3. Not sure how well it will hold up with our busy household.
    4. It was very inexpensive, so I don’t feel like it’s precious and can’t be replaced.
    5. The zig zags are more brown than gray, but I think it’s okay.
    6. There’s a lot of pattern happening in this room. Maybe too much.
    7. The rug smells so chemically. It needs to be aired out.
    8. The gray rug hides dirt and gives a nice, cozy texture, but sheds so much it was driving me crazy.
    9. I’m undecided on which one is better.

    So that’s where were at.


    I’d love to hear your design thoughts … gray rug or light rug?

    141 thoughts on “why I found a new rug for the living room”

    1. Emily,
      I tried to comment on this when you first posted and my post got deleted. I was going to suggest layering rugs. I like the gray rug fine for the space but I think layering a smaller rug with texture could be awesome. While I LOVE the white rug, I have kiddos too and just thought it might be frustrating with so many sq feet needing vacuumed constantly. Anyway, I wrote a whole huge thing and it went away before I could “send”. Ugh! But today I was on Joss and Main and saw this and thought of you…

      You’ve probably already solved your problems by now, but if not, I thought I would pass this idea along :) I’m a decorator ( and am your biggest fan– If you need help, email me! Not that you need any help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Thank you for the suggestion! I did switch back to gray because the white was just not quite right. i do love the idea of layering a hide over sisal. That will be my next try :)

    2. Hi! :) Do you have enough storage space that you could have the white rug for spring/summer and the gray rug for fall/winter? They are both lovely, and thank you for sharing this with us.

    3. Hmm… the white is a fun change! But I really do love the gray. It’s more calming and cozy IMO. I do think your space would look lovely with some plum accents though! It’s such a warm fall/winter color that goes so well with neutrals.

    4. Go with Grey. The white rug is asking for too much attention. It’s saying, ‘Look at me! Look at me!’ I’d rather focus on your cool mantel with the creative artwork than the floor.

    5. The light rug! It has a bit of personality in the space. It gives your eyes a place to rest to appreciate ll you have in there. The grey just makes everything blend in and nothing of interest stands out.

    6. Hi Emily,
      I would choose the gray rug for texture and the fact that it hides dirt (from one big family to another – we have 5 children, 7 in our family). I appreciate your sense of style and have thoroughly enjoyed your blog. I would possibly suggest trying different or darker curtains, especially with fall/winter. It would bring the darker accents (floors, table, etc) up on the wall and allow the eye to float up and and around the room. Just a thought…

    7. I love the white! The pattern really freshens up the space and adds interest and zing. ;)

      It’s a great idea to try out a white rug on deep discount, though — I used to have a blue-and-white Moroccan trellis-patterned rug and, even though it was *technically* listed as indoor-outdoor, it *still* looked dingy after a year with our 8-pound shih-tzu. Fortunately, I’d gotten it on clearance, and I happily just threw it away when it had reached its serviceable lifespan.

      I say this is a great trial!

      And P.S. I agree with an above commenter that a distressed oriental in a natural or slate blue tone would look nice. Sometimes, you can turn an antique oriental on the flipside and find very muted, blurred shades that look like watercolors. This would be **SO** you, lady!! :)

    8. Soooo… Is that a Portuguese Water Dog you have? We have one and we love her, but white rugs are most definitely a disposable item in our house as a result. I like the grey more although maybe something like a Moroccan tile rug (Wayfair/pier one) which has a pattern, but all the same color?

    9. I like the grey rug for many of the same reasons listed above. You can add color and texture by layering a smaller rug on top of the grey. Smaller rugs are cost effective and can be changed out according to season, mood, etc. A short pile muted vintage-type rug would be amazing.

    10. Grey! The white is too trendy and doesn’t jive with the rest of your beautiful furniture. I’ve seen that rug in so many places lately and feel it fits the mid-century look better. I think a distressed oriental would better suit your space. Maybe something with rich brown or slate blue.

      1. I agree with the above post on finding a distressed oriental. If I was picking between white and grey I would pick white. It is much more inviting and cozy. The grey makes everything blend too much.

    11. On my phone, the gray rug blends into your living room. I love the design of the lighter rug but the color looks bold for the neutral furniture…again, on my phone.

      1. I like the texture of the light but the color of the gray. I basically have your same color scheme in our living area, I opted for a charcoal shag from Its been a great purchase, so great I bought the same rug for other rooms. It’s under $200, has held up well and doesn’t show any dirt.

    12. The white freshens and brightens, but the pattern is a bit overload with all the accent patterns on the pillows/blankets/etc. Perhaps keep white or brighter beige but instead of pattern opt for texture, like the one in the Pinterest image on bottom in the middle. It’s white, but has texture for depth to layer instead of laying pattern again. And cozy on the feet. And hides the dirt. The grey rug is nice but feels flat. The white brightens, but the pattern draws my eye to the floor instead of up to the fireplace and that beautiful fall pumpkin painting.

    13. I had this same dilemma in my house. I like both rugs, but the white may not be practical for your family. It wasn’t for mine. What if you added some pattern/lighter color by layering a smaller rug over the gray one under the coffee table? I have a jute rug and layered it with a black and white striped rug. I love the look!

    14. Ok, so here’s what I think. I like both rugs for different reasons. But a smelly rug can only be good in pictures-nuff said about that one! The real issue here is your table. Although it’s wood, it’s not like the pics you’ve collected. You need something wooden in a warmer tone and more interesting. I would suggest that you look around for a table more in style and color like the lower left picture of your favorite rooms. I love the natural texture and weight of that piece of wood! It makes a statement! Your table, well, just doesn’t. Sorry! So in short, keep the grey rug and get a warmer more natural wooden table or set of smaller tables.

    15. I love your style Emily! I loved the grey rug- yet I think the white rug could benefit more if you maybe considered a stripe, or slight pattern to tie the rug into the rest of the room?? Just a thought :) keep sharing your beautiful style.

      Have a great weekend!!

    16. typically i wouldn’t comment on a blog post, but why not :) … and typically i love contrast in a room… but i think you should stick with your former rug, i do like the look better, and perhaps add in/replace pillows in chairs or add to a side table some roses in a silver pot… ;) … I like this idea not only asthetically, but also because it is probably less money, less smelly – i know that new rolled up rug smell – and will provide more room in the budget and in the air for christmas spending and scents :) that’s my two cents… rachel

    17. Sometimes we love an item but it’s not best for the space. Im surprised to say I like the gray rug more. I have similar pictures pinned and have been looking at that style of rug but it seems the white is standing out to much from the furniture. You have white walls and good light so I don’t think the space is needing more light. The value in the gray connects all the other neutral upholstery pieces and makes it feel grounded. Perhaps adding some cream angora pillows may help tie the rug better to the furniture.

    18. I’d go with the gray one. It’s warmer, more balanced. But as I am a “less-is-more” person, I’d put the two chairs in front of your beautiful fireplace away…and you get an even more calm and relaxed feeling…:)

      1. Definitely the white! Love the pattern and it makes the room bright fresh and youthful yet still classy and timeless. I’m in a similar predicament myself trying to find a new rug! Make sure you have a Bissell little green machine for stains.. I rate mine at 98% for removing stains on all kinds of fabric! Genius invention ☺

    19. I like the gray rug; my eye was drawn to all of your beautiful accessories, like the throw and the flowers, instead of the floor. The white rug is interesting, but I think it’s a little busy for the room. Love your style, Emily!

    20. Hi Emily! :)
      First, the room is beautiful!
      I like the gray one the best, it just reads warmer!
      Have a wonderful weekend.

    21. Definitely the white rug!!! It’s beautiful and adds the perfect touch to the room! I don’t think there’s too much pattern…it all looks balanced.

    22. I personally like a quieter rug. A graphic rug draws my eye down to the floor and not where my most interesting things are. You have great bold furniture and good layers. Let those stand out and your grey rug step into the background.

      Your grey rug looks light-it doesn’t photograph dark.

    23. White! The big pattern works and doesn’t look too busy. Keep us posted on how it holds up and whether or not the smell goes away.

    24. Gray!! I actually thought the white rug was your “before” picture. The gray seems to flow better. You have such great style. I am sure some color here or there in pillows is all you need to get the feeling you want. Thanks for sharing and asking oor opinion!

    25. Both rugs are very attractive, but your accessories (especially the buffalo check throw) stand out more with the gray rug. The white rug commands more attention.

    26. I like the solid better by prefer the lighter color. The lines on the white are too busy. But I love the lighter color vs the gray.

    27. I’m no help because I love both! The white makes the space so much more bright and airy, but the gray is a lot cozier for this time of year. They’re both gorgeous and you have exceptional taste, so I’m not surprised! At least you have options now and can switch out when you want/need to. :)

    28. I personally like the added contrast from the lighter rug, but as a mom with 4 kids I would absolutely never put that light color rug in my house just for upkeep purposes. BUT I like the look of the contrast in your house. =)

      1. I am no expert either but I didn’t care for either rug (you asked lol) I would ground the room with (some color) or a dark toned rug. I do like the neutrals too I just can’t seem to pull off color. good luck

    29. Hi Emily, I agree that the white rug looks too noticeable, so think the gray looks much prettier in there. I think tall mirrors above each bookshelf would be pretty too! ?

    30. The grey is more you. Classic, refined, and edited. With the patterned rug I feel like it’s the one accessory you need to take off before you leave the house!!!! ?

    31. All I can think with the white rug is all the work I would put into keeping it clean ? No thanks haha. It is pretty though, I just would t be able to keep up

    32. I love the white rug. I love how it matches your mantle and would floor. BUT, all I can really see is koolaid and grape juice spills, and grunge from dirty shoes. The grey rug can hide a multitude of sins or a multitude of kids!

    33. I prefer the grey!! To me it just blends so pretty. And your room is still very interesting and cozy. With the new one, all my focus is on the rug, which I don’t think should be the focus of the room. As a side (but practical) note, it will probably get dirty looking very quickly. My thoughts… Let us know your final verdict!

    34. I like the patterned rug; the gray is too one-note. The pattern lifts the room and gives interest. However, I’ve owned the rug you have and it matted and I hated it after a short while. Maybe choose something with a quiet pattern in the same gray tones you love. I think the upkeep of the white will drive you crazy, IMHO:)

    35. I really prefer the gray rug! 1. It compliments the tones in your fireplace much better than the white 2. It is much more realistic with your family 3. The gray doesn’t compete with the other patterns in your room. They are both lovely, but I would stick with your gray until you find something you really love!

    36. the lighter rug dresses the room up…the gray makes it more informal. Right now the lighter one is speaking to me…however, if you are going for a hunting lodge look, the gray is better!

      Since you like to change it up frequently, how about the light one for holidays and gray for other times??!!

    37. Gray. You have beautiful furniture but now all I see is that white rug. I’m a disaster with picking out rugs though. I like expensive ones but I get tired of them very easily. I had a linen one with white chenille diamonds from RH and the white diamonds picked up all the dirt. I’m going rug free. I’m just tired of wasting money on them. You room is beautiful.

    38. Emily, I love the white! Makes the room so much brighter and more cheerful.

      I am enjoying your blog so much, I have a 91 year-old farmhouse that was sadly re-muddled in the late 90’s, your rooms and artwork are inspiring me to refresh and cozy up my spaces making do (mostly) with what I already own, until I can afford to start a major renovation.

      Thanks for the great ideas…

    39. Your home is beautiful! I think the gray rug grounds your room. The white is nice, but the gray looks more inviting and has an “at home” feel.

    40. I get why you’re torn–especially with having a dog. A slightly darker rug can hide all manner of sins. But the new rug is great. The pattern is simple enough that it’s not overpowering, and it echoes the diamond pattern on your throw pillows.

      I vote rug number 2.

    41. They both go well with your pieces and look great in the space, but I prefer the grey one because I feel it draws your eyes to the fireplace, whereas the light rug get the focus of my attention. So I guess it depends what you want the focus to be?

    42. I really like your style…it is eclectic yet classic. I like the look of the light rug. Hope it holds up well for you and that you get much enjoyment out of it.

    43. I like the gray rug. The white one seems a bit too busy, whereas the gray seemed to effortlessly blend with the room, especially with your dark floors.I understand the annoyance of constantly cleaning up the fuzzies from the gray rug though. Perhaps stick with gray, but in a lighter shade! Either way, your home is beautiful, and I love it when you move things around and share it with us. It’s a great way of showcasing “use what you have” to make your space great, by just moving things to new areas, etc.

    44. I like the white with the bold pattern. I know white is very impractical and I would never get it for my rooms but it does brighten the area and add interest with its pattern.

    45. I like both, but why not use and enjoy both rugs by changing them seasonally — use the white rug in the warmer months and the gray rug in the cooler moths. You could rearrange the furniture seasonally, as well.

    46. Funny Dana from House*Tweaking never mentioned the chemical smell and needing to air dry it, thanks for your honesty and keepin it real!

    47. I vote for the new rug, but honestly you can’t go wrong either way. And now you can swap them out when you get tired of one and want a change!

    48. I’m in the gray group on this one. I almost feel like the white is too bright and stark, but the gray is warm and inviting. Still, either is a great choice!

    49. Actually like them both. I’m LOVING the whole couch setup (I know, you asked about the rug ?). And that plaid blanket is so cool! I gotta know, is it soft to snuggle up in?

    50. Such a pretty space! I think your instinct that the 1st re-arranged room needed more contrast was spot on. However, since the couch seems to bring the furniture to the lighter side and the chairs to the medium tones, I suggest a rug even darker than your first .. maybe in the charcoal family. {Sorry!} I also think the black coffee table is throwing everything off. A medium/dark table with more texture would look great .. dark pecan or walnut reclaimed wood or a dark seagrass maybe?

    51. Your living room rearrange has been by far my most favorite :) I was inspired to finally rearrange my living room and get rid of a gigantic old TV and entertainment center, I even stepped completely out of my box and allowed my husband to purchase a huge, beautiful impressionistic painting of Yosemite while we were coffee table shopping (we found one similar to yours at our local furniture store:) Our house is a rental and everything is the same color which drives me nuts!! The tile, carpet, and builders beige walls….our sectional couch is even beige (going soon:) I have a long way to go but just like you I am stumped with the rug. My first response was go buy the gray wool rug at World Market but something keeps stopping me. My gut is saying I need something more interesting. I love the white rug you chose for your living room, its different and brightens the room. You have other white which makes it work. The rug brings out the pumpkin painting and mantle more. I wouldn’t worry about there being too much pattern, it looks great! Hope this helps and keep your fingers crossed that I find my rug too…..and chairs, and side table, and………:)

    52. I love the look of the white rug, but it is not the right space or time for it…

      Rugs take so much unintentional abuse and keeping them clean should not be a source of worry. Do you want to have a home where you always have to tell people to watch the rug? I keep a neat home with regular rules, but even with that I just went from a natural color to a blue to help hide the crumbs and flakes of dirt from shoes and paws.

      When a home a children and a dog running through it life happens and white is not the way to go, at least on the floor! Maybe one day when the children have grown or no one is around…

      The grey has a more comfortable feel to it and with all the beautiful pillows you throw around, the solid pattern is better.

    53. From a purely aesthetic, picture point of view, WHITE! It balances and brightens the room.
      But did you not read Dana’s post on this very rug??? Funny when I read her post, I was thinking how great it would look in your living room and mine! How creepy is that! lol!
      Too bad the colors aren’t reversed. You could still have the cush without the dinjies.

    54. Love your style! Love your blog‼️ I have a very similar white rug and it’s now very matted after less than a year ?. I like the grey rug and I would maybe add some more height and color with a taller darker floor lamp to replace the white one.

    55. I think the grey. I don’t know how it is in real life but in the photos it feels like the white rug clashes with the fireplace cladding. I vote for cushions, throws and art as the colour and texture you were looking for.
      Having said that, I put a light rug in our living room over the summer. It wasn’t perfect but it was just the change and lightness the room needed and I have gone back to our brown textured rug for autumn and winter with fresh love.

    56. I like the new carpet. Clearly it can be messy ! But he brightens the room and we see better furniture. They stand out more , I prefer this version !
      Happy Halloween to you, your children!

    57. I clearly prefer the grey one, both in terms of style and practicallity for a “busy household” with kids, as you call it.
      In the new white version, as you say, it looks like too many patterns with the tartan plaid and the geometric desings on cussions plus the new carpet.
      If I was you, I’d go back to the grey carpet an break the monotony with a tiny touch of colour on unexpensive decoration details like small cushions or plaids, scented candles and so on, in seasonal colours like mustard yellow or pumpkin orange in automn, Xmas red in winter, one pastel colour in spring and a vibrant green in summer.

    58. I like the white rug, but not in this setting. It draws my eye down to it and the room is too pretty to be missed. My opinion is keep the grey and go get a cool cow hide to put down over it. This will add some texture and add to the rustic feel of the room.

    59. I think the white rug is nice, but you see it everywhere. I like the gray better. It seems to anchor your space. I believe if this was my situation, I would return the white rug and buy a faux skin of some sort to have a bit of contrast under the coffee table. So that’s my 2 cents. You have a lovely home and great style.

    60. I want to prefer the gray, but the white does look wonderful. Then there is reality with kids, dog, dirt, etc. I think i’d go with the gray. Love your blog and your home.

    61. I really, really like the light rug better, and there are many reasons why.
      First of all, it matches the design of your pillows, and I like the way it throws a little bit of pattern into the space. It definitely makes the whole room feel a little bit more lifted, and it does a great job of making your slightly darker chairs pop right out, instead of blending in with the gray rug as they did previously. I also think the dark lines in the rug are super necessary for the whole space to draw in your entire theme. Plus, the light rug makes your coffee table, and frankly the entire space, look much larger and much more cozy because of it’s softer texture, yet at the same time, the white rug lends to a more sophisticated, well-put-together look. I enjoy the contrast, and I like the way you brought in the dark lines to match with the color palette of everything else happening in the room. I also like that it feels like the white rug is bringing the pillows, the paintings and everything else together for a well-encompassed theme to the whole room. The dark lines in the white rug also bring out the beautiful dark, rich wood of your floors. The white rug is by far my favorite.

    62. My eye is really drawn to the white rug, but I’ve had experience with the same rug and unfortunately it gets matted down in a short amount of time. :(

      What about a chenille jute rug? Neutral with texture, but still soft!

      1. Hi, I prefer the grey rug. It brings all the pieces of furniture together into a cosy conversation area, without screaming out to be seen, as the white one does. I think the white one competes too much with other texture and design in the room.
        The other consideration is that your gorgeous furniture replicates a design era that is more traditional with a French flavour. The white rug is more contemporary in its design and the colour looks stark against the furniture fabric, rather than complementing it.
        At the end of the day, it’s you and your family who live with it. What do they think? ? All the best!

    63. I love the white so much, I think I will be getting one for myself. It looks similar to one I’ve been eyeing at West Elm. Well done!!!

    64. I like the white rug best. The amount of pattern in the room is just right. I love how the diamond pattern of the pillows slightly echo the pattern of the rug.

    65. The gray rug! Hands Down. Love the texture and cleanness of it. It has a very calming effect and goes really well with the furniture and the fireplace. Ties everything together without being Blaze’. And is definitely more practical. The white draws way to much attention and doesn’t quite mesh with the style of the room. & I LOVE your pooch! Adorable!

    66. I think they both work really well. The white one is more of a focal point and on trend but I like how the grey ties the room together and makes a cohesive cozy space. I think I would lean toward the grey!

    67. I like the gray rug, I am into function and cozy feelings. Your room is beautiful and inviting with the gray rug, I would feel less comfortable with the white one.

    68. The light is pretty, but I prefer the gray. Your design board does look monotone, but in real life it doesn’t look that way at all.

    69. Def the Grey! If you were super keen on the white, I think you should go for a smaller size. Seems a little overpowering as it is.

    70. Grey vote- suggestion, have you tried to vacuum it yet? I have heard those longer loose shag rugs are harder to vacuum. That may seal the deal or not!

    71. Love, love, love the light!! I have a similar one in my home and love the cozy, spunky feel it gives to an otherwise fairly formal/traditional room.

    72. I would go with a darker gray rug. The white really doesn’t do anything for the room and I don’t think the pattern is attractive for the room.

    73. I like the grey… I just went through the white rug craze with my daughters nursery and the rug is already filthy disgusting in just 8 months! I’d stick with the grey and just add some “it” colors to the couches. Try a rust/orange pillow? Or french blues? Just a fun idea!

    74. HI Emily,
      I love love love the white carpet. I don’t think there is too much pattern in the room, and what i like is that my eye travels from the carpet to the pillows/throws on the chair up to the pumpkin over the fireplace. And as you know, that’s what a good design is suppose to do…keep the eye moving.

      The gray carpet is more like a heavy weight because it blends to closely with the couch and the chairs.
      I too have purchased carpets from RugsUSA, with shedding. Now mine was wool, so that was to be expected initially. I am not sure about the poly in yours. It does make it a challenge to sit on it with dark pants I suppose. As for the smell, try sprinkling baking soda on it, let it sit for a bit then vacuum it up.
      CHange is fun!!!!

    75. I also greatly prefer the gray rug. It seems to ground the furniture. The chairs look like they are floating on the white rug. In the mood board everything does look the same color but in the room photos the rug looks gray, oatmeal sofa, taupe chairs, slightly greenish leather chair. They don’t look the same at all. In looking at your inspiration photos, I would agree that contrast is probably the missing element. But contrast in the form of glass, metals and mirrors to balance all the cozy softness. I also think some lighter raw wood tones are missing.

    76. The NEW rug (light) is FABULOUS! I love the fact that the zig-zags are brown, as they’re all in the same family but not trying to be matchy-matchy…and the pattern mix–wonderful and fun! I’m kind of a “more of everything!!” girl, so the new mix feels artistic and well put together. Your taste and style aesthetic are impeccable so you can do no wrong in my eyes. Beautiful!!

    77. I like the look of the light rug so much more, but my first thought was…before even finishing your post….how do you keep that clean with 4 kids and a dog? We have 2 kids and 2 dogs and that rug wouldn’t stay light long in our house. It does make the room much brighter and less boring though. Just depends how often you want to shampoo it. Scotchgard it for sure!!!

    78. I guess I prefer the gray rug best – seems to make the room cozier, especially with winter coming. Maybe use the white one for spring/summer! Both are very pretty!

    79. Definitely the light rug. The pattern is so large, it doesn’t “fight” with the others in the room. It also brightens everything up. Good choice! If I didn’t have big dogs, I’d want one for myself! :)

    80. So I have that exact same rug from Rugs USA. I’ve had it for over a year And a half now and I have three kids but no dog. The chemical smell went away after a few weeks. We are pretty careful to make the kids take off their shoes, but don’t make our guests do that and we like to entertain. The rug is not so white anymore, honestly. But I do still love it and I don’t mind how it has worn. We had a flat weave rug before so I love how plush this one is and it never sheds. You can see pics of it now on my blog, I just did an updated living room tour. click house tour on the right. (I’m a student of your blog class by the way- loved it!!)

    81. Hmm, I think the light rug brightens up the room. And I don’t think it adds too much pattern. I have a rug similar to this in my bathroom and a good shake every week keeps it nice. I haven’t tried to vacuum it yet. Good luck! Don’t you love the sales at Rugs USA??!!

    82. How funny. The majority like the gray better. I’m on the other side of the fence. I love the white. I think it makes the room look bigger, much brighter and the brown looks great in that room. I love it.

    83. Love them both! And I recently discovered RugsUSA too and have already put a white and gray rug in our living room and in the nursery. Love your blog too!

    84. J’aime bien les deux modèles. Mais le tapis blanc met plus en valeur les meubles. On les voit mieux et plus, c.est plus graphique!! Bravo, bon choix et bravo pour avoir su trouver un tapis aussi grand avec un prix en promotion!
      Happy Halloween for you ans your kids!! ????

    85. I love it !! and I don’t think too much patterns in the room they blend perfectly, it goes so well the light color brightens up the room,great job picking a gorgeous rug.

    86. I’m torn… the gray feels cozier, and definitely more “realistic” when kids and a black dog are involved, but the contrast of the white rug is more visually appealing. Could it be you need a lighter rug, but this isn’t the one? The bottom middle and right images from Pinterest have more classic-looking rugs that are still light, so maybe that’s the answer? Or maybe layering a light rug on top of the gray would do the trick.
      Of course, this is all the tiny details. The room looks pretty amazing either way!

    87. While I am a fan of the new rug (who doesn’t love early birthday presents to ones self?) I think the gray rug is more functional and overall goes better with the pieces you have. Just my two cents. Love your blog…daily reader:)

    88. I just ordered that white rug a few weeks ago when the 9×12 came back in stock, so I’m hoping it’s awesome. ;) I think it really brightens the space up and I love the light, airy feel of it. While the gray is beautiful, it gives the room a more drab feel to me, which I wouldn’t mind for a while if I wanted things a bit darker and cozier, but most of my existing furniture is dark and I think I’m just tired of the dark drabness of my own house. I have plans to put down the white rug, invest in new, white furniture and eventually, paint. I think it’s great you have both now and can easily switch them out for a whole new look!

    89. I like the new cozy rug but LOVE the old gray rug. The new white one lends itself a little too modern and feels too stark against all your other pieces. Either way your home is still GORGEOUS!!

    90. The minute I saw it, I I loved the first look better. The gray rug definitely warms it up more and gives it a much more designer look. I say gray, too!

    91. I agree with Amy. Both are very nice rugs but I think the grey lends itself to a more cozy feel. White is nice and has a more high end showroom type look. Simply said – the grey makes me want to plop down on your couch and read a book or take a little nap. The white makes me want to sit more properly and chat with a cup of coffee :)

    92. I love the white rug and don’t see too much pattern at all. However, I can’t even imagine living with a white rug…even if it’s not expensive I’d never relax.

    93. gray rug…like the peace…or could it be the dog and his toys! no really…like the gray rug…you can add color etc with your seasonal decor..and then when you put them all away you will have a wonderful calm room :-)

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