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One place you should visit: the most darling PNW beach town

    Last week was our Spring Break. The first half of the week was spent at home; the second half was enjoyed at the most charming town on the Washington Coast called Seabrook.

    We spent last year’s spring break in this cute town (read about that trip here). The town was modeled after my favorite place of all – Seaside, Florida, which we visited last year on our road trip (read about that here). The community is darling and idyllic with walking paths and sweeping Pacific Ocean views and community parks, shops and cafes.

    This year, we stayed in a big coastal home in town that we shared with our good friends and four of their five kids.

    When we were booking our house, Rae and I were super picky about the inside being cute :) We succeeded in picking a very nicely appointed home that was conveniently located and was more than big enough for our two families (the house is called Down the Hatch, if you’re looking for a rental).

    We made ourselves right at home and so enjoyed a few days of quality catch-up time with our friends.

    Also, how cute is this bathroom?

    We’ve had such a wet and rainy spring so far … but we had a gorgeous sunny day on Friday, which we fully embraced with time at the pool, a stop at the ice cream shop and early evening beach-time. And yes, while sunny, do keep in mind that it was only 59* out! Our PNW children are so crazy with their shorts and swim suits and all the adults were layered in sweaters and jackets.

    The other days were rainy, rainy, rainy, but we didn’t let that stop us. We swam (thank goodness for an indoor pool), played lots of Settlers of Catan, Stratego and Hand + Foot, watched a few movies and ate a lot of food.

    And, of course, I couldn’t help myself from taking photos of the gorgeous homes as we walked to and from the pool or the coffee shop.

    We packed up yesterday to return to reality, but before we drove home, we lingered at the pizza place.

    It was so fun traveling with Rae – she takes pictures of kids and life (like the ones above) and I take pictures of empty spaces with pretty, inspiring decor. We’re a good pair.

    You can (and should!) follow Rae on instagram here and her blog here. And I’m on instagram here.

    Another thing you should do: visit Seabrook.

    Sorry for being so bossy. I’ll stop telling you what to do now.

    Overall, it was a very successful spring break. We’re refreshed and ready to finish out the school year!

    17 thoughts on “One place you should visit: the most darling PNW beach town”

    1. Just curious . . . were the bar stools in your Seabrook house comfortable? I’d just recently been looking at those online and when I saw them in your pictures here, thought I’d ask your opinion.

      Seabrook is one of my favorite places. We’ve stayed at Periwinkle Cottage and it’s simply adorable!

    2. Yes! Kudos to you. I second and third Susan and Selena. Those pop-up ads are particularly annoying when you are reading a blog on your phone. I realize we receive this content for free, so I sympathize with bloggers. But it is sooooo nice to read your blog and look at the pretty pictures and read the content as it’s meant to be seen. Thank you.

    3. We love Settlers of Catan too! We’ve been playing with friends since our oldest was in a pack ‘n play and he’s almost 15! Another great game we stumbled upon is 7 Wonders. It seems super complicated, but is really interesting and fun.

    4. Aw, we love Seabrook. Or, I should say, my kids and I love Seabrook. We’re struggling to get my husband on board. He grew up in the Dominican Republic and can not embrace the PNW beaches :) But the rest of us love it!

    5. I totally agree with Susan! I didn’t really realize that until she mentioned it. I love that you keep it clean and easy to navigate. I have also been a subscriber for years! LOVE Seabrook happy you mentioned this spot and I can’t wait to make the travel from Santa Barbara to Seabrook. :) cute, quaint, and clean beach towns are my jam.

    6. We have stayed there many times throughout the years, in one of the houses of which you featured here. Great for big families to get away together and enjoy the coastal life! One house we loved was Once Upon a Time. GREAT for families with a large number for kids. The third floor features a kids paradise! I am glad you featured this community as people don’t know what a gem it is!

    7. Beautiful photos of one of our favorite places. Vic has painted a lot of scenes from Seabrook, Watercolors! In fact they used to sell them there in their office. Sweet memories😘

    8. This has nothing to do with anything you posted today (not that I didn’t enjoy your post – I did! I truly want to visit that little town.). While reading the post – I realized what a joy it was not having things popping up and blinking and pictures of items creeping up that I Googled last week. I’m SO glad that you choose not to advertise on your pretty site! I love love love your blog and I’ve been a subscriber for years so I just wanted to take a moment and send you a note to thank you for not cluttering up your blog page with distracting ads! Thanks for keeping it so classy!

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