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blogging essentials art print


    You might notice that I’m on a watercolor painting kick. It started with the seasonal essentials prints, was seen in this custom print and now a super-cute painting made especially for bloggers.

    The Allume blogging conference is happening this weekend. Ryan and I went last year and it was one of the highlights of our year. We’re sad to miss it this time around and wanted to be part somehow.

    So instead of being there in person, I have sent an art print for all of the Allume attendees for their swag bags.


    I asked a few of my blogger friends what their blogging essentials are and we came up with this list: coffee (iced or hot), laptop, iPhone, notebook + favorite pen, social media (I should have put Pinterest on there!), washi tape (why not), a camera and cute strap (of course). Certainly all essential to my blog work and hopefully the ladies at the conference will find it whimsical and a cheerful piece to put near their workspace.

    On the back of each print is a promo for the Simplified Graphic Design class – which is perfect for bloggers of all levels, and also non-bloggers, too.


    If you’ve been waiting to take the Simplified Graphic Design class, now is the time to jump in!

    If you have any questions about the class, I’d love to answer. It is truly a fun class to be part of and has helped over 1,000 students so far on their graphic design journey. Join in!

    18 thoughts on “blogging essentials art print”

    1. How long (in minutes) are the videos & are there still 11 videos in this class?

      I’m interested in this class but frustrated about the adone illustrator monthly/annual fees. I’d like to own a program, not rent it.

    2. Hi Emily!
      I purchased the class a few days ago but it’s still showing up as pending in my orders – how will I actually get the program sent to me? Thanks!!

    3. I’d love to take the class but I’m wondering if the skills taught would be helpful for understanding any other software. And if so, what would is there something you (or any other readers) would recommend? I don’t know enough about this to know if they have similarities or if they are all completely different in how they operate. As a hobby designer there is no way I can justify $20 a month once the free month is up and it looks like it is no longer possible to buy the software. Thanks! I really hope I can take the class!

    4. This class looks amazing.. I am so excited about it, thank you! I did want to find out if there is a certain version of Illustrator needed? I would much rather purchase the program instead of paying the ongoing month fee as its much more budget friendly :)

      Perhaps other readers have advice?

      Thank you!

    5. Hi Emily!
      I signed up for this class a few months ago, it is fantastic!
      I am also wondering if the printable will be available to those of us who have previously signed up. Additionally, will any new items be taught in this class or is it the same? From reading your post it appears that you will be teaching some blogging techniques, side bar, Buttons, etc…Am I reading this correctly or is this a different class? Is there also a blogging class offered?
      Many thanks!

    6. Hi Emily- I emailed you a while ago about this class and the Illustrator version I need. AND I STILL REALLY WANT TO TAKE IT!!! But I don’t feel like I can do it before the end of the year (little baby right now, holiday season, etc…’s just too busy!). So if I sign up now, can I postpone the class till next year? Or how does the timing work? Thank you!

      1. Yes! You can sign up now and then just log in and begin at anytime. There is no expiration on the class. Just trying to make it easy for all the busy mamas out there :)

    7. Hey Emily!

      I’m so excited about this wonderful offer! However, is it 25% off or $20 off? I think it shows both ways in the post. And I wondered too if this would work on an old computer? But maybe this will be just the thing to finally push me to buy a new one. I rely way too much on my iPhone and iPad:)

    8. Hi Emily! I signed up for the class this summer and am just starting to do the classes now. Summer was way to busy! Will you eventually offer this printable free to others that have already taken your class? So excited to continue!

    9. Hi Emily! I have a question. I would love to take this class, but when I looked at the free version of illustrator…my computer is too old for it to work. We have a iMac that is about 5 years old. Do you have any suggestions?? Is there a version of illustrator out there that might work?? Thanks!!

    10. NO way!!! I have been ebaying to justify the spend but with this discount it is a done deal, pretty sure my paypal can cover this. Genuinely excited.

    11. I just wanted to give a shout out to Emily and her Graphic Design Class. I signed up for the first class offering, but I didn’t have the time to begin the class until this summer and I was able to make it through the content over the course of a few hours over a few days. Since then, I have been a machine in Illustrator. I designed a new logo for our school’s PTO, did some fun chalkboard signs for an event, invitations, stationary and the list goes on. I am contemplating designing our Christmas cards and then our birth announcement for #3 this spring. I had some skills before I took the class, but Emily’s class took me to the next level. Totally worth every penny, then some. I have watched some of the videos over and over and learn something new every time, or a new (read: easier) method. I took the class knowing that I will never have a blog and have found enormous value to the content. If I were a blogger, this class would be a must. (BTW, this was not soliciited by Emily, nor are we friends in real life.)

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