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Christmas Essentials (free art print!)


    Merry Christmas, my friends! I’m so happy to share this watercolor illustration with you!

    The Christmas Essentials print has been on my ‘can’t wait to make’ list for a while. I did a winter essentials print (found here) to go along with the seasonal essential prints (here is the spring, summer and autumn designs), but the winter print is missing a few of the best parts of Christmas, so it seemed a new print was in order.


    I posted my initial sketches on instagram asking for your Christmas must-haves and you all came through! So many fun, christmasy things were mentioned and I had a great time picking my favorites, sketching and watercoloring for the new print.


    After I painted the illustrations, but before turning them into digital art, I had the crazy idea to screen-capture the whole process. I put this little video together so you can see how this art print came to be!

    Isn’t that fun?! I am not video expert, but I’m pretty proud of myself for putting this together!


    Free Christmas Essentials Art Print / jones design company

    The updated files are now in THE ARCHIVE along with all of our best free prints, templates and fonts (and the other Essentials prints!).  If you are not an Archive member, simply add your email to the list and you’re in!


    I would love to see how you use this illustration … if you snap a photo and post to instagram, be sure to tag me (@jonesdesigncompany) and use #christmasessentialsart

    31 thoughts on “Christmas Essentials (free art print!)”

    1. Thank you so much for the whimsical print!! I printed it on heavy paper, tied it with a bow and gave it as a party favor at my annual Christmas Ornament Exchange!!! Thank you for taking the time and sharing your talent with all of us!! Merry Christmas!

    2. Your video shows how much you’re a little fairy. Thank you for giving us the scenes of this work and this beautiful illustration.

    3. Thank you so much for this beautiful print! I have printed out all your “essentials” prints and use them as office decor every season:) Merry Christmas!


    4. Dear Emily!

      So beautiful – thanks for sharing!!

      I would love to make cards like these for the holidays and I would LOVE if you would like to share en behind-the scenes on the process of painting the watercolor illustrations (the actual painting process) – do you think that would be a possibility?

      By the way – how do you get the white dots on the night sky, the present and the tree?

      What is the name of the font you use for the labels next to each illustration?

      Kind regards,

      Susanne G

      1. I would be happy to record next time I paint!

        For the white stars and lights on the tree, I used white gouache paint.
        The font is called Stand Tall (one I made that you can get for free in The Archive).

        1. Thanks a lot, Emily!

          Would it be possible to share (maybe in i video) how you make a font?

          I already joined your Graphic Design Course so I have an idea on how to work in Illustrator;-)

          Kind regards!

    5. The print is AWESOME! I’ve been wondering how to turn artwork into digital and your video gave me a glimpse. Maybe there could be a tutorial in the future? :)

    6. Wow Emily! That is amazing and so beautiful! Thank you so much for the video, and just it is interest, what program did you use to screen record? I’ve tried before but never been successful…. Thanks again! ❤

    7. That was adorable and so fun to watch!! And great job with the music too!! It was a perfect choice and totally in synch! Did you do all that in iMovie?
      Great job you talented gal and thanks for this peek. ?

    8. What a fun video. Thanks for sharing how you work your magic. I am so curious, how long did it take you to format the print once you scanned it?

    9. The video was so FUN!! I thought it was pretty impressive. I loved seeing how you put together the print and all the hard work it takes. Behind the scenes always brings me back to reality and helps me to appreciate even more the blessing that you are to all of us. Thank you SO much Emily for being the biggest giver I know <3

    10. I love this one! I really enjoyed the video. It’s fun to see your creative process and all the work that goes into creating a graphic image after the brainstorming and painting.

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